Zombie: So is it just me, or did the scope of this drama just get a whole lot bigger? How on Earth did we go from following one man’s plot for revenge to a country in rebellion and a queen’s life on the line? I have to say, this is not the turn of events I was expecting!

Tanya: It was sudden, but expected? At least on my end anyway. We knew the bad guys needed an end to their tale and we can’t have the second female lead sitting in the background forever.

DD: Things have definitely been taken to another level and fast. I don’t think I was prepared at all. Not at all! I mean, from the start we’re thrust into the aftermath of Choi Won Shin’s death and Hye Won’s vow to destroy Yoon Kang for killing her father. Is Adele here? I vaguely hear Turning Tables playing in the background all of a sudden.

Zombie: And here I thought that was just the neighbors’ pool party! Seriously! This whole role reversal thing has got me all discombobulated. I’d spent so much time trying to decide if I liked Hye Won and just when I thought she’d be alright, she has to go all crazy evil, seek revenge on Yoon Kang and pull a gun on Soo In.

Tanya: Well in dramaland, second female leads generally be crazy. I guess it was only a matter of time before we saw which path she actually walked.

DD: It’s easy to feel conflicted because 1) we were all leaning toward Hye Won and 2) is her reaction that much different from our beloved Yoon Kang’s?

Zombie: It’s really not different at all and totally understandable, I just wish there was a way for her to work with Yoon Kang to bring down the baddies, rather than have her turn evil herself. I think she and Yoon Kang would have made a formidable team but I knew when she chose her father over Yoon Kang, they’d never end up on the same side. Speaking of… Are any of us surprised that Choi Won Shin isn’t actually dead?

Tanya: I totally understand why she reacted, but at the same time am I the only one questioning why Yoon Kang didn’t just shoot her instead of the gun in her hand? We could have ended a lot of drama really quickly and Choi Won Shin would have come after Yoon Kang with a vengeance when we learned he was still alive… To the tune that he wouldn’t have been about this rebellion. But seriously, how is he not dead?

DD: Nope, not I. Choi Won Shin has too much of a story to tell and we have too many episodes left. Can’t believe I’m saying this, but this show wouldn’t be the same without Choi Won Shin.

Tanya: I’m not even ashamed to admit that you are right with this. Once Yoon Kang stopped pushing the story line, Won Shin propelled it forward.

Zombie: You’re absolutely right! Without him, what would we have? Yoon Kang would have no motivation for anything and there would be no subplots and subterfuge to carry us to the grand finale. In short, this drama needs him and I find myself torn between wishing he meets his maker at the end and wishing he could find a way to ally with Yoon Kang to take down the toads.

DD: I would love to see them team up and give us all a real showdown. Although Choi Won Shin would need a moment where he realizes what we may already see. He wants to be the head of the merchant groups because he believes that this would bring him true power and will prevent him from ever returning to his life as a slave. The problem is that as long as he chases this power, he will forever be a slave to those who have no intention of seeing him become more than the trained dog they refer to him as.

Zombie: Exactly! As long as he’s kowtowing to the toads in power, he’s never going to be free of their rule over him which means he’s really no better off than he was when he was a slave. He may have money and power but it’s come at a price and he’d be much better off doing without all of them and making his own way. Not that I actually expect that to happen but it would be nice if he suddenly had a change of heart and decided to rebel against the toads.

Tanya: I think Choi Won Shin is strong enough to see where is has to go if he can lose the pettiness and move forward. That is one thing I will credit these characters for, they seem to be able to have changes of heart that make sense. They are conflicted and it’s not easy, so it’s believable.

DD: Well, I figure if Yoon Kang can start to let go of his plot for ultimate revenge, anything’s possible. It’s funny because he seems to be having moments of realization that I can only assume will start to hit Choi Won Shin as well. Yoon Kang’s being forced to remember his teachings which were to use the gun to protect, not to kill or exact revenge. Yeah, we know you were there for that day of class, Yoon Kang.

Zombie: I have to say, I was digging the whole Robin Hood moment, when Yoon Kang swept in and freed all the slaves. I was really hoping he’d keep it up and start a sort of rebellion of that nature on his own but alas, the toads had to incite rebellion first.

DD: Okay, let’s talk about the rebellion. First of all, whoa. It felt like it all hit a breaking point over night even though we know that’s not true. I always tell people don’t mess with my food, but these rebels meant it.

Tanya: Thank goodness I wasn’t the only one having a “well that escalated quickly” moment. I was actually startled that it was a pact then in less than 24 hours things were happening. Doesn’t it take time to arrange things? Apparently not.

Zombie: I guess if you go expecting rice and get sand instead, things could get ugly but I’m still kind of wondering what else inspired such an irrational reaction. I get that the army is upset the king decided to add a group of gunman to the ranks but really, does that even make sense? Wouldn’t the rest of the army be glad they had someone more powerful on their side? It’s not like the king kicked everyone else out. He’s just trying to make them stronger.

DD: The king just can’t catch a break. It’s sad really because I really like him. Know who I like even more? The queen. She really stood out this week and she’s a tough cookie.

Tanya: The queen in her past scenes always seemed timid, asking the king to let things go, which I assume had to do with her family ties. I am happy to see that she actually has some backbone though. So far she has been able to withstand a lot.

Zombie: She really has and I was impressed with how well she’s handling things, especially considering she knows she’s got a price on her head. Not an easy place to be in but she’s taking it all in stride and doing her best to keep things in as much order as she can. I just hope that she survives this sudden raid on her nephew’s house. There doesn’t look like there’s going to be anyone jumping out to save her at the last second but I guess you never know. Anything’s possible, right?

DD: Hey, if Won Shin can be shot multiple times, fall off a cliff, and survive with little to no down time, absolutely anything’s possible.

Tanya: I couldn’t agree more.

So tell us, what do you think is going to happen to the queen? Will she be saved at the eleventh hour or is her time up? What about this rebellion? Will it spell the end of the king’s reign or will Yoon Kang be able to find a way to stop it before things get worse? As always, we want to know what you’re thinking and where you see things going from here so be sure to leave us a comment below!

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