Drunken bromances and shaken regrets color episode 6 of Discovery of Romance. We come to understand Yeo Reum for probably the first time this series and Tae Ha gets a reality check. Ha Jin probably deserves a bigger thrashing than Tae Ha was giving him the first time around and we hope and pray Sol isn’t about to make the biggest mistake of her life. Come join Shai, Cici and I as we talk about the effect this episode had on all our characters.

Wendilynn: Well, all I can say is this was a game changer episode for me. I guess it was just a matter of time before I ran into a drama that pulled a scene from my life. One of the most difficult of my life. I may not like Yeo Reum, but I get her hook, line and sinker now.

Cici: It took me a while to realize why she is the way she is, but this episode made it crystal clear. Remember when I was concerned over the danger of seeing all the flashbacks primarily from Tae Ha’s perspective? This episode we finally get the other side of the story, and it isn’t pretty.

Shai: I do understand Yeo Reum even more and sorta do know why she is the way she is now. I may not agree with things she does and how she chooses to react, but I do understand her more now. Which is good since I was scratching my head before.

Wendilynn: The only issue I had is that half of those flashbacks were hers, not his. But, in either case, you are correct, we were not being given the whole story. But that final scene...messed me up. My dad died of cancer during my divorce. I had this conversation with my ex about two years later when he apologized for not being there when I needed it most. I feel like I’ve been sucker punched because I know those emotions so intimately and its been eleven years or so since I had to live them. Let me just tell you, Eric and Yoo Mi did an OUTSTANDING job with that scene.

Cici: Agreed! It felt so real, and I wept through the whole thing. I am not a big cryer, but that scene really got me. Actually, the tears didn’t even start with that final scene. When Tae Ha was trying to remember Yeo Reum’s father’s death, and he started to doubt ALL of his memories, I lost it.

Wendilynn: I’m with you on that one. From the first I’ve connected with Tae Ha the most and so I felt his emotions first and then she came out with her situation and that reminded me of eleven years ago and I was toast. I’m still all shaky.

Shai: I was also emotional during that moment when he started to doubt the memories he had then we saw he remembered everything--including the bad, he just chose not to dwell on it.

Cici: Sometimes I think that the people who say “Time heals all wounds” just haven’t actually gone through anything horrific. Maybe it’s more realistic to say that while you never forget the pain, eventually it stops hurting.

Shai: I believe time does heal all wounds, but the person has to actually try to move on for it to happen. Yeo Reum hasn’t forgiven Tae Ha and he hasn’t exactly gotten over her so their wounds are still fresh five years later.

Wendilynn: Actually, I do believe time can heal the wound, but you need to have learned forgiveness to do it, which our leads have not yet achieved. Yeo Reum was betrayed by Tae Ha in a deep way. It explains why she won't allow herself to be the weaker party. And Sol was correct, we live our lives, we do our things, but it's when a moment reminds us of a past hurt, we cry for that moment. I don’t hold grudges or have any bitterness towards my ex anymore, but this scene did pull the memory and the emotion tied to that memory and I had to cry a little. Granted, its been eleven years since the event for me, not five. lol

Cici: Speaking of Sol, what did you think of her reaction to the news that Eun Gyu had been dating since he started his job? I thought the little out-take where she throws her drink in his face and berates him for taking everything he could was amazing. I was kind of disappointed that it wasn't real.

Wendilynn: Jerk boyfriend deserved so much more than a thrown drink. Talk about having her innocence thrown in her face the way it was. However, I’m thinking she’s about to remedy that issue from the scary look she had in the cab. Which is sad because guys don’t respect girls who give it up quickly either.

Shai: I’m honestly scared to see what Sol ends up doing, I really don’t want her to get drunk and sleep with some random guy--that’s not the way to go although I can understand her. She liked the guy, but since she didn’t give it up then he found someone who did.

Cici: I loved how the cab driver was the same one that picked her up when she was out drinking. And his reaction when she threw a rock through Eun Gyu’s window was priceless. I may have cheered a little when she did that.

Wendilynn: Who didn’t? lol

Shai: My mouth fell open when she did that

Cici: My husband actually saw that part, and complimented her on her aim, lol. But then she comes up with another Sol-ism about the ones who don’t sleep around being the ones who are the problem in this world. It kind of made me yearn for the “good old days” when sex wasn’t the defining factor of a relationship.

