We've made it to the penultimate episode of Pinocchio, and part two of the three-episode week! This time around it's cameos, crushes, and false confessions, so June, Jazmine, and I are going to dive right in before our heads explode:

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Suzy: Cha Ok is being sued, revealed everything to the police, and is probably going to lose her job, but when In Ha asks if she’s okay, all she can do is complain about how the story isn’t being reported strongly enough! She’s doing everything she can to screw herself and it’s amazing.

June: I agree. I kind of admire her for this. Throughout the whole drama we’ve just seen her as this very mean lady and obviously she wasn’t the best person in my book. It’s interesting to see her this way.

Jazmine: I’m happy to see she that she still has her wits about her. She’s putting everything on the line and other people would be having a complete mental breakdown and I feel like she's taking everything especially well. She’s growing on me these last two episodes.

Suzy: FAMA aka Lee Joon sort of popped up out of nowhere for a semi-pointless cameo, so we should probably talk about that. I enjoyed Yu Rae’s fangirling, it helped to mess with Rich Mama’s plans, and uh, Lee Joon was there, so I was cool with it.

June: LOL Yu Rae’s fangirling was awesome. I’m glad they brought it up in some way and on top of that, she managed to screw up Rich Mama’s plans. So HA in your face Rich Mama! Don’t screw with her favorite idols.

Jazmine: I thought FAMA looked real familiar. But yeah I was Yu Rae was adorable during all of this. Probably the same reaction I would have had if Big Bang’s T.O.P was going through the same thing. Fangirls unite! But yeah, Rich Mama’s plans were stopped and that’s always good.

Suzy: Chan Soo’s changed so much since the early days of Pinocchio. He’s such a stand-up guy now. I was a bit nervous when he was handed that envelope full of money, but thankfully the news crew showed and he snapped out of it.

June: Same! I grew to like his character later in the drama. Plus, his little family was so adorable. I love how loyal he was to Dal Po and In Ha. Their friendships were so great.

Jazmine: Yeah, Chan Soo also grew on me. I’m glad he was able to not give in to that envelope of cash and that his wife was also supportive no matter how difficult it might have been. 

Suzy: Awww! At first I thought he just really liked In Ha shaving him, but it makes more sense that he misses his family. Dal Po, you’ve paid your dues and Jae Myung got to meet Gramps & see how great he is, so I think it’s okay for you to move home and be happy now.

June: Seriously, I was waiting for him to just move back with the family. It’s been way too long and they both know they want to live all together. JUST DO IT!

Jazmine: This was just too cute. In Ha saw right through him. Even though the shaving scene was fangirl cringe worthy I’m glad In Ha made Dal Po be honest with himself. He knows he misses Gramps and In Ha’s dad so in the words of 2NE1 “Come Back Home”.

Suzy: I am not only on the Yu Rae + Cap ship, but I am sailing the damn thing into the sunset. I love it so much and it feels way more natural than a Yu Rae + Bum Jo coupling would have.

June: OMG this ship made me laugh more than it should've. lol It was hilarious seeing all those pictures of Cap staring at her.

Jazmine: Okay, Yu Rae takes the best selfies ever. She’s adorable. And even though I want to be on the Yu Rae + Cap ship….I can’t. I just don’t see it as a thing that could actually happen but I do think it’s kinda funny and their little interactions are cute.

Suzy: I never know what this guy is thinking nowadays, and it’s always so hard to tell whose side he’s on, and to what extent. So when he turned himself in for ordering the Jo Dae Gook attack I was just sort of like……..w u t.

June: UM WHAT. Stop the tracks like right now. What in the world is going on. I seriously cannot believe this happened right now. Like what are/were you thinking. Come on Bum Jo!

Jazmine: *tears* this is why I’ve been giving Bum Jo hugs for the past few episodes. He’s going through a lot and then he goes and does this. From finding out his mother is a bad person, to taking the fall for her….stay strong Bum Jo! *hugs*

Suzy: So it looks like Bum Jo’s trying to help take down Rich Mama after all. What do you ladies think is going to happen in the finale?! How is he going to do it? I’m really not sure, but I just hope it ends with In Ha & Dal Po/Ha Myung ruling the news world on the same reporting team after a little time jump. And getting married and stuff. I should probably worry more about taking down Rich Mama first though.

June: I was so sad watching this scene. Like I wish he didn’t have to go down this path. It’s all Rich Mama’s fault! If only she wasn’t a crazy, mean old lady. :(

Jazmine: I had to hold back the tears watching this. I want to believe that Rich Mama will come around and because she loves Bum Jo so much she’ll see the error of her ways. Of course….that probably won’t happen. I’m interested in how this all concludes too. I really feel like Dal Po hasn’t been given the full apology and public acknowledgement he deserves….he says he doesn’t need it, but I do...I need it.

So, how about you? Do you need that apology too? We'll see what happens in...dun dun DUNNN, the final episode!

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