Welcome back to the Pinocchio Drama Club! Wow can I just say that these episodes just keep getting better and better and I hope you all feel the same way! This week we have a time jump, more job interviews and a little twist at the end that might have just turned the tables around. Join Jazmine, Suzy and myself as we discuss this week's episodes of Pinocchio. 

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Was is all just a dream?

June: Wow, what a way to open up a new episode. I couldn’t help but feel super sad about this whole dream. You can just tell, it’s something Dal Po really, really want to be true but the minute In Ha showed yup, it was kind of like it was all over at that point. I also noticed that they didn’t show the brother’s face!

Jazmine: Talk about emotional! I thought I was going to cry and I was only 5 minutes in! I felt bad for Dal Po. Like how torturing must that have been for him. I wished it wasn’t a dream, but we all knew the truth. I also noticed they didn’t show the brother’s face. I wonder if it’s because Dal Po knows he’s alive and isn’t sure how time has changed him. I’m curious.

Suzy: I was curious about the lack of Jae Myung’s face too. I actually really like your theory, Jazmine, it makes a lot of sense. This was a very emotional episode and they made that very clear from the start.

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A text that took over a decade to arrive.

June: Wow, I was actually pretty surprised when she got a response. You would think all this time she could have texted her back something. I don’t know, this lady is so shady to me.

Jazmine: Yeah I thought this was shady from the jump. It took a decade for her mom to text back and the ONLY thing she has to say is “Fighting”. Though I understand why In Ha was so excited though, which made what happened later so terrible.

Suzy: It’s crazy how In Ha’s convinced herself that her mom was really just that busy for a whole decade, though I can’t blame her for wanting to hold onto hope. I wanted to be excited for her when the text came in, but the shadiness was just too obvious.

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June: That was way harsh. Way, way harsh. This character is officially in my book as someone I do not like. Seriously it’s like she doesn’t have a heart at all. I was pretty sad to see that this is how In Ha had to find out what type of person her mother really is. Especially since we all know how much she looked up to her.

Jazmine: As if I didn’t already have a reason to extremely dislike this woman. Does she not have one redeeming quality? Before this drama is over I’m hoping she goes through some major character development. I don’t see how she could say this to a daughter she hasn’t seen in years and on top of that contribute to her failing her interview. I don’t think the job should be handed to In Ha just because of who her mother is, but I do think that her mom was way too harsh. Then again, her mom is a harsh person.

Suzy: All I could think while watching this scene was “OMG, I’m going to go OFF on this woman in our Drama Club.” How could anyone be so soulless? During the interview, I wasn’t even sure if she knew that In Ha was her daughter because she just cared so little. And then to knowingly screw up her chances? Ugh, go away forever. I hope at some point we get a flashback to when she and In Ha still lived together because there’s no way she was always like this if In Ha missed her so much...

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June: I can kind of see where his intentions were at with replying to her but man I wish he wouldn’t have. He basically gave me this hope and to have it coming crashing down on her was just so sad to watch.

Jazmine: This guy. When he first appeared on the screen I was like “Ohh second male lead. Yay!”. I tend to get SLS (second-lead syndrome) a lot ever since I watched Heirs and fell for Kim Woo Bin (but that’s another story). Though I doubt I’ll get SLS with this guy. He was cute at first, and even intriguing as to why he repiled or why he didn’t text back saying he wasn’t In Ha’s mom. Though at the end when I found out he’s a total mama’s boy….I was turned off to his character. I feel like him and his mother are going to cause a world of trouble.

Suzy: Choi Young Do forever!! Haha, but back to this drama. My SLS was tingling as well, but the last scene he had with his mom was freakin’ WEIRD. It’s like they have some sort of strange obsession with her.

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June: And so it really begins!! He knows what really happened and I just hope those three men are ready for what’s about to go down. I can see he isn’t going to go easy on them at all and I understand why he won’t. They, along with others, basically ruined his and his family’s lives.

Jazmine: I felt so satisfied that Jae Myung was finally reassured of the truth. I know there was lingering speculation because there was no evidence to prove if his dad was truly guilty or not, but I’m happy that this finally proves it for him. And I agree June, the storm is coming. Jae Myung will not easily let this go.

Suzy: I’m really curious as to what he’s going to do. We know he’s a kind person because of the whole car scratch incident, but we also know how how much anger he feels about the fire. I hope these men get what’s coming to them, but I hope Jae Myung doesn’t get in too much trouble along the way.

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June: Let the reporter games begin! Yes! Honestly, I feel like this is what I’ve been waiting for. I can’t wait for him to come in and gets his revenge on that lady for everything she did to his family and to In Ha.

Jazmine: I’m excited! This will make things more interesting. I can imagine In Ha and Dal Po being the ultimate reporter dream team. I’m wondering what might happen if In Ha’s dad finds out or even if later on if Jae Myung finds out. Ahhh this drama keeps getting better and better!

Suzy: Super excited for this! I wonder what young Dal Po would’ve said if he knew he’d end up becoming a reporter someday. I hope he and In Ha tear the news world and her evil mom up by storm.

So the story is moving along now! What did you all think of In Ha and her mother's meeting? Also, how do you all feel about Dal Po wanting to become a reporter as well? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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