Welcome back lovely SIDA viewers. After a rocky end to a young marriage, can our protagonists find love with each other again or will they fall for others around them? Let’s continue on to episode three.

Our side love interest reprimands our protagonist while throwing some foreshadowing words of wisdom his way.

Pamela: This training has not been progressing smoothly so far for Zhen Yang and Xin Kui...I do think the two of them need to get their acts together and stop competing, but since we’re already seeing a glimmer of reemerging love from Zhen Yang, Chief Ji won’t be giving the couple low scores for long, right? Then again, instead of competing with Xin Kui, Zhen Yang might start doing the same with Chief Ji.

Debo: I really do love the little foreshadowing that they threw in here with that “don’t wait until you actually lose the chance to regret it…” line that Chief Ji throws at Zhen Yang. I feel like once the love square truly forms, Chief Ji will lean on Xin Kui as some sort of support or maybe a way to try and truly forget about Qian Qian and then that in turn Zhen Yang will feel like he has truly lost Xin Kui and will “regret it.”

Wendilynn: Yeah, this is definitely foreshadowing things to come. He’s lost Xin Kui once and we know he regrets it because he keeps trying to take care of her.

The awkward meet up between mixed up couples.

Pamela: Why, hello there, love square! I will certainly enjoy watching as our second ex-couple pairing drives out first ex-couple pairing back together. By being forced into compromising situations with Xin Kui, Zhen Yang is already demonstrating that he still cares for her, and that he still wants her to care for him. At the same time, though, Chief Ji...have fun seeing your former fiance reach out to you while next to Mr. Frog King of the Zeros.

Wendilynn: I found this awkward scene from the grocery store to the lunch to be so funny. We have our two “slobs” and our two “neat freaks”. Lunch was very illuminating on their personality types.

Debo: I love the pair off of the two “slobs” and “neat freaks,” it was hilarious. I also loved how big of a dork Zhen Yang was in the tennis scene and how he basically just invites himself to lunch because he wanted to hang out with someone.

A heartbroken father is finally reunited with his amphibious son. A frog custody ensues.

Debo: I have been waiting for this moment since the divorce. Zhen Yang’s obsession with frogs has been greatly entertaining, I mean, who listens to frog croaks as “music?” But honestly, I loved this scene.

Pamela: Well, he listens and watches frogs all day (and night), and I do the same with all of these dramas, so his obsession is one I can sympathize with. Now, if he had some intense love for box turtles instead, I could have a little flailing fun (no, Pamela - no video-game tangents here), but frogs are cute. And speaking of cute, Zhen Yang certainly is adorable when he is reunited with his long-lost...son. His ex-wife has been taking care of the pet frog in his stead, and since the frog’s still alive, the leads’ relationship is as well. I just thought of how that frog, which represents an obsession that partially drove Xin Kui to want a divorce, is being accepted into Xin Kui’s heart despite the annoyance of the frog love. Zhen Yang annoys Xin Kui, and vice versa, but they still have a chance to accept each other once again.

Wendilynn: Frogs are pretty good pets. However, that whole frog music thing would drive me up the wall. I laughed so much when he stated that he had changed the music in his car from ‘tree frogs” to “horned frogs”. He really should have been a herpetologist instead of a hotel manager. Who knows, maybe that’s why he’s so obsessive because he couldn't’ follow the career he really wanted?

Couples are forming left and right and now even in the typical triangular form!

Pamela: This is a cute little side triangle, isn’t it? Zhi Cheng and his caring attempts to nerd his way into Omega’s heart will be...nice. There’s a calmness about the scenes right now, since the shape is just starting to be formed, but that will give us a bit of peace between the throwing of pies and wooden planks.

Wendilynn: I admit, I want the nerd to win this little love contest. Mr Arrogant needs to be put in his place. She needs some help with her studies and I don’t see Mr. Arrogant being anyone she can actually rely on. He spends too much time bragging.

Debo: Same here. But I’m also really interested in his background, is he really someone of high hotel status or is it all just talk?

