Testosterone was on display as our male leads flexed their muscles and sized each other up for episode 4 of Discovery of Romance. Yeo Reum proved that she needs to retake relationship communications 101 and Sol and Joon Ho get a little bit closer. Come join Shai, Cici and I as we hash out what all the different signals mean and who is getting them right and who is messing them up.

Cici: That opening scene, when Yeo Reum realized that both Ha Jin and Tae Ha were not only standing right next to each other, but had recognized each other from the hotel, was just painful. I almost felt sorry for her.

Shai: Almost being the operative word here. She’s working so hard to make sure Ha Jin doesn’t find out she dated Tae Ha that she’s making it worse. Yes, Ha Jin would be upset knowing she’s working so close with her ex, but it would make her feel so much better.

Cici: Honesty really is the best policy. But sometimes the window of opportunity closes quickly, and after that, everything gets increasingly awkward and stressful. Of course, the truth always gets found out sooner or later.

Wendilynn: Why don’t these people ever just say, “I’m out with a client”? So much would not get blown up if you’d just say those 5 little words. Ha Jin was not expecting anyone else there but Sol and Yeo Reum. To see the “hotel guy” whose house she slept over at, not a good surprise there.

Cici: To be honest, Tae Ha is NOT helping things here. The way he looks at Yeo Reum...you’d have to be an idiot not to notice.

Shai: Yeah Tae Ha isn’t helping her situation, but is that really his responsibility? He’s her ex, everyone but Ha Jin knows this fact. Yeo Reum isn’t helping herself by constantly getting flustered and even burst out that Tae Ha has ‘always been arrogant’, she’s allowing herself to become affected by him and that’s when she makes mistakes. Besides, even if they both speak formally to each other, body language speaks volumes.

Wendilynn: And the body language is screaming volumes. After the pool game, he’s asking her to explain the situation and she just keeps her freaking mouth shut. What else is he going think? He even asks her to not let him misunderstand.

Cici: So is Yeo Reum just stupid, or does she have some other agenda? Is she trying to use Tae Ha’s attention to make Ha Jin jealous or control him in some other way? Cause I can’t figure out her motivation AT ALL.

Wendilynn: In episode 3, we had that scene where they were on the field after his nightmare and she talks about how she has this secret of her ex that she feels she can’t tell and so she should be “understanding” of the nightmare secret that Ha Jin has. I’m thinking she thinks all this is part of that secret. (Thanks Joon Ha for the stupid advice of not telling boyfriends about exes)

Cici: I actually think Joon Ha was right on about how guys feel about a girl’s exes. They don’t want to know. Of course, they don’t want to keep running into them, either. They want the past to stay in the past, and not interfere with their present.

Shai: Of course, Joon Ho did have a point in how he described how guys reacted when it came to their girlfriend’s exes however, I don’t think anyone counted on them constantly seeing each other. In all honesty, Ha Jin isn’t stupid and knows something else is up, but can’t exactly prove it since Joon Ho won’t spill it. I could feel how hurt he was when he saw them eating noodle together. As I said, body language speaks volumes and even though Yeo Reum told him where she was, he still felt that there was something she didn’t tell him. They’re way too comfortable with each other.

Wendilynn: I’m just glad she was honest about that cold noodles lunch with Tae Ha. I was half afraid she would lie. I don’t disagree with Joon Ho’s advice, I disagree with how he’s made them think they shouldn’t say ANYTHING. I felt that Joon Ha deserved it a little bit when Ha Jin tried to beat the information out of him. lol

Cici: So Joon Ho isn’t helping, but how about Sol?

Shai: Sol isn’t helping either, she’s very clueless and naive so it’s forgiven. Both of them are helping Yeo Reum in keeping this ticking time bomb of a secret. Ha Jin will hate them all once he finds out.

Wendilynn: With good reason. I thought the imagination sequence was pretty funny of how Ha Jin would react once he found out. Those girls have no clue. lol

Shai: Was I the only one screaming at Ha Jin to hurry up and tell Ah Rim who he was? I know he’s being careful, but goodness she even said she won’t get her scar healed in hopes that he remembers her by it.

Wendilynn: YES! I did. You can see how warm his eyes get when he looks at her. I thought it was sweet that he was willing to fix all those people instead of her scar. What I don’t know is if its just because he feels he owes her or if he still loves her as his little “sister” from the orphanage.

Shai: Now I can see why her character description says she’s in love with Ha Jin, she’s falling for him without knowing who he is yet. Once she discovers he’s her Jin Soo oppa, she’s really going to become attached. I’m sure right now, he’s feeling like he owes her something, but we have yet to see what happened the day she was adopted or maybe he was adopted instead of her.

