Stalker like behavior. Confessions of being a virgin. Plus more flashbacks than I’ve seen in an entire 16 episode series. Episode 3 of Discovery of Romance gives us more insight to our characters’ pasts, but also raises more questions.

Shai: So much to talk about, but what caught my attention was that [long] flashback of Tae Ha and Yeo Reum’s first meeting. I’m really seeing her in a whole new way. What about you guys?

Cici: Well, we’re only seeing things from Tae Ha’s perspective, so that paints Yeo Reum in a pretty favorable light. Like he says, he only remembers the good things.

Wendy: What it shows is how pushy she really is, though that may be a cultural thing as well. I liked watching him not give her the money because he didn’t want her to leave him. That he wanted more time with her made me smile.

S: It kinda made me see her in a not so favorable light. Like I literally tweeted that she was a stalker lol

C: She was so focused on getting her immediate needs met, she didn’t have a clue that he was putting off giving her the money so that he could spend more time with her. I was pretty confused--she tells him that she’s fallen in love with him at first sight, but then she immediately assumes that he’s a jerk when he doesn’t give her what she wants right away.

W: Their communication issues really are highlighted from the beginning.

S: Watching that entire scene showed that she always saw the worst when it was fairly obvious what his intentions were. Like Cici said, she called him a jerk when he failed to give her the money even when he pretty much made it known he wanted to spend more time with her. This really confirms my thinking that Yeo Reum acts on impulse and doesn’t actually think too far ahead. I mean, following a complete stranger to an island because you “fell for him at first sight” was just the start.

W: How selfishly naive are they making her? I guess they call that “innocent” in kdramaland.

C: I’m torn between thinking she’s naive and thinking that she’s very cunning. The whole “hold my hand, I’m too scared to sleep,” routine made me cringe. Really? You can follow a complete stranger to an island where you know absolutely no one, arrange to spend the night with him in the same room, and then think it’s Ok to move right next to him and have him hold your hand all night? Just how was he supposed to react to that?

W: LOL! Yeah, that was pushing credibility a bit much. I find it interesting that everything they show of their relationship shows just how awesome Tae Ha really is. Sure, he’s not perfect, but he’s not a bad guy either.

C: I like him so much, but I have to keep reminding myself that I’m only getting to see him through his own favorable memories. It should be interesting if we ever get to see the same scenes through Yeo Reum’s eyes.

S: I think some of the flashbacks we got were from Yeo Reum’s side, at least the breakup scene was her telling it so I think that was meant to show us how she saw him, although I failed to see it. But remember, she only remembers the negative stuff while he only knows the good so if we get any fights in a flashback, it’ll be from her.

W: I like how he pricks her pride after we’re done with the flashback. Goading her into working with him just to prove she’s not still hung up on him.

C: He does seem to know just how to push her buttons. Not too surprising, given the length of their relationship. I can’t help but feel that it puts Ha Jin at a distinct disadvantage. She definitely knows how to control him, whereas Tae Ha knows just how to control her. Makes for an interesting triangle, lol. NP

W: Ha Jin does seem to let her walk over him more often then not. I can’t help but feel like she treats him like a child in a way. Their relationship is very uneven, how can he want to marry her when he doesn’t get his share of being in charge.

S: Ha Jin is way too passive and that may be due to what happened in his childhood (Theoretically). He lets Yeo Reum walk all over him and I feel like Joon Ho is the only one who sees it, it definitely is an uneven relationship and he’ll get frustrated as time goes on. I think him seeing how Tae Ha is with her will sort of “awaken” him to see he doesn’t actually know her. Then you have to factor in Ah Rim popping up, he still hasn’t told Yeo Reum about him trying to find her.

C: yeah, one of the morals to this drama is definitely “don’t keep important things secret.” She isn’t willing to let Ha Jin know about her past with Tae Ha, and Ha Jin won’t let her know how important Ah Rim is to him. Just because they are so insecure and afraid of hurting or losing the other.

W: That flashback between Ha Jin and Ah Rim was enlightening. I’ve felt all through this episode that Ha Jin deserves better and after his “dream”, I’m all for him falling for Ah Rim, although I can’t tell if that relationship is a brother/sister thing or did they just team up because they were both alone at the orphanage?

C: So why was Ha Jin at the orphanage in the first place? Is his mom not his biological mother? I guess we don’t have enough of that back story to figure it out yet. But I suspect his protective attitude towards Ah Rim goes beyond the brotherly role, or he wouldn’t be having such a tough time telling Yeo Reum about it.

