Cut up trees, angry scrumptious boss, weird ballerina pose, posh maids, airport drama, unidentified child, struggling female lead who apparently smells like every flower on earth with five very adorable flower boy roommates (BROMANCE!). Is this really the first episode of Blade Man? Welcome to the Drama Club! Join MarlubsGD, Amy, and Caroline as they share first impressions of this odd, but comical KBS drama!

MarlubsGD: Hello, all! I am excited to be watching and talking about this drama with you! This will be my first Drama Club, and what better way to start than with something out of the ordinary? Blade Man is certainly that, but Lee Dong Wook makes pretty much anything worth it. I’m excited to see where this goes.

Amy: Hi, everyone! This is my first Drama Club and I’m so excited to watch and discuss Blade Man with everyone! Lee Dong Wook! Han Jung Soo! (I already have a thing for Secretary Go.) Shin Se Kyung? I really don’t know much about her but I’m excited about everyone else! Let’s do this!

Caroline: Hi guys! I can’t say how super excited I am for this drama. This is the third Drama Club I do this year, and I’m definitely looking forward to enjoying this show with you. LEE DONG WOOK ladies and gentlemen! Omomomo (^___^) And Shin Se Kyung (-___-) Sigh, I don’t know how to feel about her, but we shall see, right?!

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Amy: So I thought I had an idea of what the drama would be like from trailers and teasers but I was definitely wrong. I was expecting a serious drama with a jerk of a lead and little, if any, comedic relief. I was laughing from the beginning though. When Joo Hong Bin’s employee was walking up the stairs talking about her master’s fits it got me. She was like a mom venting about her kid throwing fits all the time. Seriously, though, what is with the outfit? A requirement from back in the day or does Joo Hong Bin just have a thing for his maids dressing like that?

Caroline: Very interesting. Joo Hong Bin is portrayed as the scary employer that everyone needs to tiptoe around. I laughed when Madam Yoon asked “What god have I angered” and all I could think of was “The Fashion God,” have you seen her clothes? I think she speaks formally to avoid the wrath of angry Hong Bin, and I believe it’s a way to show respect in general.

MarlubsGD: I know, the maid type outfit was a little 18th century. It looks like something that would be in some costume shop, the sexy/weird kind of costume shop. But then she’s got a very weird sort of job. It reminds me of how the servants have to deal with the Beast. Lot’s of formality and lots of simpering tact. That dress is better than being a candlestick. I was definitely surprised at the start. They made it look so serious and then it’s not serious… well at least I couldn’t take that as serious. Every interaction between Joo Hong Bin and his people was very stylistic and comedic. Also the super sniffer thing is just funny. Knowing the laundry detergents by smell, that’s a super power right there.

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MarlubsGD: These guys might already be my very favorite. I hope they are in it more than I think they will be. Every good romance needs 3+ young men to act as little bros or bodyguards to the main couple. I especially loved that the one kid got stuck under the sink. This has to be a comedy, or at least open to plenty of comedic things. Plus these boys are super cute. Not going to complain about five more cute boys randomly thrown into the mix.

Amy: I loved the nerdy boys too. They are way too adorable and I will be sad if we don’t get to see them very often. I agree that this show has to be a comedy. You can’t have a boy stuck under the sink with a loud landlord ready to kick everyone out and it be serious all the time. I’m predicting (hoping for) a lot of bromance in this show. Bromance always makes things better.

Caroline: This is just pure It’s Okay, That’s Love, Rooftop Prince, Flower Boy Next Door, Mary Stayed Out All Night nostalgia for me … I enjoyed watching this and similar scenes in every single one of them. It never gets old (^__^) hehe (Too much sexy in this frame)

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Caroline: Ahhh, the classic son/father face off. You can already tell that they’re not on good terms. At first I wondered who that man was, but it was pretty easy to figure out when he walked over to the window to get Hong Bin’s attention.

Amy: I had an idea this was the evil dad the first time they showed his face. Doesn’t every drama need an evil mom or dad? I laughed when Hong Bin lost it because he felt that his driver had been wronged. He really reminds me of a kid who does not know how to vent his anger properly.

MarlubsGD: He has evil dad written all over him. Get ready for some father/son drama and tragic past flashbacks. But that ninja jump over the car part. Wow, classy.

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Caroline: That was overly dramatic … I already feel like I can’t take Se Dong seriously. What was the point of all this crying when he was the one who sold them out to Hong Bin. And Then the screaming her guts out over something that didn’t happen?? Hmmmmm ..

MarlubsGD: Seriously, this girl is an emotional rollercoaster already, and it’s episode one. What’s going to happen when the mid series dramatic crap starts? Already overacting, (or is it just that her character is over-reacting?) this doesn’t look good for our female lead.

Amy: I totally get being upset that this guy sold the company and ran off but the deal is already done and stopping this guy from running away will not solve anything. She would have been better off going straight to Hong Bin and we wouldn’t have had to witness her over the top crying and screaming.

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MarlubsGD: This kid. This show has everything. A crazy girl, angry dude with tragic backstory, five hot boys, and then this kid. With the addition of the cute kid, who manages to look cute even when crying, this show is like complete.

Caroline: I can’t believe how fast this kid showed up in the storyline. They usually give us a nice two episode chance to accept the lead before they throw in the child he had no idea about.

Amy: I think that the cute kid will be a good addition to the story but I can not understand why he was allowed to go home with Se Dong. I’m looking forward to seeing more of him, though!

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Caroline: It’s so hard to predict how this drama is going to go. All my expectations for it flew out the window with this episode. I’m not even sure what genre to put this under, it seems like a little bit of everything. This was probably a very light skim over characters with no real plot set up. I guess we’ll have to wait for the next episode to see how this plays out.

Amy: I’m building up how I want this drama to go in my head and I’m really hoping that it goes that way. I feel like this show could go multiple ways right now which is making me want to watch more and that is a good thing! I’m ready to get to know the characters more and stare at the handsome Wong Bin as much as possible. He’s just so pretty even when he is angry. I need a lot of Secretary Go and cute nerdy boys too!

MarlubsGD: I felt like this first episode was nothing but character introduction too. Which is fine because I liked at least half of the characters they introduced (blackmailers and double crossers not included), so I’m more excited to watch this than I was before. Probably because it was so different than I previously anticipated (which was melo not comedy). I do anticipate lots of Hong Bin internal rage faces, and lots of him smelling the air. Good thing he still looks good doing both of those.

How did you feel about this episode? Do you think this drama is going to make your weekly must watch list? Will Madam Yoon tell Hong Bin about the mysterious phone call? Will Hong Bin give Se Dong and her male companions a job in his company? What’s the story with Tae Hee? Is Hong Bin the hero or the villain? Please comment below to share your thoughts with the Drama Club!

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