Another exciting episode of Blade Man! Drama Club members are buzzing in excitement to share yet another fun-filled episode with you! Join Amy, MarlubsGD, and Caroline as they phase out (very slightly) of the fan girling state for more serious, professional analysis! Let’s take a look at our highlights.


Caroline: I wish I could take this picture seriously enough to say something professional but I can’t. I just couldn’t stop laughing at this. Mr High and Mighty is actually on all fours to have a conversation (or awkwardly sniff) our main girl. *Woof*

MarlubsGD: I know! He’s actually super childlike… or maybe more like a puppy? He acts like he’s all that, but then he’s pretty much not afraid to do anything because he just doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks. Especially with the super sniffing thing, he really is like a puppy pretending to be a bad dog.

Amy: I mean, he has to get his fix right? It’s like he has to smell something good after he has one of his episodes. I can’t decide if he is like a kid or puppy either. I’m leaning towards a kid but leaving that decision up in the air as I learn more about him.

MarlubsGD: This was the moment that made me start liking Se Dong more. That look of “what the heck is up with this dude” and then shutting the window on his face. I do like that she has some spunk. As long as she doesn’t get over the top with it again, like at the airport.

Amy: Hee hee! “Pervert!” He definitely deserved that. Hong Bin had a predator like look on his face even though he was just trying to smell the girl. I started liking Se Dong more after this scene too. Her interaction with Chang was adorable too. I got a toothache it was so sweet.

Caroline: I don’t know if the look on his face was a “Pervert” look per se, it’s just awkward, like he’s just falling asleep while having a conversation with someone. It was just an awkward moment that needed a “Oki, I’m done dealing with you” exit (^__^) Lol.

Amy: Oh my. These boys are going to be trouble! I’m sure the beautiful graffiti they placed on Hong Bin’s fence was satisfying though. I’m looking forward to seeing more of them and the shenanigans they get themselves into although it may be troublesome for Se Dong.

MarlubsGD: I hope that we start seeing more into their personalities, so that they are not just a collective group going around causing trouble. Maybe becoming a little more important to the plot instead of just being a burden or motivation for Se Dong. As much as I love just seeing them, I want to get to know them too.

Caroline: I swear it’s a Rooftop Prince group! She’s such a mother bear it seems, they’re like her kids. I thought it was funny that they’re stuck in jail but all they want are snacks to pass the time, or maybe to satisfy their cravings, either way I guess Hong Bin will fit in nicely.


Caroline: He’s assessing his handy work. I think Secretary Ko is just hiding one too many secrets. It seems he doesn’t want to tell Hong Bin things, maybe to avoid him getting upset and causing trouble, or for another reason we have yet to discover?

MarlubsGD: Looks like there is some Jekyll and Hyde going on, with the whole he doesn’t seem to know about his ability, but is kind of aware of something since he keeps feeling the after effects. It makes me wonder who does know. Like who hired Secretary Ko to keep it from him?

Amy: This scene mostly had me curious about when he will find out what actually happens to him when he passes out and what his reaction will be. I agree that Secretary Ko is hiding too much. In my opinion if Hong Bin had an idea of what is actually going on he may try to change himself. It could go the opposite way too. He could just get angrier. Maybe we’ll find out later? I hope so!


MarlubsGD: Secretary Ko is a super human. He’s like the human punching bag. He is super cool and funny when it comes to what he will do to protect his boss. Although that does seem over the top, he just does it with such class. Also, maybe there is something going on with him and Madame Yoon?

Amy: I love the interactions between Secretary Ko and Hong Bin. Secretary Ko handles his boss so well and if he does get in trouble he just rolls with it. The smile after he rolled onto the landing? It was too much. I loved it. I was thinking Secretary Ko and Madame Yoon had some kind of understanding. She seems to at least have an idea of what is going on.

Caroline: I’m gonna have a fan girling moment and say that he’s simply adorable. I remember him from Prosecutor Princess, in the four years it’s been since that aired time has certainly done him well. This character is definitely a significant balance in Hong Bin’s life, I still wonder why he’s that willing to deal with all the tantrums, who is he really? I hope we get to find out his end of the story as well.


Amy: My heart broke for Hong Bin’s brother. He obviously looks up to Hong Bin, wants Hong Bin’s attention, and needs to get away from their father. I was happy when Hong Bin stood up for him and I’m hoping he’ll be able to escape from their father somehow whether that is through some kind of activity or a closer relationship with Hong Bin. I think that as Hong Bin grows up they’ll become closer and Hong Bin won’t deny him anymore.

