Welcome back, Pinocchio drama clubbers; emotions are still running high in the latest episode of Pinocchio, and we can't get enough of it. This episode was definitely full of tears, challenges, and maybe even a start of a new friendship? Haha Join Jazmine, Suzy and me as we discuss this week's episode of Pinocchio!

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June: Yes! You go Jae Myung and you put that lady in her place. I seriously could not believe they edited that video again. I’m glad he was able to finally say what he wanted to say to her before he went off to jail essentially.

Suzy: If I worked at MSC I would’ve been like “hey guys, maybe we should pre-tape this interview in case anything goes wrong…” but luckily I don’t and Jae Myung got to lay the smackdown on live tv! Verbally, of course.

Jazmine: I was really rooting Jae Myung on during this scene. I was so happy he got to say everything he wanted to In Ha’s mom without interference and that it got to be said on live TV. Though I didn’t expect him to admit to murder on live TV! That was a shocker.

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June: Oh my gosh! Like I just couldn’t! Not only did he do this report but he revealed that his brother was a murderer AND(!!!!!!!) he also revealed his real name! This drama keeps me on my toes and too many feels tbh.

Suzy: Gahh, this was so powerful. I got chills when he said his real name. I felt so sorry for him and so proud of him at the same time.

Jazmine. I had all the feels!! I was sitting on the edge of my seat like “whaaaat”. This was such a strong moment for the drama and I did not see it coming. I didn’t think he would reveal his name so soon. Also bonus points cause I really liked this hair in this scene.

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June: TEARS! TEARS EVERYWHERE! I seriously cried so much watching this scene. I’ve probably said this a billion times before but why, why did it have to be this way!!!!! :((((

Suzy: Let’s throw my tears in the mix here because THERE WERE MANY. My heart and soul hurt. This was definitely one of my favorite scenes of the drama so far. Kudos to Chan Soo for not letting anyone interrupt. Hopefully IHYV’s Lawyer Cha (so cute seeing him again) can get Jae Myung a decent sentence.

Jazmine: At first I was fighting my tears but when Ha Myung really started bawling I couldn’t hold them back anymore. This scene was so sad. I like how Ha Myung is visiting Jae Myung and trying to keep up some form of relationship. But I just want them to hug one more time.

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June: Wow if the last scene already didn’t have me in a bunch of tears, this one just pushed me overboard. I was so sad hearing Dal Po or should I say Ha Myung tell him to un-adopt him. I was like “Noooooooo you can’t! Please stay with them :(“ Hearing gramps cry over him was just seriously so depressing.

Suzy: I think I jinxed us last discussion when I said I was glad no one was saying hurtful things/lies to play the noble hero card. Dal Po (I’m keeping with that name), you could’ve just told him the truth. Gramps is always a lot more understanding than we think.

Jazmine: Yo, talk about more tears. I love Gramps so much so to hear him cry like that and see how hurt everyone (especially In Ha’s dad) was about him leaving really made me sad. It’s also equally sad to see how much Ha Myung (I’ll stick with that until he changes it again) is punishing himself so much. It sucks.

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June: Dang! You can really feel the motivation from these two. I feel like this story with the bus driver might end up differently than they think it might go. I don’t know, I just have this weird feeling about it. lol

Suzy: Ooh, really? That’d be seriously unfortunate...but definitely interesting. It seems weird to me that an old story about a bus driver is what they’re ultimately using to try and bring her down, but I’ll take it.

Jazmine: I agree with both of you. I think the driver story might end up more in her favor but I do think the story they’re using to bring her down is a bit of a oddball. I wish it was a little more dramatic but it’s better than nothing. I’m interested to see how it all goes.

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June: Awwwww I just feel so bad for him now. It must suck knowing that the person you like won’t ever really return your feelings. But LOL at him checking out the blind date’s picture and was like it’s too early for this!

Suzy: I feel bad because I’ve grown to like him, but I’m also like “well, she never showed any interest in him and he kind of only became a reporter to stalk her so…?” He made me laugh with the blind date thing too though. Do it, Bum Jo!

Jazmine: Bum Jo is forever friend-zoned and it’s time to him to get over his feelings for In Ha. I also laughed at the blind date things.

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June: I absolutely loved the interactions between these two! I want them to become friends so much. It was funny seeing him continually telling Ha Myung that he was on his side.

Suzy: Last episode we had In Ha & Yoo Rae, and now we have these two conjuring up our friendship feels. I ship it! Platonically, haha. But I liked these scenes because Bum Jo really did show that he’s a good person.

Jazmine: The bro-ness of it all! I loved their interactions and I want them to be good friends too. I think Bum Jo telling Ha Myung that he was on his side was also kinda his way of letting Ha Myung know that he’s over In Ha. Before they were kinda rivals and now that Bum Jo is getting over everything they can be friends!

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June: Woahhhhh! We finally saw her lose her cool! I think it’s just a sign that she really is afraid of what the outcome might be.

Suzy: The Ice Queen lost her cool and it ran far, far away. I’m not sure she can ever get it back now. I always thought she would redeem herself eventually in this drama, but lately I’m not so sure. She hasn’t warmed up one bit. I guess if anything’s going to do it, it’s this report.

Jazmine: I was surprised to see her snap like that. I thought for sure she’d always keep her cool, but I guess her losing her cool means she has some human qualities and things get to her. I often wondered if she had a conscious for the things she reported and it kinda looks like she does.

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