Welcome back to the Pinocchio Drama Club! Wow was this such an awesome episode or what! Things are moving along so smoothly! The pacing of this drama is definitely going great. Join Jazmine, Suzy and I as we discuss past actions revealed, some doubts about characters and true identities being revealed! 

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June: So Dal Po has a feeling that his brother isn’t the same as he used to be. I can already tell it’s probably going to eat him up from inside. It’ll eventually come down to whether he wants to keep the truth from everyone and protect his brother or will be end up turning him in. Either way I know it’s probably going to be really sad.

Suzy: Yeah, there’s really no easy way around this. I’m glad that he chose to confide in the Cap though, who has proven himself as trustworthy. Usually I’d expect a character like Dal Po to keep this all to himself, but this drama keeps pleasantly surprising me!

Jazmine: The internal struggle Dal Po has to deal with can’t be easy so I’m happy that he is relying on Cap if even just a little bit. Dal Po’s search for the truth won’t give him any good answers, but I think he’s going to end up turning his brother in. He’s going to want to do what is right.

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June: Oh my gosh! He was so close to telling In Ha about her mom and what she did to his family all those years ago. I seriously don’t know how In Ha is going to take all this information.

Suzy: I felt sooo nervous during this interview. In Ha made it fairly clear that she’s not like her mother, but when it comes to reporters, I think Jae Myung’s logic flies out the window and he’s blinded by rage.

Jazmine: I seriously thought Jae Myung was gonna go a little crazy and like grab her or something. Not to kidnap her but just to really intimidate her! I did think he would calm down a little once he saw that In Ha actually had a conscious, but you’re right Suzy, Jae Myung has no logic when it comes to reporters.

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June: You could seriously feel the urgency and how desperate he was to keep In Ha from keeping in contact with Jae Myung. I can only hope she follows through and doesn’t meet up with him later on because we all know it won’t be pretty! Especially since revenge is definitely on Jae Myung’s mind.

Suzy: It was sweet that she agreed to stay away (at least for now), and we know she meant it because she didn’t hiccup. These two are technically rivals but they still trust each other and they are the sweetest and aslkgasklgjsg. Sorry, can’t let myself get too carried away.

Jazmine: Almost cried during this scene. You can really feel Dal Po’s sincerity and how much he cares for In Ha but also how much he fears what Jae Myung could do. I also hope In Ha stays away from him but something tells me that that’s easier said than done. I also fangirled during this scene because those two together….omg.

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June: I will admit, I love the effort he’s taking to mend the relationship between In Ha and her mother. Now, I don’t actually know if it’s going to work. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see.

Suzy: His effort is so nice, and he’s so fearless against her mom! She read through the texts so it seemed like it was working, but I’m with you - I’m still too unclear about her intentions and inner-thoughts.

Jazmine: Bum Jo scored major second-lead points with me here. I thought this was actually really sweet and I liked that instead of being just a creepy stalker who read text messages for 13 years we can kinda understand more why he follow In-Ha around and why he’s so captivated by her. He likes her raw and brutal honesty. As for her mother, I hope she also comes around.

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June: Woooooooooooow! So he admits it pretty much is revenge he’s seeking. Man I thought it was all over when he burned Dal Po’s phone, but of course Dal Po was using another recorder. I love these little gadgets these reporters have!

Suzy: Dal Po’s so sneaky! And Jae Myung’s so scary! If his life had turned out differently, he probably would have been the sweetest guy ever. Now that Dal Po has recorded evidence, I’m not sure how much longer he can keep this a secret.

Jazmine: I didn’t think that Dal Po would be so straightforward with his questioning. Not gonna lie I thought Dal Po’s original intentions of going to be Jae Myung was to reveal who he was but I know that that won’t come till much later. I was just being overly optimistic. Dal Po did kinda hide it from Cap though….so I wonder what’s going to happen.

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June: So the truth comes out about In Ha’s mom’s reporter past and I can understand her reaction. She basically found out how cruel and cold her mom really can be and right when I thought their relationship was about to get better. Well it had to have happened sooner or later.

Suzy: So many things became clear to In Ha all at once here - total emotional overload. And that flashback killed me, ugh. In Ha’s mom is not only responsible for the death of Jae Myung’s father’s image, but also partly for the death of his mom and brother (as far as he knows). It’s even more clear now how he ended up so vengeful.

Jazmine: All is revealed! I had almost forgotten about that interview that Jae Myung did so long ago. I’m glad we got to know more but goodness it was a lot to take in. Look at how shocked In Ha was. I never would have imagined that her mom was really responsible really tearing Dal Po’s family apart. Now I can see why Jae Myung really is so hellbent on revenge.

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June: Dun, dun, dun!!!!!!! She knows, she finally knows! I certainly thought she wouldn’t find out until way later! Ugh this episode is bringing out so many of my K-Drama feels! I seriously need more episodes in my life!!

Suzy: OMG, I was bouncing up and down when I realized that SHE realized. The pacing of this drama RULES!! And it doesn’t look like Dal Po’s denying it either, which is awesome. Everything is great (aka super dramatic) and I LOVE IT.

Jazmine: I thought this was going to happen later on but I’m so happy this happened now!! You’re right Suzy, the pacing of this drama is top notch. I was worried that instead of asking if Dal Po was really Ha Myung she’d say something like “let’s break up” without a proper explanation - like is so many other kdramas, countless numbers really. I’m so happy she didn’t say that, and I’m really curious about how their relationship will develop from here.

Wow was that an episode! Do you all agree and like the pace of this drama? What did you all think when In Ha finally realized the truth about her mother and Dal Po? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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