Promises, breakups, regrets, kisses, half-naked men *phew* and a brilliant 3-way narrative. This was just the beginning of our journey to a Discovery of Romance. If you are a fan of the “I Need Romance” series, this is another offering of screenwriter Jung Hyun Jung’s more realistic take on romantic comedies. What this means for us dear kdrama fans, is that we get characters who are not just innocent imbeciles. They will take an active role in their love lives and we all get front row seats. Join Shai, Cici and I as we discuss what we thought of this first episode.

Wendilynn: So ladies, what did you think of the beginning of this episode?

Cici: The three-way narrative coupled with flashbacks was a great way to give us the backstory we needed. I’ve got to admit I fell in love with the two male leads long before I liked the female lead, though. She starts off seeming too whiny for my taste.

Shai: I really do like the interview type of narrative we are getting in this drama. It gives us a look into all of our characters’ heads to see exactly how they’re thinking without guessing. We haven’t gotten too deep into everyone’s backstory, but I do enjoy the kind of flashbacks we get for Tae Ha and Yeo Reum’s relationship. It helps take out the guess work.

Wendilynn: They set the stage well for our characters, I thought. I was laughing as they got so nervous trying to have their first night at the hotel and then the contrast to the end of their relationship. Then you get how she moved on but he didn’t.

Cici: I did have to laugh at how clueless Tae Ha was about the breakup. But I still felt kind of sorry for him.

Shai: Yeah I can see why he hasn’t moved on as easily, he literally has no idea what happened and that’s because she never told him what was wrong with her then blew up at the end. He wasn’t perfect by any means, but she bottled it up and expected him to know how she felt. In a way she hasn’t moved on either since he bothers her so much.

Cici: Characters who expect their partners to be mind-readers drive me CRAZY! Scarlett O’Hara, I’m looking at you...and now our female lead is following in her footsteps.

Wendilynn: She did at least pick a great catch to try a second time with. Sung Joon is wonderful as our plastic surgeon. He found himself in a pickle quickly though. Buying his girlfriend a ring, placating Mom with a blind date behind said girlfriend’s back.

Shai: Yeah Ha Jin was majorly at fault for not telling Yeo Reum what was going on. I’m sure it would have been better had he explained to her, but if it wasn’t for him being all secretive (and Joon Ho finding a loophole lol) then our exes would have never met up again. I call it: Fate. Well at least dramas do hehe

Cici: Ha Jin is just so nice, even when he makes mistakes, he does it out of concern for Yeo Reum’s feelings. This gives me a bad feeling. Only second male leads are this nice, lol. Although after his turn in I Need Romance 3, I still have hope.

Wendilynn: That hotel scene was brilliant, however. When you run into exes, you want to be in your most glorious shining moment, not in your worst. THEN, the whole conversation between the three of them about “did you love me” and the confession from Tae Ha about missing her. My jaw dropped to the ground. That scene just did not go the way I thought it would or was expecting.

Shai: Honestly I didn’t expect anything like that in the hotel scene. I had an entire different scenario in my head, but Tae Ha’s confession just made me pause it and stare at the screen. The way it was written to be for current boyfriend, but could also be interpreted for ex-boyfriend was genius. I also have to say that Ha Jin is a little too passive which is how Yeo Reum is able to generally get her way with him. I hope he becomes a tad more aggressive with time.

Cici: The whole too-good-to-be-true personality actually is a little irritating. The more I see Tae Ha, and watch how he interacts with Yeo Reum, the more I like him. That confession totally blew me away. I can understand how she stayed with him for five years.

Wendilynn: Agreed. I really did like Tae Ha right away. I have a funny feeling we will have a seriously hard time with liking both male leads and having a hard time choosing which team we’re rooting for. Ha Jin’s mom certainly isn’t too happy with Yeo Reum right now. I found her line about rushing toward marriage rather funny. Usually the Mom wants them to slow down a little, but she’s saying hurry up. lol

Cici: Yep, just one more Kdrama stereotype bites the dust. Well, halfway, anyway. Mom is still going to be a pain, but for a different reason than usual. By the way, did anyone else find it strange that Yeo Reum’s aversion to marriage was solely based on her financial status? Is that a big deal in Korean culture?

