Welcome back, Clubbers! Pinocchio had a short week last week, but we finally made it to episode 16. We've got Sochi, news debates, and major mama drama to discuss, so let's hop to it:

Suzy: We had a nice break from all of the corruption here to make room for some cuteness. Our main couple is back together, even if they’re taking it one step at a time, and they take playing house to a whole new level of adorableness.

June: I love this couple and I'm glad they are taking it slow and not rushing it. I think it's definitely better this way. We need more happy moments like these to balance out the rest of the drama going on.

Jazmine: I was having too much fun watching them interact. It was nice break from all the craziness. I think Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye have good chemistry too. It’s fun watching them together throughout the entire drama.

Suzy: When they mentioned the Olympics I got all excited for a second, but was quickly overcome with dread when I realized what it could mean for the factory explosion case. Just goes to show you how quickly people get swept up in “news” like that.

Jazmine: I was excited for the Olympics too because that’s always fun, but yeah then it dawned on me that the factory case would just get overlooked. This is such a parallel to what happens in real life. The news moves so quickly to the next thing and people get swept away not even realizing that so many things go unresolved or unspoken of ever again. It just really sucks for the people directly affected by such stories.

June: I just knew something like this would come up right when they are on the brink of finding out the truth and exposing it. I agree with both of you. It's very interesting how some other news will pop up and change the course of what the people are paying attention to.

Suzy: Dal Po absolutely crushed it in the happy news vs. must-see news debate with this metaphor. He left both the YGN and MSC teams speechless (and me applauding). Also, now we know who Headband Hyun Kyu’s favorite idols are.

Jazmine: I loved Headband Hyun Kyu so much. He’s hilarious to me. I thought the scene was really good. I do enjoy seeing the seniors from YGN and MSC interact. It’s always exciting to watch. Dal Po was awesome with his metaphor. I just love how smart and charismatic Dal Po is. He uses creative methods to get his point across and it works really well.

June: And two points goes to Dal Po! It's so true what he said and I love how he did it. He continues to impress me more and more as I watch this drama. Headband Hyun Kyu is hilarious! 

Suzy: Yay, YGN!! The truth is out there...well, enough of it to clear Chan Soo’s name, at least. They are going to be super happy that they chose to report this over the Olympics when they find out just how messed up it all really is…

Jazmine: I wanted to give a standing ovation to YGN for continuing with the explosion story. I think they’re taking a smart risk with lessening their coverage of the Olympics. Because when the Olympics is on there is nonstop news on it and it can get boring after awhile so having something else to look at is refreshing. Not to mention that this is real news happening in Korea that’s important.

June: YGN did the right thing on continuing to report this. Not only did it clear Chan Soo but they getting down to what really happened. This way the same thing won't happen again like it did 13 years ago.

Suzy: Ha Myung is finally finding some peace with his younger self and it’s making me emotional all over the place. He deserved/deserves/will always deserve better than the unfair BS life has dealt him.

Jazmine: I had tears in my eyes during this scene. I feel like everything is coming full circle for Ha Myung who had become Dal Po. He’s getting closer with his younger self and beginning to fully heal from the crap he had to go through.

June: This scene was so sad but powerful. It was so sad that Ha Myung/Dal Po had to go through everything he had to. He lost his family but then gained another. I'm glad he became a reporter too. ㅠㅠ

Suzy: It must’ve been so hard for Bum Jo to confront his ever-loving mama like this. He’s one of those characters that I kind of want to punch sometimes (or high five REALLY hard, In Ha style), but right now I just want to give him a huge hug for being so brave.

Jazmine: Well put, Suzy. Bum Jo had grown on me and I agree he’s being totally brave right now. He could easily ignore this and go back to pretending that his mother is this wonderful person, and she is - just only to him. He’s making himself see reality, but it’s a good thing I’m sure. It’ll hurt now, but I’m really interested to see how he grows from this experience.

June: It's crazy how much my opinion has changed over Rich Mom. I remember thinking in the beginning that she was so different but nope, she was evil all along! She just hid it well. I feel bad for Bum Jo. To find out that the person you thought you knew wasn't what they are made out to be is going to be very hard.

Suzy: Sorry, I’m emotion-ing all over the place again. We knew it was coming, but the looks on In Ha’s and Bum Jo’s faces when they saw the actual texts...why, moms, why?!?!?!?

Jazmine: Yo, Bum Jo’s mom is freaking ruthless. And Reporter Sung was just going along with everything like….what? I know it was shocking for In Ha, but she already knew her mother was kinda bad. My heart went out to Bum Jo though (when he cried I almost broke). I feel like he had a shred of hope left that his mother was good, but after this….that lovely image of her has completely shattered. I wonder how they’ll recover from this and hopefully they’ll expose it.

June: I was literally screaming at my tv when I saw this. It's finally been revealed and I can't believe they actually did this. They completely destroyed a family all because of this. Words can't express how bad I feel for In Ha and Bum Jo. 

So, it's safe to say that we're all pretty bummed after this episode, but will our moods improve for episode 17? Join us next time to see!

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