Welcome to the Pinocchio Drama Club’s episode seven discussion! A quick recap, you ask? Poop idioms, snacks on snacks, shingles, and a toilet nap. 

Anyway, this episode was more exciting than that, so June, Jazmine, and I are going to get a little more in-depth now:

The real scoop.

Suzy: Alright, we got the real story! Or at least MSC did. This was really sad, but I’m glad that they added in later on that a donor came through for the daughter. You could just see Dal Po’s world come crashing down, but we’ll get to that next.

Jazmine: I was happy we got the real story too. It was really sad, but at least the truth was known. I felt bad for Dal Po because he did look like his world was ending, but I’m glad everything solved itself in the end.

June: So the truth is revealed and damn I did not even imagine this! I felt super bad for Dal Po too. Like this is exactly what he wanted to not be. I am glad it was fixed later on.

Talking to yourself again?

Suzy: This faulty reporting was a huge and painful reality check for Dal Po. He became everything he hated, and he realized it fast. Now I can officially forgive him for his harsh words to In Ha and go back to wanting to hug him forever.

Jazmine: The wake-up call Dal Po got from his first news story was needed. Now he’s reminded to slow down and check all the facts. The woman who died would have been portrayed as vain instead of selfless had the news just has Dal Po’s report. and even though this wasn’t as “big” as his family’s case he knows first hand how much damage words can do. I’m glad he got his reality check.

June: This was definitely a wake up call for Dal Po. As sad as it was, I feel like this scene was one of my favorites from this episode. Now, I look forward to watching him work as a reporter in a different way. 

Nothing to fear but poop itself.

Suzy: Nothing like deep discussions about poop to help Dal Po out of his slump. Probably should’ve had this dirty discussion before your bath, boys.

Jazmine: The poop thing made me laugh, though I don’t think I could have that discussion while eating dinner. Not really ideal table talk.The grandpa gets funnier and funnier with each episode. I was laughing when he wanted to kick Dal Po out the bathtub for making it dirty.

June: I love the conversations with Gramps. It's something I always look forward to when watching a new episode!

Love triangle, commence!

Suzy: The love triangle is really starting to heat up this week! Especially now that Bum Jo’s mom is involved. I think we need a nickname for her. Anyway, with Bum Jo constantly carrying In Ha away and Dal Po’s confessing to him that he likes her, %$^# is gonna go down. Too bad In Ha seems so clueless about all of it!

Jazmine: I’m rooting for Dal Po to win In Ha’s affections (I mean, who isn’t?). Bum Jo’s mom (we do need a nickname, suggestions?) is seriously invasive but I did get a kick out of her going to the police stations to get stories for In Ha and Bum Jo. She’s also not the character I suspected. I thought she would be really mean and nasty to In Ha because Bum Jo is so interested, but she actually sort of nice? I guess that’s cause she doesn’t wanna upset Bum Jo either way it’s a refreshing spin on the mother of the rich boy in kdrama land. Also once In Ha finds out the truth about how Bum Jo knows all that stuff about her, it would, be a triangle anymore.

June: So Rich Mama surprisingly made me laugh during this episode. Though I don't know how I feel about her interfering with the romantic aspect of this drama. I can already tell that the love triangle is going to annoy me sometimes but then again they always do in every k-drama. Lol

Suzy: Rich Mama! Simple, yet effective. I like it.

Hospital hair touches, fighting!

Suzy: Who said shingles had to keep you single? For once we get a cute moment between our leads where Dal Po’s the one snoozing. I’m still chuckling about her rolling off the bed and sprinting away when he woke up. Park Shin Hye has so many body gags in this drama and I’m loving it.

Jazmine: Suzy. Your joke. I can’t. Anyway~ yes I loved this moment between them. It’s always nice to get that little space of time when your leads have genuine gushy moments together. I hope there are more in the future. And I agree Suzy. I’m totally loving Shin Hye in this drama. I was already her fan, but my love for her keep growing!

June: She is pretty great in this drama. Definitely wayyyyyyy better than her in Heirs. Though to be completely honest, there are times In Ha can slightly annoy me in the drama but then I quickly get over it. Lol

That's a nice visual.

Suzy: More poop talk! But seriously, I’m happy that this whole situation is cleared up, and I’m happy that In Ha got this off her chest. But I’m happiest that even while getting her point across, she still told Dal Po how much she cares for him, even if the hiccups had to help her along.

Jazmine: I was happy she let it all out too. I think I said this before, but honesty is always the best policy. In real life and especially in kdramas. Soooo many misunderstandings can happen in the blink of an eye in kdrama land so even if it’s something like this honestly is the way to go. Even though Dal Po isn’t being honest about his feelings, I’ll let that go for now,

June: I like that they did come up with this Pinocchio syndrome because it's like she has to be honest the whole time. It's refreshing to see a character have to be completely honest.

One, two, three: SQUEEEEEE!!

Suzy: I know, another screenshot from this scene, but how could I resist? We got a back hug, ladies and gentlemen! Woo! Was it ~just the cold~ or is Dal Po really going to lay the moves down now? I hope it’s the latter!

Jazmine: I was about to insert a squeal in my earlier comment about the back hug but I’ll do that now. *SQUEEALLLLL*. Dal Po is subtly laying the moves down and oh how I wished I was Shin Hye in this scene. I’m a fan of back hugs, I think they’re really cute and I love seeing them in dramas (maybe cause I would like a back hug in real life? T_T). Anyway, this was cute.

June: I'm loving how soon we are getting all this affection in this drama so early on! I feel like we always have to wait forever to see this stuff!

Nice to meet you...?

Suzy: Dun dun dunnn. I have to say, I didn’t think the brothers would reunite so soon, but it’s exciting! Except, of course, Dal Po is keeping his real identity a secret. This is going to be a toughie. P.S. I’m a little worried for In Ha now that Jae Myung knows who she is, and now that we know he’s a murderer. Maybe I’m just being pessimistic?

Jazmine: HON.ES.TY. Goodness I would have loved for Dal Po to reveal his identity. Though because he did keep it a secret it adds a little more….drama. I’m interested to see how this will develop.If Dal Po figures out that Jae Myung killed those people to avenge his dad will he help him or will he turn him in? And I’m also worried for In Ha cause I’m sure Jae Myung will try and hurt her because she’s family to that reporter lady. Though if he does try and hurt In Ha that will cause bigger problems between him and Dal Po. There’s so much to consider, but no matter what we all know %$^# is gonna get real.

June: Oh my god, OH MY GOD. Like this was so unexpected that he met him already! I so desperately wanted him to say his real name but I'm sure he had good reasons not to reveal it yet. But this just made things a lot more complicated since Dal Po knows now that his brother's number was one of the numbers on that (dead) man's call logs. It's only a matter of time before he figures things out.

So, there we have it. We’re only a few weeks in and #%& is about to go down hard. What’d you think about this episode? Let us know in the comments, and stay tuned for our next recap!

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