Join Suzy, Jazmine and June as they discuss the happenings in episode 15 of Pinocchio!

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June: Ugh it's so sad seeing this happen all over again. I feel so bad because he just wants to celebrate his son's birthday but I know the public will definitely not be happy with that.

Suzy: It’s all so horrible. I can’t believe they ruined his son’s birthday like that, but I guess this isn’t the first time we’ve seen reporters go too far...

Jazmine: I felt so bad for Chan Soo during this whole episode. He life got turned upside down by a lie so people in high places could cover their tracks. Watching him go through this is so frustrating.

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June: I love that we still get to see Jae Myung and his interactions with Ha Myung. A part of me still gets really sad that this all can only happen with him behind bars though. ):

Suzy: Yeah, I love the brother-to-brother moments. They offer a nice moment of clarity. Hopefully someday they’ll be able to get rid of the glass between them, but it’s a start.

Jazmine: Every time Jae Myung is on the screen I like instinctively reach out towards him. He needs more hugs. My dream is by the end of this drama there will be a miraculous time skip and Jae Myung will have served his time and they will show him hanging out with Ha Myung and it will be awesome.

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June: Interesting, very interesting! I love that they found this out. I want Rich Mom and Rude Repoter Lady to go down!!

Suzy: The reporters in this show might as well just become detectives or private investigators or something. And the two evil empresses are totally going to go down...we just have to impatiently wait and see...

Jazmine: The true story is beginning to unravel….I like how all the stories that are presented in this drama, even the smaller ones, have so many layers to them. Like what Cap was saying (or someone was saying) about news stories being like onions. That’s so true. I can’t wait to find out what’s really going on.

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June: Yes! Even more of this messy puzzle is being solved by our favorite reporters. It's only a matter of time until they find out what really happened!

Suzy: The footage being edited (which looked sooo obvious, c’mon) is definitely enough to shift the blame from Chan Soo and get people questioning. Even if all of the CCTV footage from surrounding areas is gone, that’s sketchy enough to raise some eyebrows too. Rich Mama is a quick thinker, but not quick enough.

Jazmine: I agree Suzy, the edited footage was really an easy catch I’m surprised no one caught it before then. In Ha’s dedication to this case is noteworthy though. She’s tired herself out but her reason behind it is pretty good. In Ha! Fighting!

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June: This was so sad to watch! I just wanted to hold him and tell him not to listen to those kids! They don't know anything!

Suzy: Awww :( This just goes to show though that even grown adults are acting like little children - taking rumors they’ve heard and believing and spreading them way too far without any proof.

Jazmine: Firstly, this kid is adorable. And it sucks that he’s going to be the subject of bullying until this is all sorted out. Right now it’s not that bad, it still sucks, but I really hope it doesn’t get worse.

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June: Yet another piece is being solved. I know this this a drama but I'm seriously impressed by their investigation skills!

Suzy: I know! I’m really pulling for Dal Po & In Ha’s P.I. service spin-off, you hear me, writers?

Jazmine: I would NOT have caught that black box thing...mainly because black boxes are a foreign concept to me. And yes Suzy, I’m all for a Dal Po & In Ha spin off. They can make it a web-series if they want….I just want it to happen.

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June: Honestly, just what is/was on that phone that has her all riled up. I can't wait until we finally get to see what it was. It has to be super important if it has her this worried.

Suzy: Rich Mama’s number? Texts between the two planning Ha Myung’s family’s demise 13 years ago? Embarrassing party photos????

Jazmine: Whatever is on that cell phone I sincerely hope it’s very incriminating or at the very least gives us what made her go after Dal Po’s dad 13 years ago. Even if it’s nothing, it makes me a feel a little better seeing Reporter Ok freaking out. Dal Po has got her at her wits end and now this missing cell phone. She put everyone else through so much it’s time she gets a taste of her own medicine.

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June: This couple. I swear I have a love-hate but more love relationship with them. They just need to tell each other the truth about their feelings more often.

Suzy: With two minutes left I was thinking “this episode wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t as exciting as some of the others” and then EVERYTHING CHANGED. Wooo!! About time. If you’re broken up and just feeling worse about each other, it’s time to get back to the kissing.

Jazmine: I was thinking the episode was gonna end with them staring at each other through a door….but when he suddenly kissed her I was screaming. My sister was giving me side-eye but it was too late and fangirl had been unleashed. I love them together so much and the drama has been really new story/main plot focused that the relationship between In Ha and Dal Po (yes I’ll start calling him that again) had fallen to the wayside. I’m glad to see there was a little more focus on their relationship this episode.

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