Lies, confusion, accusations, fights, make-ups, confessions, denials, and one of the most hilarious split-screen battles in kdrama history await us in the second episode of Discovery of Romance. As the three-way narrative continues, we get a more in-depth understanding of exactly why our leading characters behave the way they do. So pull yourself away from that ending gif from episode one, and join Shai, Wendilynn, and myself as we discuss this amazing new episode of the drama that’s sure to become one of your favorites.

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Wendilynn: So am I a bad girl if I admit I sat and watched the Eric Moon bed Gif a lot of times?

Cici: Bad is such a relative term. But if that’s bad, I don’t wanna be good. Normally I get annoyed when a new episode of a drama repeats a lot of the past episode, but I’m willing to make an exception this time.

Shai: *stares at Eric* Oh, sorry. Yeah I stared at that gif a little too long lol That is going to be a memorable scene.

Wendilynn: ROFL! It was a very good scene. There really aren’t a lot of bad scenes so far in this drama. The level of writing we’re getting and the storytelling style are really excellent.

Cici: It usually takes me several episodes to decide if I want to watch a drama or not. This one sucked me right in. And the narrative style really does eliminate a lot of the guess work when it comes to the characters’ motivations. I already feel so involved with all of the characters, even the “minor” ones.

Wendilynn: Agreed. I also feel connected to the characters. I don’t really like Yeo Reum much because I think she is a selfish, conniving little brat, but I still understand her. And I’m with both guys, their stories and where they are emotionally is easy to connect with.

Cici: I’m with you about Yeo Reum, but I’m willing to cut her some slack because I think she’s going to grow and develop into a really good person. I hope. Cause otherwise...I may have to hurt her. See how protective of both male leads I’ve become already? Shocking.

Shai: I'm not a huge Yeo Reum fan either, but she's not bad. She's realistic, you can relate to her in a way and that's what I do enjoy about this drama.

Wendilynn: That’s what good stories are about, it's all in the character growth. And this is shaping up to be one of the good ones, but I will be cautiously optimistic because I’ve seen so many good starts just die in a sea of cliches. However, how they give us back story for the characters is still awesome. We got to see the complete fight at the train station this time. From her perspective. What do you bet we get his version later?

Shai: I do bet we will get it all from his perspective later, I did notice most of their flashbacks have been from her side especially that train fight. He sees it one way (what we have yet to see, but heard his view) and she sees it another. I like how the train is sort of a metaphor that really has a meaning for their relationship whether it's positive or negative.

Cici: I loved how they started with the way they met. I was amazed at how bright and courageous Yeo Reum was. She actually told Tae Ha that she had fallen in love with him at first sight. Who does that?! Fast forward five years--when Yeo Reum explained how she feels lonely even when she is with him, I finally got where she was coming from. That scene where they had just been on the train for a short time, and he had already moved away from her and was sitting there reading with headphones on--totally ignoring her--it kind of made me realize how sad things had gotten between them.

Wendilynn: Guys can be that way when they are feeling overwhelmed and he mentioned sleeping only three hours a day. It sounded like both were at the end of their ropes and not turning to each other for the comfort they needed.

I want to talk about Ah Rim and Ha Jin. We learned last time that Ha Jin was looking for a girl with a scar. Ah Rim turns out to be the girl with the right scar. We know from notes about this series that she is a childhood friend. So, I’m thinking he may be responsible for that scar and now he wants to fix it? Maybe that’s what drove him to become a plastic surgeon in the first place?

Cici: That makes sense. She is the cute, feisty, poor girl who is working hard to support herself at a less-than-wonderful job...where have I seen this before? Oh, right, just about every kdrama rom-com ever, lol. But she is cute, and I think I like her already.

Shai: That theory does make sense and could very well be his motive for finding her, but five bucks says she's been in love with him this whole time so I'm not sure how I feel about her just yet.

Wendilynn: I first saw the actress, Yoon Jin Yi who's playing Ah Rim in Gentleman’s Dignity so I’m already her fan. Incidentally, she was the bad, book-stealing girlfriend in It’s Okay, That’s Love.

Cici: That’s where I’ve seen her! Isn’t it funny how an actor’s previous roles flavor the way we see them in a new drama? I really hated Jung Yoo Mi as the evil step-sister in Rooftop Prince, so maybe that’s why I’m having such a tough time warming up to her here. On the other hand, I absolutely adored Kim Seul Gi in Flower Boy Next Door, so it’s no wonder I find her hilarious here.

Wendilynn: I don’t think she was in Rooftop Prince. I know she and Eric were both in Que Sera Sera together. I think we are talking about two different women. Because when I look them up, they have different birthdays. Our Jung Yoo Mi isn’t listed as being on Rooftop Prince and the Rooftop Prince Jung Yoo Mi is not listed as being on Discovery of Romance. One was born in 83 the other in 84.

Shai: Yeah this is another Jung Yu Mi. The Yoo Mi you are thinking of had a lot of people hating her from her Rooftop Prince days lol. She was also "married" to Jung Joon Young on We Got Married. I was surprised to see Kim Seul Gi here since she's also in Surplus Princess right now, but I do love her.

