Welcome back to another episode filled with relationships that were, that are, that may yet be, that should have been, and that never were. Join Wendilynn, Shai, and me, Cici, as we share our takes on the break-ups, start-ups and crack-ups that make up episode five of Discovery of Romance.

Well, ladies, what struck you first?

Shai: So much happened, but Yeo Reum and her hypocrisy and need for control really got me. She said that she was the "weaker" one in her relationship with Tae Ha, but the one who’s always apologizing is Ha Jin (now) so she’s dating a "weaker" person? I really don’t understand her sometimes.

Wendilynn: She was very hurt by her breakup with Tae Ha. There is this idea that if you are in control, you can’t hurt as much. She has deliberately dated a man who can’t walk over her. She always has a way to make him heel. This will not stop the hurt though, as she is going to find out.

Cici: The more I see of her past her relationships, the more I understand her, but the less I like her. Does that make sense?

Wendilynn: Since I don’t like her at all, I can totally understand that. I don’t see what these guys like in her, but this is the start, she still has a lot of growing up to do.

Shai: I understand Yeo Reum at times, but I can’t bring myself to like her. She’s sabotaging her own relationship and friendships because she’s involving everyone in her schemes. I feel for Ha Jin at times, but honestly I don’t really care for him right now. We know he’s not cheating and obviously doesn't owe Tae Ha any explanations, but you’d think that he would just simply say that was a girl whom he’s helping out with free surgeries. I even scoffed at his half truth to Yeo Reum. Like just say what’s really going on.

Cici: I can’t figure out why he is so secretive about Ah Rim, either. Joon Ho knows the most, but even he doesn’t understand why Ha Jin is so adamant about helping her. We know they were very close as children--they even have matching pictures together--but we still don't know why he's been so determined to find and help her. He could share a little more information and avoid all the misunderstandings.

Wendilynn: He’s probably not able to think straight where Ah Rim is concerned. In his head just saying she’s a client is not really something he can say without thinking it’s too intimate. Everything with her is too intimate with him.

Shai: I can understand it from that perspective, but this entire time he’s been having these nightmares and not once did he tell Yeo Reum he’s trying to find someone he was in the orphanage with. Is it that hard to truly be honest about it? He’s being hypocritical by being suspicious about Yeo Reum (with good reason, sometimes), but he’s purposely being quiet about Ah Rim. Unless Yeo Reum has no idea he’s adopted. That could be the reason for his secretiveness.

Cici: So I have a question. Is being adopted shameful in Korean society? Is this something he would want to hide from Yeo Reum?

Wendilynn: I’ve noticed in many dramas that being adopted or having both parents dead is considered a negative when in marriage talks. I’m not sure why they have this issue but even in the United States, being adopted wasn’t counted against you only in the last 50 years or so.

Shai: Well in Asian culture in general (from what I know, I can be completely wrong. If you see this & you know more, feel free to correct me, in a polite way) background and family means a lot when getting married. Maybe he feels that if she knew he was adopted then her mother wouldn’t approve of the marriage. I have seen sometimes where if someone was divorced or their sibling was a troublemaker then that would leave a black mark on their family image thus making it harder to marry into a good family.

Wendilynn: Good meaning “rich” family. lol

Shai: Not necessarily, just a family who is financially stable and/or has a good reputation. That kind of good, but it can also mean rich, though it doesn’t count for everyone.

Wendilynn: No, but I have noticed an unusual amount of regard for money, status, image that is almost unhealthy at times. Also, I think the keeping quiet also stems from this idea that you don’t burden others with “unnecessary things”. Private issues should stay private. Which of course, leads to all the confusion we see in Kdramas when people just don’t say the ONE THING that would ruin 4 episodes of easy contention for writers. *chuckles*

Shai: Well most want to be financially stable while they’re married so that’s where the money comes in then getting married isn’t cheap at all (I should know) so I can sorta see why Yeo Reum lies about not wanting to get married, she doesn’t want to seem unqualified to marry someone with Ha Jin’s status. Then we have Nam Ha Jin being all hush hush about his true past because he doesn’t want Yeo Reum to see him as someone with a lower status since he was adopted.

Cici: OK, I think I get it, but why is Ha Jin not telling Ah Rim who he is? This man has some serious communication issues. Unlike Sol, who just comes right out and says what she thinks, lol. I do love her. What did you think of her description of ex-boyfriends?

Shai: I do love Sol, but I don’t really agree with her description of exes (although it was funny). I mean the same can be said for ex-girlfriends and I think she only said that as loyalty to Yeo Reum because she had a totally different reaction when Joon Ho asked her about jerky ex-boyfriend (sorry I refuse to learn his name).

Wendilynn: I found the used cars/new cars analogy funny in the play between Sol and Tae Ha. However, I wanted to cry when she talked about how life is. That is how life is, we live our daily lives and when we are sad or have a sad thought, we cry, but it doesn’t mean the rest of our lives stop completely.

Cici: She says a lot of profound things. I thought it was sort of cute the way Jung Mok falls for her, and it goes completely over her head. Guess he’s just another of the many fish in the sea for her, but not the one she wants.

