Welcome to episode 13, Pinocchios! This episode had it all: a Santa attack, an awaited confession, and even a new plot twist. Peak your interest yet? Join June, Jazmine, and I as we share our own opinions on the excitement.

Suzy: Identity crisis, much? Dal Po almost became everything he despised he was so desperate to expose In Ha’s mom. I wanted to shake my laptop screen like “NOOO WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!”

June: OMG! Noooooooooo Dal Po was literally my reaction as well. If he went down the same path, it would have basically been a cycle repeated.

Jazmine: I was completely shocked that Ha Myung coerced In Ha into lying. He should know more than anyone the effects of “one small lie”. He was blinded by revenge. Keep it together Ha Myung!

Suzy: My heart. There is no escape from Gramps’ love, nor should there be. Perfect family is perfect (in their own strange way) and I need them officially back together, stat.

June: I love this Gramps so much! He's so caring and really his love for Dal Po is so endearing. I agree, this family needs to all be back together.

Jazmine: Gramps is seriously one of my favorite parts of this show. He’s so sweet and he loves his family so much. I need him to go back to stealing money from Dal Po’s piggy banks! (even though I want to call Dal Po, Ha Myung….I still haven’t quite made up my mind *shrugs*)

Suzy: So thankful that this was resolved not even halfway through the episode, and that Dal Po was the one to expose the forged death certificate. It would’ve been way too ridiculous if they let that lie go on any further, which no doubt would’ve been exposed anyway due to In Ha’s guilt-hiccuping. Cha Ok did step down as an anchor though…

June: I just knew there was more to the story than was led on. I am glad they didn't drag it on. I'm surprised she stepped down from her position. Makes me wonder if she has other plans now.

Jazmine: There was definitely something fishy about the story. No way our “main villain” would be taken down by something like this. Though I was surprised to see that Cha Ok’s report was actually true. Though the fact that she didn’t check the death certificate is super problematic. Like that should have been the first thing she checked. Though when she stepped down she said that she would be reporting live from the field….I wonder if she’s gonna go head-to-head with Ha Myung.

Suzy: So here’s the love triangle we’ve been expecting! I mean, kind of. In Ha shut him down pretty quickly, but I’m not sure if he’s as ready to give up as he was last week. At least the whole “I read your mom-texts for thirteen years” thing was finally revealed.

June: So the love triangle begins and I want to see how long it takes until In Ha accepts at least one date with him. Lol I would be surprise if she doesn't at all considering this is a k-drama.

Jazmine: I was kinda disappointed that Bum Jo gave up his resolve so quickly. I was all gungho for him getting over In Ha and would have liked to see him slowly realize that he can’t get over that easily. I expected a different reaction from In Ha once she realized that Bum Jo stole her texts. It was such an important thing to her but she kinda was just like “ok” about it. I hope they talk about it some more.

Suzy: Say it ain’t so, Santa! With the ridiculousness of Dal Po karate kicking Kris Kringle aside, how do you ladies feel about the start of this storyline and where the drama’s heading from here? I have to say while so far I’ve only been impressed, I’m a little worried. Last week felt like such a climax and now I feel like we may be falling into some filler. Hopefully it’s just me being paranoid.

June: I agree. Last week was like BAM! BANG! POW! I just hope there isn't too much filler going on and hope they throw in some punches soon!

Jazmine: Omg, Dal Po’s kick was hilarious. I was dying laughing. I was watching and thinking that the show was starting to decline, but it’s gonna pick back up because now we have new things coming to light. I’m looking forward to it!

Suzy: I KNEW THIS WASN’T A DREAM. Can these fools quit with the noble crap and just love each other already? Sorry, I’m impatient and they’re just too cute.

June: Ugh the noble thing has got to go like now. I'm like this push and pull thing gets old kind of fast! Lol

Jazmine: I’m ready for them to get back together too! They’re stronger together than apart! And since we’re on this scene I have to mention how adorable Dal Po was when he brought back those “christmas gifts”....pew pew!

Suzy: Yu Rae Appreciation Screencap! She was the gift and was unfortunately left unopened under the tree. I still don’t see her as any real threat to our OTP, but she is endearingly quirky and I’m all for her presence, if not her presents.

June: Awwwww I appreciate this screencap! Haha! She is seriously so adorable and I wish we could see more of her and development to be honest.

Jazmine: She’s adorable, and I agree with you June...I want to see her develop more as a character.

Suzy: Okay, this is where things are starting to pick up again! This scene is what gave me hope that the drama’s still got plenty of life and surprises left in it. Ice Queen and Rich Mama are in cahoots and I need to know more. Now.

June: WHAT!!!!! what.......I knew there had to be more to this Rich Mom than was led on!! This drama seriously always brings it to another level. I NEED to know what's next like this instant.

Jazmine: I downplayed Bum Jo’s mom as a background character for real. I mean, we knew they already knew each other but now we may start to find out to what extent and what it had to do with Cha Ok’s position as anchorwoman. And since the news has started to inspect the department store I’m sure there will more stuff to come to light. I can’t wait to see what happens next~

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