Welcome back to the Pinocchio Drama Club! The end is very near and we are all in suspense on how things are going to play out! We had an attack, more of Rich Mama’s evil ways and more. Join Jazmine, Suzy and myself as we discuss the latest episode of Pinocchio.

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June: YES In Ha you tell them! I can’t believe they actually told her that if she lowered her voice that she could move up the ladder basically. What kind of nonsense is that! She is standing her ground and I absolutely love her for it.

Suzy: In Ha remains my queen. She’s back but she’s still got her morals and I love her for it too. This whole truth-uncovering process keeps getting delayed, but we’re on the last week of episodes; there’s no giving up now!

Jazmine: So happy to see In Ha back at MSC. I feel like she’s really going to challenge her authority and I hope she prevails! She’ll do great things as a reporter.

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June: How ominous was this! She is definitely sensing a change with Manager Sung and I feel like she has something up her sleeve. This lady annoys me and gives me the creeps all at the same time.

Suzy: I kept joking about how Rich Mama (Ro Sa, took me a little too long to learn her name) seemed like she was going to pull some kidnap/murder/violence type stuff, but this was the first time the joking turned really serious. Hide yo kid, Cha Ok!

Jazmine: Chairman Park is a new kind of cunning. She’s quite observant and nonchalant about everything but she’s seriously scary. Though I do have to give some props to Reporter Ok for standing her ground. She might not have been able to deny the Chairman, but I commend her for saving In Ha from the same fate.

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June: Man he was really trying to get this story blocked. I mean I guess I understand why he wanted it to but I was just getting super annoyed with him. lol

Suzy: Everyone at MSC is walking on eggshells nowadays. A lot of them are still leaning more toward keeping their jobs than exposing the company’s corruption. I agree that it’s understandable but totally annoying because at this point I just want everyone to band together and finally take care of business. They can’t fire them all at once...right?

Jazmine: This guy! He was a cool background character I enjoyed during this drama but why did he have to be a tattle-tale and run to their Director? Now he’s the person we don’t share secrets with. I understand people wanting to keep their job, and I agree with you Suzy...the company can’t run on zero employees, right?

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June: Man how I wish we were able to see more moments with Dal Po and Bum Jo. Their friendship would/could of been super glorious. Totally laughed so hard when Bum Jo opened up that can. Poor him and lol at Dal Po’s face afterwards. He looked so proud of himself.

Suzy: Poor Bum Jo’s only used to fancy drinks already poured out for him. Their anti-friendship is so strange yet so amusing to watch. They both kind of hate each other but would sort of do anything for each other???

Jazmine: My face lit up when Dal Po shook up that beer can. I was happy for the silly antics to begin. I like the friendship between Dal Po and Bum Jo and yeah June I totally wish we could have seen more of it throughout the drama. Their relationship is a weird one to define but I think frienemies does it justice.

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June: I still can’t believe the security in that building would just let this person in like nothing. You would think there would be some sort of protocol but alas this doesn’t exist in K-Drama land. I’m just glad no one died from this attack.

Suzy: OMG, when the cops got there as he was leaving YGN I wanted to punch my computer screen. Like, hello?? This guy’s running away and wearing the K-drama bad guy UNIFORM. This whole thing was crazy though. I couldn’t help but laugh when Dal Po/Ha Myung brought out his crazy karate kicks again though.

Jazmine: I also thought security was a bit lax in this situation. You can’t just waltz into a newsroom like that but alas he did and chaos ensued. Also, a nail gun is a unique weapon of choice I didn’t see that one coming. And Suzy, omg...the kdrama bad guy uniform! I can’t. I didn’t realize that that was a true until this very moment. Thank you.

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June: Oh indeed, this is definitely a warning and what a scary warning at that. I seriously can’t believe Rich Mama would go that far. She needs to be locked up ASAP.

Suzy: That is one intense warning. Kind of stupid too, because obviously if they can prove that she ordered the attack then things just got way worse for her. I like how in the beginning of the drama we thought she was creepy-scary, then we liked her, and now she’s like “JK, I’m creepy-scary after all.”

Jazmine: Yeah this actually seemed out of character for the Chairman. Now the personnel reassignment was more her thing, but this was a bit extreme….even for her. She could have done something otherly drastic but going for all out violence...yeah, wasn’t feeling it. I just hope that it doesn’t get any worse than this.

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June: Oh my lord. He got caught! I can’t believe he got caught but I guess it would be no fun if he didn’t and it wouldn’t be in K-Drama fashion if he didn’t. I just feel so bad for Bum Jo right now.

Suzy: NoOoOo. I mean he was being pretty damn obvious and his mother’s clearly no airhead, but noOoOo. He should’ve grabbed the phone and sprinted to YGN, though I can understand why he didn’t.

Jazmine: My heart stopped. I know Bum Jo was teetering with his decision, but now it looks like his decision was made for him. How unfortunate! Though somewhere in the back of my mind I’m secretly wishing that he has a backup somewhere. Still “*hugs* for Bum Jo. He has it tough.

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June: Color me super shocked. Like she really is pulling out all the stops to help bring down Rich Mama. I’m pretty impressed on how she is holding up against all of this. Plus, even though she hasn’t been the best person in this drama, I feel like this is her way of making things kind of alright.

Suzy: Cha Ok, fighting! She got her reporter privileges taken away but there’s no stopping her now. Maybe there’s a little room for her redemption after all. She has to work for it, but it seems like she finally understands that and is willing to do anything.

Jazmine: Looks likes she proved to be helpful after all. I’m pleasantly surprised at the lengths she is willing to go to help In Ha and Dal Po. I love to see bad characters redeem themselves during dramas and I think Cha Ok is doing a wonderful job and becoming a better person and relinquishing the regret she felt from not making the right decision 14 years ago.

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June: Things have finally come in full swing and oh my god I really don’t want this drama to end. The characters and storyline has had me hooked since day one. I can’t wait to see what Dal Po will ask of her. Until next time!

Suzy: The contrast between this “barking” conversation and their last one is crazy. They’re on the same side now but also not and it’s weird but totally awesome?!

Jazmine: This scene as everything. I kinda just fell in love with Cha Ok because of this. I did not like her at all really until the last five minutes of the previous episode but omg I love that she’s letting Dal Po do his thing all while staying classy. Gotta give my props to her. This drama is so good, I really can’t believe it’s ending.

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