Welcome back to the Pinocchio Drama Club! Did you all enjoy the last episode of Pinocchio? Well, we’re back, and we finally have first assignments, a new scoop, and a familiar face shows up again! Join Jazmine, Suzy and I as we discuss this week’s episode.

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The first assignment

June: Honestly, I was super excited about them finally getting their first assignment! I feel like we’re going to get to see what they are really made of and I’m interested to see how competitive everyone will get, especially our main characters since they are working for rival stations.

Jazmine: I was excited too! I know it’s gonna be tough work, and this is the part of the drama where you can take breather from the personal lives of the characters and things become really interesting! I’m happy to see them interning so hard, they’ll make wonderful reporters.

Suzy: Things definitely picked up when they got their first assignments. The world (or at least drama world) of reporting is WAY more intense than I thought.

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June: So it begins. I really wish he hadn’t resorted to something like this. I wanted him to maybe go around it another way but it seems like this is the path he’s going down. I can’t imagine how things will be once Dal Po/Ha Myung finds out what he did.

Jazmine: I know Jae Myung has to be sitting on the edge of his seat. If things don’t go according to his plan (which I have a feeling they won’t) then he is going to be in a world of trouble. I wish he had taken a more legal-less killing path to avenge his father. I wanted so much for his character.

Suzy: I want to say I still have hope for him, but I’m not really sure how he can come back from this, at least in the eyes of the citizens. 25 year time jump to when he’s out of jail? If we’re lucky? I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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June: Man, seeing how much they have to go through is crazy! This reporting thing is seriously no joke.

Jazmine: Is it really like this? Probably not seeing as how dramas like to exaggerate everything. But still it’s a lot to go through. Not sleeping, not eating and not getting any leads. Both exhausting and kinda boring at the same time. Though like I said earlier I feel like they got this….well at least Dal Po does.

Suzy: It’s crazy for sure, and they’re being yelled at over the phone the entire time! And then there’s that gross shared room they all get, blegh.

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It’s all because of you, Dal Po!

June: So the truth comes out about why she became a reporter and surprise to Dal Po, it wasn’t because of her mom but because of him. We all know he was just trying to protect her but maybe he should just let her try this reporter thing out.

Jazmine: I was actually surprised when she said this, though we already were kinda supposed to know from their high school days. Even if we did know I didn’t think that she would admit it to him. But now that Dal Po knows I think he’ll be a little softer with her. Well, I hope he is anyway.

Suzy: I like how honest In Ha is being. Obviously she’s trying not to hiccup, but she seems to be going above & beyond to get the truth out. Dal Po didn’t have much to say for now, so I guess that’s an improvement over him yelling at her.

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June: I loved this scene. I liked that they still added humor to the episode when sometimes it can get really dramatic.

Jazmine: I loved this scene too! It was getting a bit stiff with no comedic relief but this scene was perfect. I would never guess that grandpa would steal Dal Po’s hard earned (and saved!) money. It was a hilarious scene and Dal Po’s reactions were priceless.

Suzy: Grandpa is so sneaky! And funny, especially now that we know he’s got all of his mental capacities in check. He’s definitely a good source of comic relief.

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Hello there old friend!

June: I was surprised when he showed up! It really was like a mini high school reunion with them.

Jazmine: I was sooo surprised to see him! He actually doesn’t look like he’s “grown” as much as In Ha and Dal Po, but he’s married now! So far, I like him a lot better than I did when he was in high school. I also think it’s verrryyyy interesting how he’s working on the murder case with those people that Jae Myung killed. Things are gonna get crazy,

Suzy: When I saw him all I could think was “oh boy, his character didn’t go over too well in our previous discussions.” Thankfully I think he’s matured a bit. I can’t wait til they delve more into the Jae Myung murder case.

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June: That was pretty clever of him! This story really does have me interested! Like what really did happen to this lady!

Jazmine: Even though it was smart of him to record the CCTV footage, I gotta give props to In Ha for checking out where the lady works. It’s two pieces to a puzzle that was simple but is now complex. I’m really interested in the real story!

Suzy: They’re both going to have exclusive content, but I think In Ha might have the edge because their story taps more into logic. I’m interested too, because I didn’t think it was really anything, but of course there’s more than meets the eye.

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June: Ugh I can’t wait until the next episode! I want to see what both teams have in store and what they will each broadcast! I just know one of them is going to look totally different from the other.

Jazmine: This cliffhanger was no joke. Usually when a cliffhanger happens, you can kinda see it coming...but when this episode ended I wasn’t even prepared. That screen came up and I was like “noooooo”. Yeah I’m looking forward to figuring out what each broadcast has!

Suzy: Gah, cliffhangers! Who knew I’d get so into this case? Is it Wednesday yet?

How did you all enjoy this week's episode? Who all do you think will have the better exclusive and will we find out what really went on with that lady! Comment below and tell us what you think!

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