MarlubsGD: This scene made me so angry. It was like doubly making sure that we hated the father and knew that he was a bad dude. But I was also a little sad when Hong Bin denied their relationship. Poor little bro. But it does make sense when you see all three of them being so angry. That whole family has a temper problem.

Caroline: The whole family is broken. Hong Bin was the first victim of his dad’s terrible ways, and Hong Joo is the current. It doesn’t justify denying your brother, no matter how angry you might be that he got into a fight. But I have noticed in previous Korean shows that when a person goes and does something bad they usually say something along the lines of “I don’t know them” as a way to show disappointment, or to prove that they’re not approving of this behavior. This is yet another relationship we’ll be watching throughout this drama.


MarlubsGD: Thank you, someone, for finally asking this question. I’m sick of the evil parents just dismissing their children’s dreams and value because it’s not what they decided that they should do. While I understand why the parents want their children to do things their way, that’s no excuse to belittle them like they do.

Amy: I agree. Hong Bin is successful in what he does even though it isn’t what his father wanted him to do. I would think that his father would be happy with Hong Bin’s success but this is drama land and the evil parents have to have their own way. I’m hoping Hong Bin’s father will have a change of heart.

Caroline: I doubt very much that he will. Remember Kim Tan’s father from Heirs? He was set in his way too. They’re just like chess pieces for them to control and play with, they never seem to understand that they’re people with emotions and lives that don’t need their interference. It’s such a sad shame that it’s like that.

Amy: Um. This scene cracked me up. What is even better is that Secretary Ko was ready with clothes and willing to help Hong Bin out. Oh Hong Bin. You are one odd man. I know Hong Bin is the shirtless one but I have a serious crush on Secretary Ko and this scene just helped that.

MarlubsGD: I know, Hong Bin has a prince complex, just waiting to be dressed. But it does make a great way to show of his skinny, hot body. I love Secretary Ko, the efficient super secretary.

Caroline: Hmm. He’s too skinny. He’s adorable sure, but too skinny. Secretary Ko on the other hand *Fans Self*

Amy: This scene was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. What exactly happened? Obviously something with Hong Bin’s dad but what? The classic stay away from my son here is a plane ticket and money? Did she let Hong Bin know what was going on when she left? Too many questions! I want to know now! Patience Amy. Patience.

MarlubsGD: The most profound love conversation ever. “Your eyes are so round.” “So are yours.” “I can see myself.” “Me too.” “I look in love.” “I’m in love too.” Super cheesy but adorable at the same time. But it does raise those questions. If they were so cute, what did happen? I like Tae Hee now… but will it stay that way when we learn more?

Caroline: I haven’t liked Tae Hee since Chang turned up. Why would she abandon her child like that? If she was so in love with Hong Bin then a child with him would’ve been like a gift right? Why would you let it go? Yet another question we have to add to the list for this drama.

Screenshot (1426).png

Amy: You know, I’m really happy that it appears Hong Bin wants to know if Chang is his son. He didn’t immediately go into denial about the situation he just took responsibility and went to find Chang. I’m just not so sure how Hong Bin will be able to handle Chang with his anger problems. Children aren’t the easiest creatures to get along with at times even though they are adorable and Chang seems very timid. Hong Bin has way too much growing up to do.

MarlubsGD: He’s kind of like a speeding train with a one track mind though. I wonder if he’s even considered the fact that the kid might be his. I think he just wants to know where Tae Hee is and the kid is his only clue. I hope I’m wrong and that he cares about the kid too, but I’m not too sure. I guarantee that he will make that kid cry a bunch, which will make Se Dong stand up to him more, which will make their relationship grow somehow.

Caroline: I’m pretty sure Chang is what’s going to tie their paths together. He seems to love Se Dong a lot (Enough to marry her, that was adorable), and Hong Bin wants to know what happened to Tae Hee so he’ll probably be after Chang. It’s certainly going to be an interesting partnership between our two leads to keep him happy.

Screenshot (1427).png

Amy: Baby Chang! I just want to scoop him up and give him a big hug. Poor baby. What has he gone through?

Caroline: He’s gone through a lot it seems, let’s hope this will be an end to his sufferings. I hope he doesn’t need to be thrown around again, because it seems like that’s what’s been happening to him for quite some time.

MarlubsGD: Seriously. He’s apparently been through a lot, hopefully only after his mother disappeared, but his little crying and singing just makes me want to hug him too! Give that kid some love and stability!

Who is Secretary Ko? What’s his relationship with Madam Yoon? Where is Tae Hee? Will Hong Joo forgive Hong Bin? When will Hong Bin find out about his blades? What will happen to Chang? Will he stay with Se Dong, or go with Hong Bin? Share your thoughts with the Drama Club in the comment section below!

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