Welcome to the final week of Trot Lovers. We have been through a lot of ups and downs together, my friends. We have swooned, laughed, been livid at cliches and thrown pillows together. Come join us as Suzy, Rae and I discuss the last two episodes and discover just how awesome Joon Hyun is when he’s settling scores and getting the record straight.


Soo In is put on notice. She has three days to set things right. Joon Hyun is not playing around.

Suzy: Go, Joon Hyun! After all of those chances he gave Soo In to come clean, it’s awesome to see that he’s not just trying to let it go. The girl attempted homicide! Thank you, K-drama pen recorders, for always being there when I need you.

Rae: He is totally awesome for this! She had so many chances. Joon Hyun is no longer playing games.

Wendilynn: He was definitely the man here. I loved how he got the confession he needed to hold her responsible. You guys are right, he has given her mountains of chances. I loved it when he said, "This is your choice".

...Rough few weeks, Soo In?

Suzy: I like to call this emotion-filled collage “The Soo In Face.” It features nine out of the approximately million times she’s made it. And yet, it looks like we’ll be seeing it even more, because she just cannot get her freakin’ act together and come clean.

Rae: Her guilty faces are pretty priceless! Always look forward to them whenever she’s in the verge of getting caught.

Wendilynn: You'd think she would have developed an ulcer from all the worrying about getting caught she had to do.


Geun Woo has saved Soo In from making a fatal mistake in her despair. He then in turn gives her something to think about instead of revenge or hiding her crime.

Suzy: This scene was interesting because it made me miss the original Soo In/Geun Woo cute moments, but at the same time I wasn’t a fan of him encouraging her to come back to the company later on. She tried to kill one of your stars! It’s a look into what could’ve been, I suppose.

Rae: I think Geun Woo has given some hope to Soo In. That after she serves her time, she can come back to do what she worked so hard to do all her life.

Wendilynn: I think this reflects his conversation he had with his dad last week about how if they encouraged more of the people around them, they wouldn’t go to such twisted lengths for recognition. They would feel valued enough to not become psycho. Also, there was no time in this drama where Soo In enjoyed singing. I actually expected her to quit singing altogether on her own. That she fought so hard for it was really a surprise for me.

Shin Hyo Yeol is in for a rough afternoon. He should really know better than to schmooze another man’s girl.

Suzy: This whole thing felt so out of the blue but I can’t say I hated it. How far Hyo Yeol has fallen. And I’m a-ok with that.

Rae: There is that saying that you develop feelings for the one you hate. Haha! It was totally hilarious! Hyo Yeol is changing too!

Wendilynn: I laughed so hard when I saw him sitting there in the chair. The look on his face when he sees Joon Hyun come in and he knows he's in trouble. I can't imagine the balls it took for him to try and schmooze all over Choon Hee with their history. The begging for forgiveness afterwards was so funny. He just kept putting his feet in his mouth over and over again. Loved it.

Tae Song and Nil Pyeo prove again why they will be one of our favorite couples forever. Nothing makes you laugh as much as watching these two.

Suzy: Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves with the photo. You should know by now how much this Drama Club loves these two. Their scenes get more and more ridiculous every week and I LOVE IT. That song is going straight to number one on the charts for sure.

Rae: This couple is ridiculous! I love it! I agree! They’re going to make it in the industry!

Wendilynn: These two make me laugh so much. How could they not succeed?


Antagonizing the guy with all the evidence is usually not a good idea. Mommy Dearest tried to pin the accident on Choon Hee and suggest that she was cheating with Joon Hyun. Joon Hyun is more than happy to set the record not only straight, but to declare his heart in the process.

Suzy: Can’t say that Soo In wasn’t warned! And a public love declaration too? I am all for this and all for Joon Hyun right now. *Heart eyes*

Rae: Joon Hyun went all out! Press conference and everything! This is totally worth it! Finally the truth is revealed!

Wendilynn:The pay off was really good. I really liked this scene and I was really happy that he did not mince words or keep anything to himself. I was also happy that he did not carelessly hold onto said evidence. He kept it with him and knew they would try and search his stuff to find it so he never left it laying around unless he wanted them to find something.

Joon Hyun has finally accomplished what he planned to do way back 4 episodes ago. The smile on Choon Hee’s face is a clear indication of what her answer should be.

Suzy: Eee, a proposal!! And I actually loved that it was a private moment rather than in front of an audience like in the original plan. Time jump me to the wedding next episode, please.

Rae: They can finally be together! After all Choon Hee has been through she can finally call Joon Hyun her own!

Wendilynn: I love that Choon Hee has been level headed through all this. She didn't get all hysterical. She didn't throw any tantrums. I love that she was an actual adult. Watching Joon Hyun finally get to claim her as his own, was so good.


The Final Twist. Dad is out for blood but will he learn that while it was Hwa Soon’s car, maybe she was not the driver in time to save our Trot Lovers?

Suzy: I mean, obviously some %&#@ still had to go down. It was intense seeing our lovable dad yelling like that. I absolutely cannot wait until the truth comes out and drags Mommy Dearest straight to prison.

Rae: And happiness was cut a little too short! Need to tidy some loose ends! I agree! It’s Mommy Dearest turn to go to jail!

Wendilynn: Dad has been so passive all series, so it was nice to see him actually get fired up. Now, to get the real culprit to jail. I got the impression that until Mommy Dearest informed her of a few things, Hwa Soon was not aware of how bad things got for Choon Hee's Mom.

So what did you think? Was the payoff in this episode worth going through all the agony we've suffered? Will Joon Hyun and Choon Hee be able to get through this shocker to find their love intact? Fill us in on your thoughts in the comments below.

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