Welcome readers to the Say I Do Again Drama Club. Our stubborn and uncompromising leading couple give the viewer a lot to laugh about as they struggle with falling in love, falling out of love and maybe, just maybe, falling in love again. Join Pamela, Debo, and I as we laugh and groan about what went on in the first two episodes.

It never hurts to stay passionate about wanting to be in love.

Debo: Ahh. The beauty of dramas, such perfect setup for a romance. If only life was actually like that. Honestly my favorite part of this scene is not how they actually kissed (well I was happy about that) but it’s how aggressive Xin Kui is in initiating said kiss. Even though I feel like it might get annoying sometime throughout the show, but I do like her headstrong personality even though I feel like her stubbornness will be causing some annoyance sooner or later.

Pamela: It’s already causing others to be annoyed... *points to ex-husband* What’s also interesting about her aggression is how she compares her early relationship to a fairy tale, but I haven’t found many fairy tales in which the girl makes the first bold move. (Besides The Little Mermaid, but that has a sad ending, which I guess still describes the marriage.)

Wendilynn: Beauty and the Beast has our heroine being rather bold, replacing her father in jail.

Debo: That’s true, Wendilynn, but I definitely do not see much of Belle in Xin Kui. Haha.

Wendilynn: No, there’s not much there. She’s immature in a lot of ways, but then, so is he.

Pamela: There is something there that wasn’t there before, and that something is a toad.

She’s a slob and he’s a neat freak. Neither wants to give the other a break. But then again...if I had to listen to animal sounds when I slept, I’d probably be grumpy too.

Debo: I love comedic scenes so this moment was as aggravating as it was enjoyable. It was synced well which is what I liked. For people who are so annoyed by each other they obviously have great chemistry and it shows, especially here. I can see why those little things would bother each of them but it was a shame that they would just get divorced so quickly. Their entire relationship progressed so quickly...meet, fall in love, marriage, divorce, hatred. I guess they were trying to fit it into the first episode and get it on with but so much could have been done with it and I would have liked it a lot more if it wasn’t so rushed and also if both of them weren’t so impatient. Also, there was the scene where they randomly brought in Zhen Yang’s mother and they didn’t really go into depth about her (or maybe I just was not paying that much attention) and I really want to know what kind of disaster she had caused.

Wendilynn: What I saw was a lot of immaturity on both their parts. While I laughed so much as the two of them, I also saw that neither was willing to compromise. He was almost psycho in how much of a neat freak he was. And listening to the animal noises at night…. seriously? She on the other hand was very messy with her snacking and was a bit sloppy. I laughed when I saw her wipe her hand on the pillow after he took the lint roller to her.

Pamela: I didn’t think lint was in junk food, but I guess Xin Kui’s taught me something new. She was sloppy, too, but she kind of exaggerated that a little because she was so fed up (pun intended) with Zhen Yang. But I agree with Debo-jiejie; the ex-mother-in-law wasn’t really covered much, so I’m hoping she gets a bit more involved over the next few months.

Debo: I’m just worried when the mother in law is brought into the show everything will just go crazy and all of the progress they make to reestablish their relationship will either be ruined or take another ten episodes to fix.

All she wanted to do was get rid of her box of things. Too bad Zhen Yang didn’t realize that and thought he was saving someone from suicide….and ended up nearly drowning her in the process.

Debo: This was an interesting way to introduce Qian Qian to the character ensemble. However, I was confused by what she was trying to do with the box. Was she just looking through its content in the romantic embrace of the waves or was she trying to get rid of it so why would she get so scared when it was taken by the ocean?

Wendilynn: She wanted to get rid of it, but then as soon as it was disappearing, she realized that she wasn’t quite ready to part with whatever is in that box. Which I’m assuming was the ex-boyfriend's things.

Pamela: I guess she just felt...drowned in her emotions. Zhen Yang felt a sort of connection with her, even if he misunderstood her intentions. His advice did still work for Qian Qian, even if his attempts to help women end up hurting them in the process. *points to lint food*

A frustrated divorce led to a cut mistletoe and thrown rings. 4 years later, its a surprise meeting while he’s on a blind date and she’s their waitress. Who knew how insulting a menu could be?

Pamela: Well, now we get to see why fights between married couples never end (says the girl with no romantic experience). The insults from four years ago are back, and it’s fun to watch how far below the belt Xin Kui and Zhen Yang try to hit. You know, without hitting each other with the menu. I’m sure it’s every woman’s dream to be compared to a fish by the person she wants to drown in water.

