Welcome to episode 10, Pinocchio lovers! It’s time for part two of what we agreed is the best week of this drama yet! Join June, Jazmine, and I as we discuss greedy grandpas, rich mamas, botched botox, and who got the last “bark.”

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Maybe it’s time to open a checking account…

Suzy: I know, this episode was intense, but I’m not just going to pass over Gramps stealing Dal Po’s money again. It was too lol-worthy. And then he stole from his (other?) son later on! He’s so smug about it too. I love it.

Jazmine: This episode had me going “what just happened?” at the end, I’m glad we didn’t skip over this. Gramps is such a thief! First Dal Po (whose reaction was priceless yet again) and then In Ha’s dad later on. I love him.

June: Haha I just love gramps! It's like his little parts bring in the comedy when the rest of the drama is serious. Though he shouldn't steal from them again!

Wise words, or foreshadowing?

Suzy: Cap Hwang is the best. I just want it to be known. I think I need to start watching more dramas with Lee Pil Mo, because I really like him in this and Emergency Couple.

Jazmine: Suzy! I also loveeed him in Emergency Couple and just thought he was the greatest. I also think Lee Pil Mo is doing amazing in this drama as well. The Cap is a really good mentor for Dal Po and he gives a sense of clarity to Dal Po who wouldn’t have had it otherwise.

June: I agree with both of you all! I am loving his character and for sure there is some serious foreshadowing going on! I demand for more Cap in the future!

Expectations vs. Reality

Suzy: Did you ladies figure out that the first part was a daydream while it was still going? I didn’t, but I was just like “???” Confused for sure, but anything’s possible with Rich Mama. Except hooking her son up with In ha, I guess.

Jazmine: Okay I thought something was fishy when she threw the water on In Ha’s dad, but I didn’t think it was daydream...I just thought she was turning into that k-drama rich mom stereotype, like so many before her. I was happy that it was a daydream since this drama has been steering clear of a lot of drama stereotypes. I’m actually happy she’s willing to go so far for her son’s happiness, but I do wish she’d kinda she stay to the sidelines.

June: I kind of had a feeling it was going to be a daydream because it really didn't seem like her to do that! Lol But hey, it's a k-drama, anything can happen! I agree with you, Jazmine! I am loving how these characters are not the typical types of people we see in dramas. I think that's why this drama works!

Think harder!

Suzy: We all suspected major trouble when In Ha’s dad found out about her relationship with Dal Po...but I guess it was all for naught? I am A-OK with that. Even if he’s still just “thinking” about it.

Jazmine: I did suspect a lot more trouble, but I’m happy it wasn’t as bad as I thought. Though Dal Po did lie about his family and I think that’s going to come bite him in the butt. Especially if it comes out that his older brother is a murderer.

June: He did lie about his family and I know it's going to come back full circle. I'm just glad it seems like In Ha's dad is kind of warming up to the idea of the together, sort of.

The dynamic duo.

Suzy: I had such bad first impressions of both of these guys, and now they’re selflessly trying to save lives. Key word: trying. I know that tailing another car that closely works in other K-dramas, but not this one.

Jazmine: I get suspicious when cars follow me for a long time and I haven’t even done anything! Someone who’s committed a crime - murder no less - is going to start watching their back for obvious. They should have thought about it more carefully, but the effort was cute.

June: I liked that they were trying to help but seriously it was so obvious they were following Jae Myung. A for effort? Lol

Peek-a-boo, I see you!

Suzy: The entire YGN crew was amazing this episode, in a totally embarrassing way. From the toasting war to the turtleneck crew at the lecture, they had me laughing. Yu Rae is a good fit for them, because she had me laughing the hardest with her “question” at the lecture.

Jazmine: I was laughing too hard. I didn’t expect them to show up especially after the restaurant scene. I think it was good for them to be there to see everything that happened. Yu Rae made me laugh too. That girl should be a comedian!

June: I'm so glad the YGN crew went to the talk. It was seriously so hilarious watching them try to hide that they were there and man we seriously need to see more of Yu Rae! 

Need some ice for that burn?

Suzy: WHOAAAA. Called out so hard. This was the cherry on top of her repeating Dal Po’s words from their interview. As Cap said, the words finally found their way to the right person (and it was freakin’ intense). It’s too bad that the right person has to be In Ha’s own mother.

Jazmine: I was holding my breath during this scene. In Ha was perfect relaying the words to her mother. Though I really wanted Dal Po to deliver to words but I was just as happy when In Ha did it. I thought it was good that Jae Myung heard it too though. Maybe he’ll leave In Ha alone for good.

June: This scene has got to be my favorite of the whole drama so far. Like hands down, I was so floored by this. In Ha, seriously four for you girl and serving your mother something she needed to hear. I loved it and I loved the intensity of this moment. I hope we get more of this throughout the drama.

The truth comes out.

Suzy: Omg, I was sweating watching the end of this episode. I don’t even know what to say, I’m still reeling from it. Lee Jong Suk is such a good actor. I NEED TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT.

Jazmine: Well, I thought that Jae Myung would leave In Ha alone. At least he wanted answers and wasn’t trying to attack her? I was at the edge of my seat during the last couple of minutes. I didn’t know what was going to happen to In Ha or Jae Myung. Lee Jong Suk blew me away, he’s amazing. When the episode ended I was like “no! that can’t be the end!”. I cannot wait until next week!

June: I literally was jumping up and down and like holding my breath at this ending. Why, WHY must it end with this cliffhanger. This only makes me want next week to come faster! Lee Jong Suk makes me fall in love with him more and more as I watch this drama!

How does everyone think Jae Myung's going to change now that he's officially been reunited with his little brother? For better or worse? Guess we'll find out next time (which unfortunately is not right now).

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