Welcome back Drama Clubbers! This episode of Pinocchio had love, hate, and an ending you couldn't see coming! Join Suzy, June, and myself as we discuss this week’s episode.

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Jazmine: A lot happened this episode so let’s just take it from the top! The episode begins with Dal Po and Jae Myung finishing up their first meeting/bro date. As Dal Po is hanging with Jae Myung he gets this crazy intuition something is amiss especially with the fire container case going on. Why do you think Dal Po lied about his whereabouts? Do you think he’ll continue to protect Jae Myung? (we’ll talk that scene in front of YGN later)

Suzy: He caught on fast, I was almost expecting him to be too excited to see his brother to care, but he’s smart. I guess he lied about his whereabouts for the same reason he’s keeping his identity hidden - he wants to make sense of the situation himself before anyone else can get their hands on it and screw things up. Too bad we already know that Jae Myung’s guilty, so I really don’t know how long Dal Po will go on protecting him.

June: I was glad that we didn't have to wait for long so him to catch on to things. I agree with you all. Like I don't think he'll be able to protect him for long. I can only predict things will go way south pretty quickly. I just wish they could have a proper reunion but I don't think that's going to be possible.

Jazmine: Oh, our In Ha. Having to deal with such a stern and mean mother. I felt bad that her own mom couldn’t give her pat on the back. She’s asking for the same treatment as everyone else so I didn’t see the big deal. Her mom is just really being tough for no apparent reason. What do you think?

Suzy: There HAS to be a reason, but the problem is I just can’t think of anything that makes sense! Like, is there a curse on her where if she shows In Ha any warmth she’ll turn to dust? I’ve got nothing.

June: Ugh. Like what is her problem. It's not hard to treat her like everyone else. I seriously need a reason to why she's acting like this. Like I've said a million times, I cannot stand this lady and I don't know if I ever will.

Jazmine: We finally got a kiss! My heart was like jumping out of my chest during this scene. I thought I was going to go crazy! I thought the kiss was going to end after he kissed hand, but when it didn’t I had a complete fangirl moment. Even though I enjoyed their beautiful kiss in the snow I see some trouble ahead for our couple. I don’t think they’re going to be able to keep their relationship (are they even dating?) a secret for much longer.

Suzy: GAAAHHHH!!! Was this episode the best or what? I thought it was going to end after the hand-forehead kiss too, but was super pumped that it didn’t, and that In Ha kissed him back. Trouble definitely lies ahead, but so far so good. Doesn’t seem like Bum Jo has much of a chance after all.

June: OH. MY. GODDDDDDDDD! I can't believe we got a kiss already!!!!!! I giggled so much during this part. It's definitely not going to be paradise the whole time and I know stuff is about to go down but I can have a little fluffy moment for now.

Jazmine: Things are finally looking up for In Ha. I’m so glad she got a chance to do the report herself. It felt really good that they were giving her the opportunity to prove herself, but during the course of getting the report it upset that she was getting scolded for doing a good thing but then when the Cap explained it all to her I was like “ohhhh”. This drama does an excellent job of showing two sides of the coin. Kudos to the writers!

Suzy: Go writers, and go Cap! This whole thing was awesome because we realized what they were trying to do at the same time In Ha did, so I felt very ~in the story. I’m still glad those little kids didn’t bust their butts open though.

June: Go In Ha! You get that report! I'm glad that even though she has the Pinocchio syndrome, it isn't holding her back. I just want her to prove everyone wrong.

Jazmine: Can we take a moment? I wish someone would look at me like that. The way Dal Po looks at In Ha is just the greatest. When I was watching this scene I felt like I was intruding on their private moment in real life. Lee Jong Suk is slowly stealing my heart.

Suzy: We can take as many moments as you want, because this was beautiful. No post-first-kiss-awkwardness here! Hallelujah.

June: Ugh can I just have Lee Jong Suk for Christmas!!? These are the moments I love in dramas because it's like he's staring at me through my screen! (LOL) Perfect K-Drama actor is perfect.

Jazmine: Talk about things going from great to not-so-great….Jae Myung was seriously scary in this scene. The actor who portrays him, Yoon Kyoon Sang, is doing an amazing job. The way his eyes looked when he was talking to Dal Po gave me shivers. Any hopes of Dal Po reuniting in good way with Jae Myung have gone down the drain. It’s gonna be a long and painful road.

Suzy: Jae Myung is so hot & cold. My heart will break for him and then two seconds later I’m slightly terrified of him. I feel like that was Dal Po’s last chance to reveal his identity without things getting REALLY bad, but I can see why he didn’t. No more “hyung” :(

June: Nooooooooooo! ): His words were so cold and harsh and I just felt so bad for Dal Po. I was looking forward to him calling him hyung. I'm scared that Jae Myung will start going after Dal Po too. 

Jazmine: At first when I saw the police start chasing that guy in the truck I just thought that there was gonna be an accident or something. In no way did I picture this. My mouth was wide open and I was repeating “no way” over and over. At first I thought the truck driver was gonna hit Jae Myung’s truck….I didn’t think Jae Myung would drive into it. And since In Ha was there with the news crew Jae Myung has somehow got himself back involved with media. I wonder if he’ll use it as a chance to get to In Ha or In Ha’s mom or will he lash out. 

Suzy: When he drove through the truck I was like “WHOAAA.” Total action movie for a second there. Yet again, my heart was back to breaking for him when he was calling the kid “Ha Myung.” I’ve realized this drama is not nearly as predictable as I initially thought it would be, so I really don’t know what’s going to happen when he gets involved with the media! Good things? Prrrobably not.

June: I just knew something was going to happen with the police chase and the child. Him crashing into the truck was crazy! I hope he's ok but I'm going to be slightly annoyed if they pull the memory loss.

That's it for this week, but how great was this episode? See you next weekend for episode 9!

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