Cici: Yay! Okay, now I can like Yeo Reum, lol. That’s almost as confusing as having two Lee Min Ho’s. I was having a hard time figuring out how she could look so different in the two roles, but you know make-up. Speaking of make-up, wasn’t the make-up scene between Yeo Reum and Ha Jin perfect? She was trying to be so cute, but he wasn’t letting her get away with it completely.

Wendilynn: Yes, her way of trying to get out of being in trouble was both cute and irritating. She doesn’t really like to take responsibility for what she does, does she? She even tried to push her decision to break up off on Tae Ha as being what he really wanted, when we know he wanted nothing of the sort.

Shai: Yeah, Yeo Reum doesn't exactly like to take responsibility for her actions. Her insisting on breaking up with Tae Ha even when he questioned her decision was key that she wanted to place all blame on their crumbling relationship on him when it was both that contributed to it. He wanted to stay together, but she pushed and pushed until she got what she wanted. I think that's where most of her hatred comes from.

Cici: That scene was so tender. Once again we have a character who can only show his real feelings when there's no danger of getting caught. This drama is all about miscommunication, and the perils of making assumptions. Why, oh why, don’t people just ASK when they want to know how someone feels? Oh, because then we wouldn’t have a drama, right? But it did lead to one of the BEST split-screen battles ever.

Wendilynn: YES! That was so funny. I laughed so long that I had to pause the player. There they are, talking about how they miscommunicated intentions to each other and then she gets flippant, he gets flippant back and she walks around both of their couches to slap him upside the head. He looks back like, Where’d she come from? It so comes out of left field.

Shai: I laughed a little too loud at this part lol

Cici: It’s scenes like that that make me really love this drama. I’m still laughing over that one. "Hooray!"

Wendilynn: The interviews they do are fun. The cab driver finding his daughter coming out of a hotel after just blasting parents for not knowing where their kids are. Even Sol was giving an interview.

Cici: I was more than a little surprised at Sol’s interview. You don’t usually hear the difference between dating and “just friends” summed up quite so bluntly in a kdrama. I’m still trying to figure out if it was refreshingly honest or disappointing.

Wendilynn: While realistic, it was disappointing to me because sex, when started too early in a dating relationship, usually is the death knell of said relationship. Our casual sex culture is destroying people and I like Kdramas because they do wait. They can build up actually knowing each other first because they are not lost to the confusion of sexual emotions and bonding. As much as we joke about how fantasy like Kdramas are, in this one area, they are actually much much healthier examples of dating relationships.

Shai: I like how honest the writer is being about this subject, but it makes you think differently about dating. I certainly don't think having sex is criteria for a relationship because everything Sol and that guy did together did seem like a relationship. It really shows you it's all a matter of perspective and communication because obviously the guy didn't see them as a couple while Sol did.


Cici: I find it interesting that the reason that Yeo Reum broke up with Tae Ha was that she felt he didn’t pay attention to her as a person, and just wanted to have sex with her. Even the,">Romance series, known for being more “realistic”, recognizes the peril of basing a relationship solely on sex.

Wendilynn: Yup, she was feeling used and neglected. That is often what really happens in dating relationships where sex is the reason for getting together. In our couple’s case, I don’t see that as being the reason they were together, but as they both got tired and overwhelmed in their lives, it certainly ended up that way.

Shai: I can relate to her in this way, as a relationship goes on and both become busy with their lives it seems that's what you do when you finally get alone time together. However, that's when she should have talked to him and told him her feelings. We can't expect men to know what we're thinking especially when they have their own job and life that are separate from us. Men (or anyone in general) aren't mind readers and won't know unless we spell it out.

Cici: So what do you think about Tae Ha deciding to use Yeo Reum’s studio for a major project? He obviously wants to use it as an opportunity to get back together with her. And even though she says she won’t do it, her expression in that ending scene makes me wonder.

Wendilynn: They NEED the money. Badly. They spent the last two episodes talking about how much debt they are in. I think she will be forced to take it for economic reasons even though she wants to leave Tae Ha far away from her.

Shai: I agree. While she doesn't want him anywhere near her, they need the money and this is a good project for them that'll bring in more potential clients if they do a good job.

Cici: I just want to see if she can resist his pure animal magnetism. My heart did a little flipflop when he asked if she would come to him, and promised that if she did, he wouldn’t make her cry.

Wendilynn: Yes, so did mine. When he pulled her chair in close, my stomach gave a bit of a flop as that little bit of lust hit me. Animal magnetism is right. He’s dripping with it. Her reaction also sells it.

Shai: I gasped a little when he asked her that and pulled her closer, pretty much the same time as Yeo Reum did lol

Cici: And that is why we’ll be back again next week, lol. AND I can’t wait to see if Sung Joon steps up his game! We have quite a lot to look forward to!

Make sure to join us again next week as the intensity increases and sparks fly! And make sure to share your reactions to this drama in the comment section below.

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