Shai: It’s not so strange because the bride’s family would need to buy her groom’s family wedding gifts and there’s other things that Yeo Reum would need to get and with her being of a lower financial status it could be embarrassing for her. I’m pretty sure his mother knows she doesn’t have any money, she can’t be that clueless about everything. Ha Jin’s mother probably thinks that Yeo Reum is simply using her son and isn’t all that interested in him. I don’t find his mother particularly mean, she just wants her son to be married and it looks as if Yeo Reum is dragging her feet and isn’t serious.

Cici: I can understand the mom’s point of view, but I sort of suspect that Yeo Reum’s reluctance to marry Ha Jin may be due to some lingering feelings for Tae Ha. The scene in the hotel made me think there were still plenty of feelings on both their parts.

Shai: I see what you mean, Cici. I think Yeo Reum blocked out Tae Ha from her memory or only retained the negative, but the sight of him opened those locked up feelings. She still loves him and that may be a reason for her not wanting to marry Ha Jin. When she saw Tae Ha come out of the hotel, she pushed Ha Jin away and wanted to hurry up and leave.

Cici: And later, when she got drunk, her inhibitions flew out the window. I bet her reactions when he took her home were the most honest ones she’d had in a long time...even if she doesn’t want to admit it.

Wendilynn: I don’t know if I agree that she hasn’t married Ha Jin due to lingering feelings over Tae Ha, but one thing was clear, she and Tae Ha have not had any type of closing to their relationship. She basically ran away feeling lonely and maybe abandoned by him, so when he appeared in front of her again, she sort of let him have it. Why she kept insisting he take the bunny and then following him home to make sure he kept the bunny still boggles my mind though.

Shai: Yeo Reum broke up with Tae Ha because her feelings of loneliness because too much for her to bear. Then it was very obvious Tae Ha never wanted to break up, but she was insistent on dumping him that he never actually got closure for that. He even said that he’s never liked anyone the way he liked her. Hmm That bunny thing is odd to me. You think it’s going to have some sort of significance later on?

Cici: Bunny love! At least it’s a great excuse for her to keep in touch with Tae Ha. He really didn’t want that thing--he’s not the type to like soft cuddly little animals (which might have germs!). But maybe taking care of the bunny will soften him up enough to make him more responsive and caring. That’s what Yeo Reum was missing.

Shai: I just thought about it. lol Maybe the bunny is sort of a test for Tae Ha. What if Yeo Reum is subconsciously testing him to see if he’s going to abandon the rabbit then that’ll “confirm” her thoughts on him being a jerk and not caring. She could have taken the thing to a shelter or something, but she failed to do so and made sure to let Tae Ha know that he better not abandon it.

Wendilynn: That’s a decent possibility. That bunny did lead to a very cozy scene where they were forced into remembering shared intimacy. I honestly can’t say if she actually slept with him or not. I’m personally thinking that Tae Ha did not have sex with her.

Cici: I don’t think so either. It just doesn’t seem his style to take advantage of her when she’s totally wasted. Not that he wasn’t tempted, but I think maybe a combination of his pride and consideration for her would hold him back. He sure makes it seem like he really does still love her.

Wendilynn: Agreed. That he missed her and still cares for what they had together was evident by him keeping their “journey of life” collage. Her pictures may or may not be on that wall, but he still kept the thought they created with it. However, having him slowly open his eyes after her frantic phone call with Ha Jim was just too sexy for words. My single heart really wished I was a few years younger than Eric Moon instead of a few years older. lol

Shai: I also agree that Tae Ha still loves Yeo Reum, it’s written all over his face. Oh poor puppy. oh! That ending scene was hot, I’m gonna use that as my screen saver lol Sawwry.

Wendilynn: Bwhahahahahahahaha!!! *ehem*

So how was the first episode for you? Were you as overwhelmed as we were by the excellent writing and the density of story we were given just in the first 30 minutes, much less the whole episode? Yeo Reum is in a lot of trouble and her attempt at lying about where she spent the night fell horribly flat. What will Ha Jin do and does he or can he guess where she was? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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