Wendilynn: He did get in a good one with calling her Dory. There’s also the shock of seeing each other for the first time in 4 years. And to add insult to injury, he’s on a blind date with her boss’ daughter. Oh boy.

Debo: I totally called this scene. It was pretty funny to see them at it again but I’m just surprised that their grudge for each other could last for so long but it just seemed like they hated each other for little annoying habits. I didn’t know people could hate for so long for so little.

Wendilynn: They don’t really hate each other, though. You could tell that they divorced, not because they had fallen out of love, but because they didn’t know how to compromise.

Maybe inviting them to be the best man and maid of honor was a bad idea. Unless the bridal couple has counted on them being rivals, drinking themselves to oblivion so they could pour them into the same bed hoping “something” happens.

Pamela: And thus, the rivalry begins. Drinking enough alcohol to get alcohol poisoning may not be the best way to kick it off, but that’s what the champagne pyramid’s for, right? It’s great to watch our main couple try to outdo each other, even though they outdo themselves at the same time.

Debo: The poor best friends are just trying to get their besties back together again and what do they get instead? Drunken arguments whilst both Xin Kui and Zheng Yang try to outdo each other at an intense drinking competition.

Wendilynn: The bride planned this though. She knew what they would both do. I laughed a lot when I realized this was a deliberate set up. At first I was thinking, oh no, they are going to ruin the wedding, but they really did behave as best as could be expected. lol

Debo: I really love the two best friends, they can totally see how much Xin Kui and Zhen Yang still care for each other even if they won’t admit anything and I feel like they will definitely be playing a huge role in the two getting back together again.

A rocky introduction to their fellow trainees and their demanding trainer Chief Ji makes for a rough start to their VVIP executive training course. Who would have thought our leads would meet again training for the same job?

Debo: There seems to be an interesting group of trainees that have been thrust together. I like the budding romance between the youngest three and Qian Qian seems to be an interesting character especially given her previous connections with Chief Ji. I feel like he was probably the one who she broke up with and now I really want to know what happened between them. Speaking of Chief Ji, I am so excited to see Michael Zhang in another drama! I feel like he’ll do well with the character. Honestly he just looks like a perpetually angry Jay Chou and that makes it so much better.

Wendilynn: Michael is an excellent actor. I feel we have a good group here. They’ve all decided that Xin Kui is going to be the troublemaker of the group and treat her accordingly. I’m surprised they don’t seem to be as faithless in Zhen.

Pamela: I think I’ll enjoy Michael here, if you two like him, and based on what I’ve seen of him, so... *applauds*

Debo: Hehe. Yeah. I really loved him in Hot Shot and Down With Love even if those two dramas were pretty mediocre. He’s great!

Pamela: These trainees will be fun to watch though. Their moments will hopefully be drawn out for longer than ten seconds next time, but I’ll take what I can get.

Debo: Yep! The trio seem to have an interesting dynamic and I would like to see how it all plays out.

Even if Xin Kui and Zhen Yang double-handedly got the group a failing grade on the first training assignment (which the other trainees point out like the helpful seniors they are not), the two go out for drinks and food with the other new trainees. Xin Kui winces at the meat she picks up, and Zhen Yang expresses concern, so everyone suspects something.

Pamela: I guess that the main couple’s new co-workers think that a night of alcohol after a rough day of work will help the two’s judgement skills and coordination...It must be rough for Xin Kui and Zhen Yang to be told that they’re bringing the whole team down, but at least they don’t let the comments hold them back from working with confidence. But hey, at least if Xin Kui feels bad, Zhen Yang’s there to ask if she’s okay. The two of them may be vehement toward each other, but he still is concerned about her happiness and safety, which is nice.

Debo: I love the little things that they do for each other to show that they still care about each others well being.

Wendilynn: Like I said, they divorced because they couldn’t compromise, something that is clearly evident from their first day of working together. They will have to learn this important skill if they want to survive and maybe that is what will help them be able to make their relationship work.

After Xin Kui’s little spat with Ms. Gao at the restaurant (and after Chief Ji makes the former bow in apology), Chief Ji calls Xin Kui to his office. He then proceeds to give her advice, albeit sternly enough that she cries, about how she needs to take care of the customers and of the way she works if she wants to succeed.