Heartbreak over a lost engagement

Pamela: Instead of breaking up over text message, Qian Qian leaves Chief Ji with a handwritten note? Wow, talk about an uncomfortable way to call off the engagement. I’m sure Chief Ji has that letter and the ring stowed away somewhere, just waiting for the day he can give Qian Qian the ring again. How long do you think it’ll be until Qian Qian reveals the truth behind her exit, Debo-jiejie and Wendi-jiejie?

Wendilynn: I’m not sure. I can understand why she left the note because who wants to break up with a guy they love so much? However, I found it highly unfair and dishonest of her to not tell him upfront what the doctor said. They could have found an answer together. Who knows, maybe he’s good with adopting? But then again, noble sacrifice for stupid reasons makes my teeth hurt. Its probably a good thing they broke up because if you can’t tell your spouse these types of things, it doesn’t bode well for the rest of the marriage.

Debo: Agreed, Wendilynn. I felt so bad for Chief Ji during this scene. But when he was all cute and happy I could feel my Michael Zhang crush reforming itself. Also, she is so lucky he was in the bathroom for so long so she could write the note, be sentimental and slip out of the restaurant without him noticing. It would have been much more time efficient for her to have written the note before and just leave it there.

The best way to fend off fiends: hitting the person you are trying to save

Pamela: Xin Kui, it might be a bit more difficult to keep your ex-husband safe than it is to keep that frog of his alive. As a plot device, her hitting Zhen Yang on the head allows him to try to coerce her into interacting with him more. Love must really, really hurt...If Xin Kui and Zhen Yang were not together, Zhen Yang would be a lot safer from harm. But this is a drama, so they are meant to be, especially since he runs into help Xin Kui outside of the hotel...

Wendilynn: It certainly does give him the opportunity to insist on her care of him. She is so accident prone. Hitting his head, throwing pies, throwing groceries. She’s like an insistent 3 year old who doesn’t know how to wait. I’m not sure how cute that really is, though.

Deborah: I know, I feel like if I had to interact with her, I would get so fed up with her antics after a while.

Apparently concussions are now the best ways to try and get your ex-wife to notice and care about you again.

Pamela: Whatever works. How long it will take for Zhen Yang’s attempts to regain Xin Kui’s affection to take effect is something I’m not sure of, but this man has a cute smirk, so at least we have that face to make the wait easier.

Wendilynn: His sly look made me laugh. What a goober. lol

Deborah: This episode has been showing how dependent Zhen Yang is on others and I think that’s great. I still don’t get that perfect chemistry feeling between the protagonists that I usually get during dramas, but it is slowly getting there

Reunion with an absent mother

Deborah: For such a silly drama, this scene was a total hit in the feels. It let me better empathize with Xin Kui. I felt so bad for her. The fact her mother would simply toss her aside was so cruel. From the previews, it appears as though her mother does not recognize her at all which must hurt even more. I’m really interested in seeing how this Momo-Chan storyline will develop and whether her mom will toss her aside once more or do something nice for her?

Pamela: Momo-chan hasn’t gotten a long look at her daughter, even now, even after these decades of dealing with the abandonment. Once she realizes that Xin Kui is her daughter, it’s hard to tell if Momo-chan will immediately ignore Xin Kui or not. The deep mother-daughter conversation is something to look forward to (that will be nice enough to satisfy me). This character-developing storyline got me to realize that Xin Ku isn’t simply some ex-wife who couldn’t stand being controlled. She is an ex-wife who desires what we all crave: acceptance.

Wendilynn: I don’t see that conversation going well. I’m betting that Xin Kui will be rubbing Momo-chan the wrong way until the reveal. My heart cried with Xin Zui here, too. This is the first time that I really connected and liked her. She spends so much time pouting that she was getting on my nerves. I really can’t stand when grown women act like little children. Understanding she was abandoned, however, does make me understand some of her behavior. It also explains her fierce independence and why she finds compromise hard to give. I wonder what makes Zhen so unwilling to compromise?

How do you guys feel about that ending surprise as well as other moments in the show? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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