Welcome, Drama Clubbers to the final episode of Pinocchio! The story is all wrapped up with pleasant surprises and a very satisfying time skip! Join June, Suzy, and me as we discuss Pinocchio’s wonderful finale!

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Jazmine: So the episode starts and we get right back into it (by replaying that super emotional scene between Bum Jo and Dal Po). The characters are starting to put two-and-two together and things are reaching their climax. Also, Reporter Ok is really good at being two steps ahead. What do you think?

Suzy: The woman is a master at her job; she knows exactly how people approach the media and how the media will react. It’s too bad this is the first time her skill has been used for good.

June: I was super impressed with how she knew things were going to go. I really have to give her credit for that. I wish she hadn’t been so horrible this whole time, or I might have actually like her.


Jazmine: A flashback to when Jae Myung & Ha Myung took their brotherly photo together. I was surprised (but yet not surprised) at what Jae Myung told Ha Myung to ask.

Suzy: For a murderer, Jae Myung’s head certainly cleared up quickly. He always knows the right things to say to his little brother. I guess them reuniting was all he needed. I hope he’s not in jail forever. This is a drama so I can believe that he’s a perfect angel now, okay?

June: TEARS EVERYWHERE. I seriously wished that there was some way they could have been able to live a happy life together but alas, Jae Myung has to do the time no matter what. I am glad he stayed kind of level-headed even though he knew what was going to come.


Jazmine: I was also happy and felt strangely unjustified with Dal Po’s questions. I’m satisfied as his growth as a reporter, but I wished he would have let loose a little...but I understand why he did what he did.

Suzy: I think it was a little unsatisfying just because the drama focused sooo heavily on how he would get his revenge in this exact kind of moment, but of course it was better that he remained professional. It was still effective, so hopefully he had no regrets.

June: Seriously props to Dal Po. He truly stayed professional throughout this whole situation. But I agree with you both, I wish he could have asked some of the questions he was thinking of.


Jazmine: Aww Bum Jo’s farewell to In Ha was both cute and sad at the same time. I didn’t want him to say goodbye but I think it was necessary for his character growth. He’s grown so much since the 1st episode that I feel like this is needed.

Suzy: Really makes you wonder what would’ve happened if he HAD gone in there on In Ha’s birthday. Spin-off alternate universe drama? No? I tried.

June: This farewell made me a little sad! I just wanted to be like “NOOOO don’t go!” but everything happens for a reason. I’m glad my opinion over him has changed over the course of the drama. I remember calling him super creepy in the beginning! LOL


Jazmine: Well, jail takes it toll quick huh? Rich Mama not looking so rich in her jail clothes. Though what’s even more sad than that is she didn’t change. There was no moment of redemption for her except for the fact that she came in to save Bum Jo. Other than that, she has to be the least fave character in the show.

Suzy: HAHA, seriously, when I saw her i had to do a double-take. She loves her son, but she is just not a good person. Bum Jo did the right thing. Is this jail co-ed? Maybe over the next three years Jae Myung could teach her a thing or two about changing for the better :P

June: Wow she just never changes. But seriously, she looks so different, which I imagine would happen since her richness has no power in jail!


Jazmine: On the other side of the coin, there’s Manager Sung who has completely redeemed herself in my eyes. Loved that she gave a piece of her mind to the Director. I really think that she left with the her head held high and I applaud her for that.

Suzy: Rich Mama corruption aside, it’s hard to forgive her for how she treated In Ha, but she took a huge step toward redemption for me, and I hope their relationship would continue to grow as time went on. She kicked major butt at the end, especially in this scene.

June: It sucks that it took this long and for everything to go down for her to finally take steps to redemption. I feel like now she is able to say what’s she’s always wanted to with no regrets.


Jazmine: So we have a little trouble is paradise happening. Dal Po & In ha have to break it to Gramps that they like each other....honestly given the reaction he gave In Ha's dad when it was hypothetical situation you can just imagine his reaction to the real thing. Also, they look adorable right here.

Suzy: I kept forgetting that this was an issue! Gah! I thought they were about to “break up” again and I was about to rip my hair out, but they handled it like adults. C’mon, Gramps, look at their matching couple sweaters. They’re clearly meant to be.

June: I honestly did not notice the couple sweaters until now! LOL But I agree can they just get past this issue and be a couple in front of everyone!


Jazmine: I was smiling so hard during this scene. Yu Rae is definitely one of those secondary characters you remember in the long run cause she's amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed Yu Rae and this was just another level of her awesomeness.

Suzy: Yu Rae kind of ended up being my favorite character?? I don’t know, her annoying charm got to me. Plus it cracks me up when Nosy Jang puts his headband on her. I definitely had one of those headbands back in the ‘90s…

June: Yu Rae continues to be awesome and I LOVED that scene of her putting on the headband. It was priceless.


Jazmine: Omg the tears. I know that must have been hard for Gramps, but it was so good to see him give his support to In Ha and Ha Myung. I'm glad Gramps is supportive so that The Ha Couple can live in romantic bliss knowing that they aren't hurting Gramps. I've loved Gramps so much throughout this drama from the money stealing all the way to this moment. He's wonderful.

Suzy: Yaaas, Gramps! And now we know we can officially use the name Ha Myung, though it’s a bit late. I’d be mad it took him a year to come around to their relationship but it’s not like In Ha and Ha Myung ignored each other. They seemed to still be quite close (and cute).

June: Oh my god, Gramps! He continues to be the best and I was happy he was finally able to give them his blessings. It did take a while but he did some around. Now they can just be an even happier family.


Jazmine: What a wonderful way to end the drama! I wanted an actual wedding but omg this was enough. And that kiss was a real kiss, like that wasn't a normal kdrama fake kiss...I felt that passion. Anyway~ these two are forever adorable.

Suzy: Yay, what cuties!! I will be awaiting my wedding invite in the mail. It was a lovely ending and everyone pretty much ended up where I wanted them to be. Now go take over the news world, you two.

June: This last scene was so cute and I wish we could have seen an actual wedding but hey I’ll take what I can get!

Final Thoughts:

Jazmine: This drama exceeded my expectations. I expected a funny drama filled with cute moments and the characters falling in love, but we got so much more. We got a exciting story about past and present and just how powerful a role the media can play. I was not expecting so much focus on the media, but I found myself really enjoying it. The story was so good too and there weren't many (if any) plot holes. Not to mention the wonderous acting of Lee Jong Suk and Park Shin Hye. They did amazing, and were completely believable in their roles. I also have to give props to the secondary characters too. They really stood out and were just as compelling as the leads. Lastly, the romance. A sweet and enduring romance that had it's own set of trials. I'm happy to see The Ha Couple ended up together. It was a perfect ending.

Suzy: I have to say, I went into this drama just expecting a fairly cute rom-com type deal, but it really surprised me and exceeded my expectations. I love the idea of “Pinocchio Syndrome” and honestly I think it should be incorporated into way more dramas, LOL, but I know that won’t happen. Personally, I think the story lost a little steam after Jae Myung went to jail and could’ve possibly been a few episodes shorter, but the ending was pretty satisfying, so it was worth sticking through for sure. I had fun with my fellow Clubbers and can’t wait to see what all of the actors do next. Thanks to everyone who kept up with us along the way!

June: Wow can I just say this was definitely one of my favorite dramas to watch. I loved that it had some drama, thrilling moments at time, made me want to cry and rage at the same time. I will at admit, it did feel like some things felt the same as the drama I Hear Your Voice but I didn’t really mind that. I honestly can’t wait to see Lee Jong Suk in another drama and I hope it’s soon! Well I had tons of fun with this drama club and I hope everyone did too!

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