Pamela: Even though I feel bad for Xin Kui, because she was only trying to do her job and serve the first customers, there was another thing I focused on during this scene. After I was over narrowing my eyes at Mr. Forced-Bow Man, I noticed that when she started crying, he turned away. Either this is him just not bearing to see her cry because he has a...heart…which is likely...or this is him shirking his responsibilities as - you know - a human being who just got a girl to cry.

Debo: Hah. I’m sure it’s the former, Pamela. Chief Ji seems like a generally good guy who just happens to be very invested in his work which is why he seems so rough to Xin Kui and the others. Though during the Xin Kui customer scene, I was secretly cheering Xin Kui on because the girl was being completely unreasonable and just a little spoiled brat, I knew that result was going to happen. She should have done what the customer wanted especially given that her father is the owner of the chain but on the same hand it was nice to see her standing up to her even though in the hotel management world she was in the wrong, given that the “customer is always right.” I was just sad that no one showed her more sympathy.

Wendilynn: Chief Ji actually was shown to have a heart in this scene. A rather novel way of doing it. Its clear he places a high degree of professionalism on himself and those he trains, which is why he has the top position that he does. But, he came to her rescue to save her job, and he didn’t have to. He could have been rid of her “trouble-making ways” in one fell swoop. So he must believe in her a little bit, after all, she did pass the interview process for this training and I’m sure it wasn’t easy. He reminds her that she needs to up her game if she wants to survive and clearly, he believes she has the potential to do well or he wouldn’t have bothered.

Pamela: True true, Wendi-jiejie. It’ll be nice to see how he helps the trainees grow, even if Xin Kui will have trouble. I give everyone electronic encouragement!

So...remember when Xin Kui and Zhen Yang went out for a sushi buffet special? Well, the flashback people certainly do. Zhen Yang agrees to repeat history and accompanies his ex-wife into a restaurant for Sushi Binge, Part 2. Shoulder slaps and delicious-looking food follow.

Pamela: Props to Zhen Yang for not shirking his responsibility as a human being, even though he didn’t have to agree. He still tries to care for her, and even if he tries to deny it, the naive, romance-seeking girl in me won’t let him. Zhen Yang will probably be the first to fall back in love with Xin Kui, and the love already hurts. Literally.

Debo: I agree, Pamela. Xin Kui’s stubbornness will probably make it so it takes a LONG time before she accepts her own rekindling of feelings for Zhen Yang.

Wendilynn: This is why Taiwanese dramas get a nice long season length so they can explore in depth these frustrations. lol I enjoy the humor they put in these episodes, there is always something to laugh at even when its frustrating or a character is hurting.

Its a battle of desserts that ends with a pie to the face of their most important guest. Just when it looks like all hope is lost, the taste of strawberries creates a moment of salvation.

Debo: Once again Xin Kui’s impulsive, competitive and clumsy nature has wrecked havoc again. It was pretty obvious the pie hitting the Mr. X’s head scene was going to happen but it was still annoying to watch. I really wish Xin Kui wasn’t so adamant about one upping Zhen Yang so often because she just creates more and more mistakes and frustrations for both the group as well as me. However, I am glad that they did focus on Xin Kui’s gentleness especially with the usage of the Yang Ming strawberries to show that she is not as dense as everyone assumes her to be that she is still able to think for herself and try to make things better.

Pamela: Well, if she was really able to try to make things better, she wouldn’t be attempting to beat Zhen Yang at the jobs the two share. I do have to hand it to her - she did a skillful and considerate job with that pie. But what would have made it an even more skillfully-done job would have been Xin Kui not being so adamant, as you put it, Debo-jiejie. I rolled my eyes a bit when I realized what was about to happen, but I’m glad her consideration for making guests feel good got her praise.

Wendilynn: Lets not forget that Zhen egged her on about how he was going to beat her and she would have to taste failure. Her emotions are very raw where he is concerned and she clearly has no control over them when he speaks to her. It would behoove Chief Ji to never partner these two. I knew disaster was coming as soon as he put them together.

Debo: I know. Why did Chief Ji put them together in the first place for the dessert group? I mean he just yelled at them unendingly the day before, wouldn’t it have been smarter to not pair them together and not risk another mishap?

The stakes are high for our leading pair and their hard working co-workers. Will Zhen and Xin be able to set aside their rivalry and bitterness for the sake of the team? With such a spectacular failure and win under their belt, how will they top this and survive their VVIP training?

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