Welcome back Drama Clubbers for another thrilling and emotional episode of Pinocchio! Seriously, the amount of tears Lee Jong Suk cried this episode could probably fill the Han River. Not only that, but we have more truth revealed, a break-up, and a nice twist at the end. Join June, Suzy, and myself as we discuss this episode!

Jazmine: Nice to see family bonding time….some 13 years too late. Even though I liked seeing Jae Myung & Ha Myung reconnect as brothers...it was such a nervous and kinda awkward atmosphere. I was surprised though how Jae Myung openly admitted to being a murderer in a cafe full of people. This episode really centered around their relationship and how they took two different paths over the years. What did you think?

June: For me, it's just so sad seeing that this is what it took for them to basically be reunited. I really wish Jae Myung hadn't resorted to murder.

Suzy: When he admitted to being a murderer I was like hmm..should probably check for any tie clip recording devices first. But really, it was a very bittersweet reunion. I just want them to be happy and together, but too much has already happened for it to be that easy.

Jazmine: Aww Bum Jo! His one fight with In Ha and he’s ready to call it quits, but I would too if I saw my crush actually happy with the person they liked. Even though I didn’t think he’d actually stay away from In I’m surprised he held his ground. Even when In Ha was drunk he called Dal Po. I give Bum Jo some cool points, and he’s gotten more adorable as the show has continued so I need him to get a girl soon!

June: I am so glad my opinion over him has changed. I love how he's not the the typical second male lead. I agree! He needs to get a girl soon. It would be hilarious if it was Yoo Rae!

Suzy: I mean, Yoo Rae is pretty focused on her career right now, so I'll take the fall and be his new girl if I must ;). He's totally cool and it was great that he called Dal Po when he found drunk In Ha. I hope he gets a happy ending.

Jazmine: The scene was so sad. I don’t like that Dal Po has internalized the fact that his brother is a murderer. It’s not Dal Po’s fault for the choices Jae Myung made. Even from 13 years ago, looking at the interview and how Jae Myung reacted you could tell that it was gonna scar him in a huge way. I can see why Dal Po would internalize it because there’s always that “What if?” but he can’t change what’s happened.

June: Nooooo Dal Po! :(((( I was seriously so sad watching this part. It isn't his fault at all but I can understand why he feels that way. This whole situation has left a scar for both of them.

Suzy: I'm just going to add in a third "so sad" because it really was. Not only does he blame himself for the murders, but he learns that his hyung was around all this time. Dal Po, LET US HUG YOU.

Jazmine: I had to take a quick emotional breather and mention how funny In Ha and Yoo Rae’s drinking night was. I like seeing them interact with each other and I hope the drama has more comedic relief moments like this!

June: They seriously need to hang out even more! I feel like they can be the most hilarious friends.

Suzy: Loved this bonding moment! I'd take a spin-off featuring these two as BFFs. Yoo Rae has grown on me so much. Plus it was definitely nice to have a little comic relief in between all of the murder-blaming and forever-crying parts.

Jazmine: Definitely one of the most bittersweet kisses I’ve seen. You wanna be happy that they kissed but it’s like “aww they’re breaking up” and did you see Dal Po’s face In Ha said “let’s end it”? My heart broke in tiny pieces. He looked so hurt. I think In Ha had the right reasons for wanting to break-up with Dal Po. He couldn’t have done it himself.

June: Of course this paradise couldn't last. I knew it wasn't going to last long with how early they actually got together. :( I just hope they can fix things later. But I agree with you, Jazmine! In Ha definitely had the right reasons to break up but I still didn't want it to happen. :((

Suzy: Ah, the noble breakup. This was such a bummer, but can I say how happy I was that it wasn't a typical "I'm going to be mean to this person so they don't like me anymore" sort of thing? P.S. Props to In Ha for initiating the kiss, though the kiss itself was a solid C-. Gotta be honest.

Jazmine: So Jae Myung is the informant!? A interesting twist to what I thought would be a really cool mysterious character. I would never guessed it was Jae Myung. He wanted Dal Po to keep the texts to himself, but really was just testing him. That’s one scary test. I’m surprised Jae Myung agreed to turn himself in. Though we saw him sitting at the new desk with In Ha’s mom so I wonder what’s gonna happen there. Is he really gonna not do anything to hurt her? I can’t wait til the next episode!

June: What in the world!!!! This drama is forever keeping me on my toes and I seriously look forward to it every week. It's definitely a great way to end k-dramas for 2014.

Suzy: I felt so dumb for not realizing Jae Myung could be the informant, so I'm glad we're all on the same boat, haha. I'm so so so happy that Jae Myung is turning himself in and letting Dal Po take care of the revenge. This can save their relationship. Next episode now please!

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