Welcome back, Drama Clubbers! In Episode 17 of Pinocchio more truth is revealed, tears are shed, and we learn everything isn't what it seems! A harsh reality for some of characters to swallow. Join Suzy, June, and me as we discuss this episode!

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Jazmine: We start off with In Ha and Bum Jo confronting their respective mothers of the text messages they found out about last episode. What did you think of the confrontation? That last piece of hope Bum Jo had for his mother went down the drain for sure. I can't believe he so readily gave up his position as a reporter. I thought he was really liking it. Though a part of me believes that in was all a hoax and he's planning something huge.

June: Same! I was like he came this far and he's just going to stop? I don't think so. I think he has something up his sleeve  and I can't wait to see what it is. I also couldn't believe that these people could be so cruel and that they actually went through with changing the public's opinion over what happened all those years ago.

Suzy: There were a couple of close-ups on Bum Jo's phone that made me think he was recording everything. They seemed too random to just be nothing, but I guess we'll see...

Jazmine: I was certainly surprised to see this in Reporter Ok's background. I never would have thought that she would have tried to come clean about MSC's dirty dealings. I think it's good In Ha learned about her mother's past, it shows that she does have a heart and at one point her moral compass was on track. It's sad that she was corrupted, but maybe there's some good left in her after all...who knows?

June: It was nice to see that she completely wasn't the person who she is now. It is sad that she ended up going down the path that she did.

Suzy: Finally, a flashback to the good Cha Ok! Well, better than she is now. This still doesn't excuse her total ice queen demeanor she's kept up for over a decade, but it was interesting for sure to see her in this situation, and gives me hope for at least a tiny redemption.

Jazmine: Gah, talk about heart breaking. I was so sad to see Bum Jo break down like this. To know that everything you've every owned, the reason you can live life in luxury is because your mother has trampled over the lives of people and planted "seeds" so that she could grow her business and become this mega powerhouse is kinda one of the worst things you can find out about your mother. It's sad really. Bum Jo must really be going through a tough time. *hugs*

June: I can't even imagine how he feels real now. I feel like it's something he never would have found out about if he hadn't become a reporter. I only can hope this doesn't completely break him.

Suzy: It was terrible enough to find out that his mother manipulated our two main fire stories, but to find out that everything good in his life is because of her corrupt business ideals? Poor guy. He was so upset that he even showered with his shirt still on (EHEM....lol).

Jazmine: This scene between In Ha and Reporter Ok was really something. It was like looking at two sides of people. One rational and cutthroat the other emotional and sympathetic. In Ha really loves her mom despite everything which is more than I could say if she was my mother. In Ha is good down to the core and I think that's rubbing off on her mom a little bit. Reporter Ok cares for In Ha but she just has a weird way of showing it.

June: Man this scene was amazing. I loved that In Ha was able to tell her mother exactly how she was feeling and basically how all of this is effecting her. I just wish her mom would do the same.

Suzy: It was like the whole devil vs. angel on your shoulders type of thing, except In Ha was her own angel. It brought a little tear to my eye when Cha Ok actually referred to herself as In Ha's *gasp* mother instead of manager, but she's still having trouble giving into the truth. Luckily I agree that In Ha's goodness is contagious.

Jazmine: Lee Jong Suk in glasses, yes please. He looked so adorable! Anyway~ I like how ambitious he was in going after Bum Jo's mom. I'm glad he kept his composure because he read those text messages for the first time I thought he was gonna go completely haywire for a second. Bum Jo's mom is a sneaky one though, but she can seem to thwart Dal Po.

June: YES to Lee Jong Suk in glasses all day, everyday! Rich Mom totally thought she was going to be able to get away with it but alas Dal Po was able to catch her! Yes, you get her Dal Po! She must be brought down!!

Suzy: I think he did go a little haywire for a second when he read those texts with the dramatic glass breaking and all, haha, but he composed himself quickly enough to be lookin' mighty fine in those specs. And to confront Rich Mama, that's probably important too.

Jazmine: *fangirls over cute moment* but no really I was kinda upset at this scene. I guess cause I was too ambitious and wanted Dal Po to just sock it to Reporter Ok and the Chairman. I'm glad he took In Ha's future and all that into consideration. I just wish there was a way he could use the text messages and they can just hire In Ha as YGN and everything will be okay. That would have been ideal, but I guess I'll have to take this sweet moment instead,

June: Ugh I was hoping the same too! I want him to end this drama with Rich Mom and Reporter Ok but at the cost of In Ha's future isn't worth it for him. I wish there was a way he could get her hired at YGN. That would be perfect!

Suzy: One step forward and three steps back with this drama lately, I swear. I feel like in real life she probably would've been fired regardless of YGN's actions, but whatever. I liked how she couldn't say that she'd be able to let him lose his job either if the situation were reversed, because it's seriously such a catch-22, I'm not sure what I'd do. I'm all for In Ha getting hired at YGN eventually though too!

Jazmine: I'm surprised to see Bum Jo at his mother's side, but it definitely looks like he's up to something. Also, the more the Chairman talks....the more Reporter Ok seems like a decent human being who is just caught up in a whole bunch of mess. Also when the Chairman mentioned having a meeting with In Ha...I saw Reporter Ok's maternal instincts rise up and I was infinitely happy about that.

June: This Chairman is scarily evil. Like in a way she acts like she's the nicest thing ever but underneath it all, she's just super ruthless. I want to see her downfall the most right now. Bum Jo is definitely up to something and I desperately want to know what!

Suzy: I think this scene was where they zoomed in on Bum Jo's phone for a split-second again. I'm onto you, Bum Jo! Maybe I should be an investigative reporter too. I'm really starting to get scared of Rich Mama though. When she mentioned that she wanted to meet with In Ha I couldn't help but picture more than an innocent chat. I'm not sure if her mom is going to let that fly though...

Jazmine: An unlikely ally? I have to admit I didn't see this one coming. Dal Po has definitely taken a huge gamble here in deciding to recruit In Ha's mom. How do you think it will go? Given the tears she shed I think she'll prove to be more helpful that harmful but at the same time I think it's gonna be a huge obstacle to get her 100% cooperation.

June: Wow, so she is human after all. This was definitely a way to end an episode and judging by the preview for the next one, it's gonna get real and it's gonna be good. I can't wait!!

Suzy: Yes, those previews gave me hope for a little less back-stepping in the next episode! Not that there can be much more, considering there are only a few episodes left. Ice Queen's melting down and no one can stop her! Maybe.

What do you think? Will Reporter Ok become an ally or continue to be an enemy? What is Bum Jo planning? What's going to happen next? Let us know in the comments below!

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