Welcome back Drama Clubbers for Episode 14 of Pinocchio! The plot really advances in this episode as we have even more secrets from the past coming to light! There’s so much to discuss, so join June, Suzy, and myself as we discuss this episode!


Jazmine: Alright, so the episode begins sorta where we left off. The news stations begin investigating the department store for their ridiculously expensive bags and while Bum Jo’s mom is being all cooperative In Ha finds her mother’s earring in the office. So now we have a certified evidence that there is some deeper relationship between In Ha’s mom and Bum Jo’s mom (small world!). We find some stuff out later, but how far do you think the rabbit hole goes?

Suzy: It definitely goes deeper than anyone would have thought. But I’m so here for it because it means we finally get to learn some of these backstories I’ve been wondering about for seven weeks!

June: Oh definitely. Honestly I would have never thought that things were about to go this way. But I am ready for it! I love the direction this drama is going towards.


Jazmine: This kinda broke my heart. We see that Bum Jo’s mom isn’t the wonderful person that Bum Jo thought she was. She seems nice when it comes to him but to the outside world...not so much. It hurt me to see Bum Jo’s facade of his mother shatter. Though it’s way past time. Bum Jo’s mother must have been doing this for ages.

Suzy: She is a sneaky woman. Bum Jo’s closeness with his mother was a little weird at times, so I’m a little happy that he’s finding out her bad side, but I agree that it was super sad to watch.

June: I felt so bad for him. It's like the person he thought he knew wasn't really all that and a bag of chips! I'm just wondering how he managed to not see this side of his mother all these years.


Jazmine: Had to mention how much I looooved seeing this! Not only did Chan Soo marry a classmate from the past, but he has three kids! I was very curious about his family and I’m so happy we finally got to meet them. They have an odd relationship though.

Suzy: Yesss, this was great. They were pretty up front about how their family got started HAHA, but they seem happy enough.

June: I loved this too!! It was hilarious but super cute and on top of that they had three kids!


Jazmine: Some more Yu Rae appreciation! It was funny watching her go through this episode justifying the closeness between In Ha and Dal Po/Ha Myung….can I start calling him Po Myung or Dal Myung….I can’t decide. Anyway~ it’s interesting to see how the tables are turning for Yu Rae. She’s getting more interested in him when she used to not really care.

Suzy: Maybe we should call him Ha Po :P Yu Rae’s inner monologue was great, and I appreciate her slow switch from denying him to being the one pining over him. I still don’t think the drama’s going to turn her crush into anything serious though.

June: LOL Ha Po is great! I agree with Suzy. I don't think this drama will make her more serious about Dal Po. I feel like if they do, it's going to be super rushed and honestly I don't want that!


Jazmine: Well, well Mama Jo definitely has some connections and is not one to mess with. Though it’s an interesting power dynamic because I see Cha Ok as a very strong female character in this drama and for Bum Jo’s mom to have enough power over her to make her ruin an innocent person’s life….TWICE is something. I’m also interested in what footage she got 13 years ago that helped her frame Dal Po/Ha Myung’s dad. (I’m starting to like Po Myung more and more)

Suzy: Yeah, it was weird seeing someone who can order Cha Ok around. Rich Mama is cruel in the marketing world but way more cruel in real life if she was willing to pull this same stunt again. Bum Jo’s got a lot more to learn about his mama and he’s not going to like it...

June: Seriously just what went on all those years ago. I would have never thought to see the day when someone would be ordering around Cha Ok and on top of that it being Bum Jo's mom. It's pretty scary seeing how cruel she is to ahead and ruin someone's life basically.


Jazmine: When the news report came out I was so shocked. I was wondering how she was going to twist the story, and sadly it got twisted to Chan Soo. I think that’s another reason we met his family because my heart strings were pulling when I was thinking that this would have the same effect on his family as it did Dal Po/Ha Myung (how about Dal Po Myung?). Also, it was interesting to hear Cap retell what really happened 13 years ago about how all the reporters just fell in line.

Suzy: They can’t hurt Chan Soo when we’ve actually grown to like him! Thinking about his family seeing the same fate as Dal Po’s (I’m just going to call him that since that’s what In Ha calls him) is a bit terrifying. Cap really matured in the past 13 years, you would think that Rich Mama would’ve too.

June: I was so shocked when the news report came on. I was like it's happening all over again and now to Chan Soo! I agree with you all, I'm pretty sure this is why we got to see his family earlier in the episode. Ugh this seriously can't be happening again! I did like the part with Cap re-telling about what happened 13 years ago. It's like we finally get some kind of insight of what reporters were doing with this story.


Jazmine: A 3 vs. 1 stand-off! I was surprised to see Cha Ok show that much emotion when arguing with In Ha and Bum Jo. It makes me think that she feels guilty. She challenged them to find evidence to prove her wrong, she could have just kept walking without saying anything. I think this might be the story that brings her down.

Suzy: This better be the story that brings her down! Everything’s coming full circle. I need to know how and why Cha Ok got sucked into Rich Mama’s schemes and if she was always this cold.

June: OH MY GOD. I felt like this is what I've been waiting for. Like the battle is about to begin and everything has finally aligned. I agree this is probably what is going to bring Cha Ok and probably Rich Mama's downfalls and honestly I can't wait.

What do you think? How bad to think Bum Jo’s mom is? What will happen to Chan Soo and his family? Do you think Cha Ok is feeling guilty? How do you think Dal Ha Po Myung will bring down Reporter Ok? Let us know in the comments below!

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