S: We know he feels about what happened, I think it’s more of a guilty conscience things on his end and maybe Ah Rim will be the one who falls for him first. I’m not sure about this pairing, but I am all for them reconnecting because it was such a traumatic time for both. I had figured before that Ha Jin was an orphan and Ah Rim was there with him, my theory was correct *pats self on the back* hehehe

W: Yes you were, my pet theory about why he chose to be a plastic surgeon proved right too. hehe. You mentioned mom’s earlier and I want to give a moment to the piece of work that is Yeo Reum’s mother. That accounting she pulled when they were paying their rent. Really? Are you kidding me? And then when told about the proposal, she was indifferent about the whole thing. In the island flashback we learned that Yeo Reum was often kicked out of the house and had to make way on her own. What type of woman is this?

C: Must be the counterpart to the evil mother-in-law. She is always so sour-looking, and her treatment of her own daughter is so harsh. She’s way worse than Ha Jin’s mom. And what exactly is her relationship with the stinky-feet guy who comes over to sleep on the couch? I am curious about what has made her such a miserable character. And her motherly advice? Use birth control, don’t get pregnant.

S: I don’t like Yeo Reum’s mother, but she did have a point when it came to that proposal (That birth control thing was kinda funny to me, at least she was honest about knowing Yeo Reum was sleeping with him). She told Yeo Reum to throw out her pride especially since Ha Jin really has not mentioned anything about money. He knows she’s broke, his mother knows she’s broke so what’s the hold up? Her pride can cost her a great relationship or something. Yeo Reum’s mother did say that she’s known that guy for 20 years, I think he’s a producer or director (she mentioned she sent her script to him). I don’t find Ha Jin’s mother bad, I think now knowing she adopted him could be a reason why she’s adamant he gets married, I think she wants him to truly be happy.

W: I agree that Ha Jin’s mom is good people. Especially if she adopted him. I agree with the one point you made about Yeo Reum’s pride. Its going to cost her a lot down the road. I see her losing both guys at some point. Especially if she stays so tight lipped about the wrong things.

C: I’m reserving judgement on Ha Jin’s mom, probably because the adoptive parent in Triangle was such a horrible person, now I’m suspicious of all their motives, lol. But I can see where her reactions are the mark of someone who genuinely cares for her son. I hope.

S: Now another part I wanted to discuss: Sol’s mental breakdown after her breakup. I am so loving Kim Seul Gi right now and she really did stand out this episode.

W: She’s a hoot of a character. and Kim Seul Gi is doing a great job with her. She’s both pathetic and tough. I can see why Joon Ho is smitten with her. Her whining about being a virgin is sort of funny.

C: So when is he going to realize it? They are SO cute together. I really hope they don’t just end up in the friend zone. But I don’t think that will happen. It’ll be fun seeing who makes the first move to bump the relationship up a notch.

S: I find Sol very relatable and I think a lot of young women can see themselves in her. Her whining about wanting praise for her innocence was hilarious, but totally realistic. In an era where many of our friends/peers are having casual sex then being that one person who hasn’t done anything can make you feel like you’re the only one or someone who doesn’t fit in. I can totally see where she’s coming from, but it’s nice seeing KSG putting her own hilarious spin on this.

W: Considering how jaded people become because of their casual sex affairs, its not such a bad thing to wait. Even if it does make you feel like the odd man out.

C: I just appreciate that the writers present both types of choices, and make it clear that either way, it has been a conscious choice. So often we get shows that are all one-sided, so it’s no wonder that real-life people think there’s something wrong with them if their choice doesn’t conform to what they perceive to be the norm.

W: Agreed. The writing in this show is really excellent and is doing a good job of telling this story and letting all the characters be honest to who they are.

S: This is why I am enjoying this drama and the writing. The side characters’ stories are just as interesting as the main plot and you don’t feel like it was just added there for the heck of it. I think Sol’s string of bad relationships is what’s preparing her for that moment she sees what Joon Ho has been to her. I think it’s cute and I do appreciate how the writer is showing that waiting isn’t a bad thing, it can weed out the jerks.

C: I think it’s interesting how each character has regrets, and it’s fascinating watching how they deal with them. Tae Ha in particular regrets losing Yeo Reum--he just can’t get over her. Ha Jin regrets the incident where Ah Rim was injured and taken away from the orphanage. Yeo Reum regrets being so poor that her pride won’t let her accept Ha Jin’s marriage proposal.

W: Its an interesting series of regrets. And they are all going to run into each other like a train wreck.

Well that is bound to be an interesting train wreck and I will watch every minute of it especially now that current boyfriend is aware of ex boyfriend’s presence. Dun Dun Duuuunnnn!

What are your thoughts on episode 3?

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