Welcome back Drama Clubbers! This week on Pinocchio we have a confession, dreams realized and even a murder! Join June, Suzy, and myself as we discuss this week’s episode!


Jazmine: Alright ladies, so much happened this episode! Let’s start off with Dal Po. How do you feel about him telling In Ha not to become a reporter? Was he too harsh? In his head he was protecting her, but out loud he really hurt her? I think his reasons are a bit selfish. Just because he can’t stand to like reporters (for justifiable reasons) doesn’t mean he should stop In Ha. I get that he likes her, but he’s crushing her dreams too.

Suzy: I feel the same. I know he’s a good guy at heart and has plenty of baggage, so I don’t want to be mad at him, but his reasons are selfish for sure. She’s wanted to be a reporter for so long, and I’m pretty sure she’s not evil like her mom, so I think he needs to back off a bit.

June: I agree with both of you. I know he thinks what he's doing will be good for her but at the same time like hey you're kind of crushing her dreams! I mean for all he knows she could end up being a totally different type of reporter. I just wish he could see that.


Jazmine: I thought In Ha’s little outburst in the convenience store was both cute and little sad. Poor girl. I can’t help but admit I felt my heart skip a little with Bum Jo came in and listened to her problems and even said her hiccups were cute. I hate to admit, but I actually might just a little bit like Bum Jo (even though it was creepy how he knew it was In Ha’s birthday).

Suzy: You know, I thought I had seen enough of Park Shin Hye crying after Heirs, but she had me cracking up here. Those poor customers. Obviously I felt terrible for her though, so I was okay with Bum Jo saving the day. For now. I’ve still got my eye on him...

June: Poor In Ha. I just felt so sad for her. Honestly I don't mind Park Shin Hye's crying here as much as I did in Heirs! Lol Hopefully Bum Jo doesn't end up being a major creep like I thought he was.


Jazmine: The ice queen strikes again. Even though her honesty is quite brutal….at least she’s honest? Sort of? At least when she’s not reporting the news. I was surprised that she just offered In Ha the job, but for a PR stunt I guess it was necessary. And it’s short term anyway. She even admitted to sacrificing her relationship with In Ha for her job and even though she said she felt some regret...I don’t believe her at all. She didn’t even say happy birthday. Shame!

Suzy: Double shame! There’s gotta be a reason she’s this cold to In Ha, right? I don’t want to believe she was born an ice queen, but when the only sense of “warmth” from her is being honest about not caring for her daughter...it’s not a great sign.

June: As I've stated before, I do not like this lady and I don't think I ever will. I know her job is important but to completely just forget her daughter in general is just cruel. And now we have her pulling this PR stunt! This lady is just so wicked.


Jazmine: In Ha’s confession of her feelings for Dal Po was sad. Usually when one character confesses to another I get this giddy feeling of pure fangirl happiness but not this time. I think the writers meant for it to be sad because we knew that Dal Po couldn’t return her feelings. Anyway, I’m really rooting for these two now. Fighting!

Suzy: An episode 5 confession should have us excited, but of course we know better. Fangirling’s been pushed to the side, but I’ll keep it close in my pocket for when (not if!) these two actually get together.

June: I know! I was like I want to fangirl and be all giggly but this moment was not set up that way. I mean I feel like I should expect that, especially since it is pretty early in the drama. I know we'll have more chances later on.


Jazmine: And here’s Bum So with the creepiness again. He has a stalking problem that’s for sure. Though maybe it isn’t stalking to him; maybe it’s him getting what he wants, which obviously happens all the time. I’m not surprised to see him as the news station with In Ha again. I’m excited to see what develops between them. It’s a one-sided stalker-ship now but who knows? Anything could happen.

Suzy: I was surprisingly excited to see him in the elevator with her, but my excitement is still curbed by his stalker-ish ways. Especially when they show him talking to his mom. I like him because he can put a smile on In Ha’s face, but I’m not sure where that’s going to lead to. As Jazmine said, anything could happen here.

June: So my hopes of him not being a creeper are kind of dashed. Lol I just hope it goes a different way soon. I want to see development!


Jazmine: I was wondering why Dal Po was sucking up to that headband reporter guy and after his talk with Reporter Gyo Dong I understand why. He’s firm in his resolve to become a reporter and avenge his father. I must commend him because I don’t think I could work in an environment that I hate as much as he hates reporters.

Suzy: Yay for finding out his exact reasoning for working there. He has a lot of guts; I’m nervous even thinking about the potential of him getting on TV and announcing his real name. And by “nervous” I mean PUMPED.

June: I feel like this is where the action is about to take place! I can't wait for him to get started!


Jazmine: ...and on the other hand we have his brother who has completely snapped. You could tell that he was gonna unleash hell, but I didn’t think he would go so far. I thought he was try going after In Ha’s mom, but she’s kinda unreachable for him and once he found those guys...I’m sure that’s when he really lost it. He’s so consumed my revenge and the injustice suffered by his father and his family that he had to resort to murder. It’s sad really.

Suzy: Remember when I said I hoped Jae Myung wouldn’t go too crazy with his revenge? Welp, that all went down the drain verrry quickly. There goes the nice reunion I had planned for him & Dal Po in my head. I think this will create some very interesting drama for us though, especially when the brothers do see each other again. Maybe Dal Po will even report this on the news...

June: .........Wow I did not expect things to turn this quickly with Jae Myung. It's so sad to see him go down this path. He seemed like such a sweet guy but with the trauma of his past, he just finally snapped.

What do you think? Will Dal Po ever get to reveal his true feelings for In Ha? What role with Bum Jo play in In Ha's life? Do you think that Dal Po and Jae Myung will ever reunite? And what about the crime Jae Myung has committed? What consequences will come because of that? Let us know in the comments below! 

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