Welcome to episode 4, Pinocchio-ers (gotta come up with a better name for us)! Join us as we discuss emotional revelations, dead bodies, possible stalkers, and, of course, toast. It was another intense episode, so let's hop to it!


Suzy: I’m surprised how easily Dal Po admitted to liking In Ha. It’s not like he’s the one with Pinocchio Syndrome! I’d say it’s better to have things out in the open, but now instead of tip-toeing around Gramps, it’s his “little brother” he has to worry about. Hmm.

Jazmine: I’m surprised too! I didn’t think he would admit it! I’m sure it must be awkward though. Hence that little weird scene the dad imagined. Though I’m glad it’s out in the open I’m hoping In Ha’s dad just lets things happen naturally, whether they get together or not, without too much interference.

June: I was surprised he admitted his feelings for her this early in the drama but I'm definitely not complaining. Haha In Ha's dad will definitely be keeping an eye out for Dal Po even more now.

Suzy: Well, this explains why he didn’t freak out when he found In Ha’s notes about Dal Po being smart back in high school. I understand his reasoning for keeping up this ruse but at the same time...it’s pretty messed up when you think of Dal Po’s wasted potential. I guess if Dal Po’s not mad, I won’t be either. New beginnings, woo!

Jazmine: This entire grandpa-Dal Po date made so happy. I was wondering if they were ever gonna address why gramps didn’t freak out back when Dal Po was in high school so I guess this is it. It makes me feel better that they dealt with this early on. I’m glad there is no more tip-toeing around. I also feel bad for Dal Po’s wasted potential, but he does have time to shine now!

June: So, so, SO many feels during this scene. I basically cried along with them. Grandpa is seriously so kind and nice and I love his relationship with Dal Po.

Creeper alert.

Suzy: What the hell is up with this guy? I’m actually getting a little scared that he and his mother are going to lock In Ha up in a cage somewhere and turn her into a real doll or something. A little crush does not justify this stalker vibe.

Jazmine; Ugh, this guy. He really bothers me. How could he stare like that at her? I want him to explain who he is, but I’m sure he knows that In Ha would pretty much hate him if she found out. Still, he’s such a creep and really needs to back off. You can tell he’s used to getting what he wants...but he needs to learn that In Ha isn’t an object for his affection.

June: I really didn't think at first that he'd be this weird! Lol But this is getting a little too much for me. I just hope he'll turn around soon or something. In Ha does not need a stalker!

Suzy: First of all, this test was dumb and I hated how they could all hear each other’s reporting. I think my audition would’ve been “Cat gets bird. Slow news day, folks.” I’m glad that Dal Po and Stalker stood up for her, but more happy that she stood up for herself as well.

Jazmine: Yeah I thought the test should have been done individually. It’s hard to get a true assessment of everyone’s skills in a group setting anyway. I thought it was cool how Dal Po and Stalker (love that nickname, Suzy) stood up for her too. Though that really didn’t help much in the long run.

June: I agree with both of you all. Especially since I personally don't like group assessments. That assessment of the cat and bird was so random in my opinion, like couldn't they have chosen something else! Lol

Suzy: Just wanted to say that this scene was ridiculous and funny and worthy of mentioning. Looking at this screenshot makes me uncomfortable now though so I would throw a pillow at them (aka Grandpa) too.

Jazmine: I turned into a high school fangirl during this scene. My face was red and I was like squealing at the screen. It was bad. You could tell that Jong Suk was having fun acting the scene out. It was all in his eyes. I also really wanted to be that piece of toast.

June: This scene had be laughing so much. It was just so ridiculous and hilarious! Poor Grandpa getting hit with a pillow though! Haha

Suzy: Drama Club Poll Time! Is that really their father’s body? The evidence seems to be there, but I vote no.

Jazmine: It never occurred to me that it could not be their dad’s body….interesting. But I still think it’s their dad’s body. I might actually be upset if it’s not.

June: Watching this scene had me very emotional. It hadn't occurred to me that it could very well not be their father's body. I agree with Jazmine. I think that it's probably their dad's body. Honestly, I don't know how I'd feel if it wasn't.

Suzy: You ladies are probably right. I just know how K-dramas can be sometimes with supposedly dead people, so I like to hold out hope :(

Suzy: This scene might’ve made me even angrier than when In Ha met her mom last episode. What the hell, Dal Po? I know he’s over-emotional and overwhelmed by hearing his dad’s remains were found and discussing the whole situation, but this was just MEAN. She’s also the only one who straight up didn’t blame his father for the whole thing, so it was extremely unwarranted. He hurt her feelings and ruined her chances at getting the job. I want an apology next episode, and maybe even an explanation to her.

Jazmine: I’m like the complete opposite. I did not feel bad for In Ha during this scene. I mean yes I thought what Dal Po did was mean, like what a jerk...but I would have been the same way. Right there in the middle of this selection process the reason your life is ruined is displayed on screen for complete strangers to analyze and critique. Not to mention you also found out that your father is in fact dead and therefore you are assured that the media reported nothing but lies. I too probably would have said some pretty harsh things. It’s hard to control your emotions in that situation.

June: I feel like I'm right in the middle because what he said to her was seriously mean and could have hurt her chances of getting the job.....BUT I would probably act the same way as Dal Po did. This whole situation did ruin his and his family's lives and on top of that he just heard that they found his dad's body. It's like all the stuff his family went through was based on these journalists assuming his dad just fled the scene. They blamed this whole situation on his dad. 

Suzy: I like how every other time she says she doesn’t like Dal Po she doesn’t hiccup, but after he screws her over suddenly she realizes she likes him. I guess it’s one of those “you don’t know what you have until it’s gone” type things. Except hopefully he won’t be “gone” and they’ll make up next week. Please?

Jazmine: Yeah it’s always in moments where a character is either missing, hurt, or a complete jerk that another character realizes that they like them. Why can’t it happen during the happy times? And this is the first time in my kdrama history where I actually wanna see some tension to build between In Ha and Dal Po. It’s crazy I know and don’t ask my why I want this...I’m not exactly sure myself.

June: I'm sure they'll end up making up. I do love how early they've come to conclusion that they have feelings for each other. I just want to see how Stalker will get involved.

So, what does everyone think? Was Dal Po out of line, or did he react appropriately? Do you think either of them will score the job? Do you think Stalker is way creepy or just awkwardly cute? And how pumped are you about that makeover??? See you next week!

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