Shai: A lot of things go over Sol’s head so it’s not just that lol. It seems she has the attention span of a teenager and will only focus on certain things, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t smart. I did like her speech on how life is, it was deep. She still doesn’t see how much Joon Ho cares for her since she’s known him all her life, but let’s see how she does as she gets over jerky ex-boyfriend. Will she start to open up to Jung Mok? Joon Ho does need a reason to get jealous *wink* hehe

Cici: That’s it! Shai, I think you’ve figured out the next plot device. I REALLY hope you’re right!

Wendilynn: I can go for that. I wouldn’t say Jung Mok fell for her, but he was certainly moved by Sol’s words.

Cici: Well, even Tae Ha discouraged him, telling him he’d have to get around Joon Ho. So maybe Tae Ha knows more about what’s going on between them than they do.

Shai: Tae Ha has turned into a very perceptive person, plus he was around for five years and it was probably obvious then. Anyone with eyes and has been around them for five minutes can tell tbh

Cici: So why is he so perceptive about everyone else but Yeo Reum? He really doesn’t seem to get why she was so desperately unhappy with him. All he remembers are the good things.

Shai: I think it’s because he was so caught up in trying to learn his father’s business he wasn’t very perceptive of what was going on with Yeo Reum at the time. Then he never wanted to breakup, he didn’t want to face reality that their relationship was crumbling. I think maybe that’s another reason why he worked harder, he never wanted to face the giant pink elephant in the room. She said that all they did was have sex, but I think to him that was the thing that remained “good” with them and he never gave it a second thought or at least wanted to look deeper into it. After all these years, he kind of suppressed the bad memories with work and now all he knows are the good ones, but he did admit to not being very receptive during their relationship so we know he’s aware of it.

Wendilynn: During the 11 years I was married, it was easy for us to get into habits that stop the normal evaluation and thinking that should still be going on. And those habits can either save or crumble a relationship during rough times, depending on what they are. Someone gets overwhelmed and busy and the other can start to feel neglected and unwanted. Habits can feel like being used because they are happening by rote and not emotion. And we already know this couple had communication issues.

Cici: It’s interesting how Tae Ha has matured and how he is finally able to admit that his lack of attention was the source of some of their problems. Now the shoe is on the other foot, and he’s the one obsessing over Yeo Reum.

What did you think of the way Tae Ha kept “seeing” Yeo Reum every time he turned around? Some of those scenes were funny, but they really touched me, too.

Shai: I had to rewind because I was confused at first lol. I did like the hallucinations he kept having, then it got so bad that he thought he “saw” her again, but it was really her lol. I think his subconscious was trying to tell him something and it worked. It was almost like their relationship in the past, but more current. Kinda like a “what if” situation.

Wendilynn: For the first time, Tae Ha was able to see how he had neglected her needs. She would ask, and he would deny. Over and over. It was an eye opener for him.

Cici: That scene in the kitchen was hilarious. Whoever says Eric Moon can’t act hasn’t been watching him in this drama. He really showed how deeply Tae Ha has fallen for Yeo Reum, and how much he has matured since they broke up.

Shai: Eric is doing a wonderful job portraying all of Tae Ha’s emotions and changes.

Wendilynn: He’s been doing an excellent job. Which is probably why his character is my favorite.

Cici: I was surprised at Tae Ha’s confession. It really got to me--that he finally realized what Yeo Reum was going through all those years when he was her primary concern, and he didn’t return the feeling. I just wonder if he’ll remember what he said when he was drunk, or if he’ll use that as an excuse to deny it.

Shai: His confession was also a shock to me, we know he’s more honest than Yeo Reum & Ha Jin combined, but he spilled it all. Granted he was drunk and more of his subconscious was talking, but still he confessed and apologized for how he treated her during the last moments in their relationship. Now what I don’t like is how Yeo Reum will now use this to torture him. Honestly, it isn’t fair to him or Ha Jin because she’s using him in her game.

Cici: How could she be like that? She really has become evil. And she knows it and doesn’t care.

Wendilynn: Its immature, but not evil. Pay back usually hurts the person trying to give it and maybe this way she can grow up a little because I see a lot of this hurting her relationship with Ha Jin.

Shai: I think that’s what irritates me the most. She admits this is wrong, but is going to do it anyways. This is like classic second lead behavior and I can’t understand why she’d stoop that low. Are we supposed to root for her? Because it’s very hard to right now. She’s using Ha Jin just to get back at Tae Ha, and for what? If she’s completely over him then what he said wouldn’t even matter to her. She’s making it painfully obvious she still loves him. I can’t wait for this to bite her in the butt.

Well, fans, what do you think of the tangled webs our characters have woven? Will Ha Jin be the first to divulge his relationship with Ah Rim, or will Yeo Reum finally admit her previous relationship with Tae Ha? Will Joon Ho make his move with Sol, or will Jung Mok beat him to the punch? And just how do you think Tae Ha's confession will effect all the other characters? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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