Wendilynn: Their history is going to come into play here soon if the previews for next week are even close.

Cici: So why doesn’t he just tell her that he became a doctor like he promised, and he wants to fix her arm? Why go to all the trouble of agreeing to fix everyone else as well? He’s GOT to have some feelings for her besides just guilt.

Wendilynn: You want rational behavior from your Kdrama? Come on, how can we have the guilt fight if our characters are all like mature 'n stuff? *wink*

Cici: Oops, good point. My bad. I am also wondering why Tae Ha drove Yeo Reum away from Ha Jin and Ah Rim so she wouldn’t see them hugging. That was pretty cool of him, but I was surprised that he didn’t just let her see it and allow that to fuel a break-up. Maybe he really does care more about her than about himself.

Shai: Maybe he didn’t want her to break up with Ha Jin in that way, that would be very negative and would really hurt Yeo Reum. I do believe he does care about her more than what we realize, honestly he didn’t have to drive away like that nor did he have to come back to pick her up. He may want her back, but he’s not that heartless.

Wendilynn: No, he’s not heartless and he cares about her feelings even if he hasn’t really decided if he wants her back for sure or not. Speaking of heartless, a couple of our side stories got some development this week. We saw the director, upset at his thrown away shoes at a ghost spouse recovery group?

Shai: Okay, that ghost recovery group was weird and very confusing to me. What really caught my attention was that Yeo Reum’s mother admitted to having an affair with said director 10 years ago.

Wendilynn: Yes, that was interesting wasn’t it? A whole wealth of information is hiding there. This also wasn’t Joon Ha’s week in kdrama land. Everyone kept beating him up. Ha Jin and the drunk customer who thought he was just schmoozing Sol. lol

Shai: I felt so bad for Joon Ho in episode 4, he was getting beat up left and right. Did anyone notice what Sol told him after he laid her down? Yes, she was drunk, but she said he was the only one. Too bad she won’t remember any of that.

Wendilynn: I loved the look on his face when she said that. He was clearly touched and his defenses broke just a little right there. He’s known Sol since they were very little and I wonder how long its been since he started seeing her as not just a “little sister”. He’s deliberately kept close to Sol. Yeo Reum made a comment that Joon Ho followed Sol when she moved into the bungalow. That was how they all became roommates.

Cici: I was so confused at the beginning of the drama--I thought he really was her brother when they were on the train together. He keeps referring to himself as her brother, and I realize that’s just a metaphor, but he really does have deeper feelings for her. I can’t wait to see them as a real couple! They’re kind of my favorite characters right now.

Shai: I also thought he was her brother until I read his character’s last name and realized he’s just been very close with her since they were kids. I also think he’s in love with her and the only way he could be close with her is by still playing the “brother” role and looking out for her. Awww he’s so sweet.

Wendilynn: Yes, Joon Ha is a sweet character. A little more spine is needed by him, but considering the two dominating women he lives with, I don’t blame him.

Cici: The contrast between Joon Ho and Tae Ha is so great--Joon Ho won’t act on his feelings, and Tae Ha is so impulsive, he jumps to the wrong conclusion at the drop of a hat. Accusing Ha Jin of two-timing Yeo Reum just because he saw a girl hugging him was a bit of a leap. But it sure made for an entertaining fight scene!

Shai: I can’t blame Tae Ha for jumping to that conclusion, I’m sure Yeo Reum would have thought the exact same thing. I would have looked at it in that way. But that fight scene was very entertaining, we finally see Ha Jin being more aggressive.

Cici: I may have squealed when he leapt up and kicked Tae Ha in the chest. I really didn’t see that move coming. Beware the wrath of a quiet man.

Wendilynn: Again, with people not making a simple declarative sentence that would end all the confusion. As much as I loved Ha Jin’s kick to the chest, Did you see that fluid leap over him that Tae Ha did to punch him back? holy cow.

Cici: I always figured Tae Ha for a fighter, and I’m happy to say he did NOT disappoint. What a way to end an episode!

Shai: Yes! What a total cliffhanger! I am thinking Tae Ha provoked him on purpose to see what his reaction would be, possibly to see how strong Ha Jin’s feelings for Yeo Reum are. I can’t wait to see Tae Ha and Yeo Reum sneaking around next week, she really is sabotaging her relationship.

The fists are flying and cue the ice packs. Accusations have been given and now we will have to see if our characters will grow up a little or continue to miscommunicate with each other as they guard secrets that really shouldn't be guarded. I'm voting for the latter as its way too early in the series for self-realization and facing ones own personal responsibility. What did you think of this weeks episodes and what are your predictions for next week? Tell us in the comments below.

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