Wendilynn: She comes up with some profound thoughts. The writer is using her as another exposition source outside of our narrators. I have to agree with you on that sex point. Sex is like icing on a cake, if the cake is bad, no amount of shortening and sugar is going to hide that fact. And women are in many ways more trapped now than before because they often will end up stuck with losers they’ve slept with too soon, long before they’ve gotten to actually know them.

Cici: I really appreciate how the writers are using Sol to balance that part of the drama. It makes it so it’s not all one-sided. Nice to show options.

Wendilynn: There is a lot of balance being displayed in this show. The one point that is so far really out of balance is Ha Jin. That boy has blinders on so big right now he’s the one cutting himself off at the feet. I really thought Yeo Reum was going to be the one to kill this relationship, but so far, he’s doing a fine job sabotaging it on his own.

Cici: So was anyone else surprised to find out that Ha Jin and Ah Rim are brother and sister? And why isn’t he telling ANYONE? There’s no need to keep this a secret!

Wendilynn: I’m still sitting on the fence about that. When you have no family, it is not inconceivable that you would make your own family.

Cici: So maybe they are brother and sister only metaphorically, like Joon Ho and Sol? This is weirding me out. Cause if they are biological siblings, he’d better let her know RIGHT AWAY before she develops any more of a crush on him.

Shai: They’re not blood related, but it’s becoming weird because she now likes him in that way and doesn’t know who he is. I am also wondering why he’s choosing to keep this going.

Wendilynn: Agreed. What bugs me though is that he is not stopping the misunderstandings. He turned off his phone. I'm sorry, but if my boyfriend was seen at a restaurant with another girl, and he IGNORES my phone call, there is no way I’m going to believe that it was a nothing gathering.

Cici: Even if he didn’t know he had been seen, it was still a bad move. You don’t promise to meet someone for dinner, then stand them up and ignore their calls. For any reason.

Shai: That’s what’s bugging me about Ha Jin, he’s not clearing anything up. He’s getting all worked up about Tae Ha, but then he’s going around and is pretty much cheating. Then he’s putting Joon Ho in the middle of it, I feel bad.

Wendilynn: It's like I said last episode. He cannot think clearly where Ah Rim is concerned. She is so precious to him, it blinds him to anything else, including his girlfriend and coworkers. Joon Ho cracked me up with all that zipper talk. He’s the biggest blabber mouth.

Cici: I giggled every time he said that...cause EVERYONE else knows he’s the last person to trust with a secret. I really appreciate the comic relief he provides, especially in this episode!

Shai: He is a comic relief and I do enjoy his character, I just find it upsetting how he’s always in the middle of whatever is going on with Ha Jin and Yeo Reum. It’s almost like he’s a messenger or something. I feel like if they put in as much as effort into properly communicating as they did trying to keep secrets from each other (through Joon Ho) then they’d be better off.

Cici: True, but where’s the fun in that? Joon Ho just serves to emphasize the communication problems these two have. Or should I say, three?

Wendilynn: Communication! Communication! Communication! And these characters don’t have it. lol Speaking of communication, that sucker punch to Tae Ha about her dad really sent him for a loop, and me, like I said earlier.

Cici: I’m not sure Yeo Reum will ever be able to forgive Tae Ha for the way he ignored her at her darkest hour. But then, he may have a tough time forgiving her for not coming out and telling him why she needed him so desperately. I really thought they had a chance to get back together, but it would take some major changes on both their parts to make that happen.

Shai: I had really thought he forgot, but Yeo Reum’s face said he never actually knew about it and Sol hates him for something he knew nothing about. I can see why Yeo Reum hates him now, she feels like he abandoned her when she really needed him (that’s what led to the train breakup and him not knowing why she’d been crying all the time), but I can also see it from his side as well. If she just came out and told him her dad died and she needs him then I’m sure he would have come running. I feel like she was never straightforward which doesn't help since he’s totally clueless when it comes to stuff like that.

Wendilynn: Yes, it explains that whole train incident rather clearly. I’m also in agreement that Yeo Reum should have told him her dad had died and he needed to get his butt to the hospital, but she had a point, repeated phone calls in a shaky upset voice should have been a LOUD signal that something was wrong.

Shai: What I am trying to figure out is why did Sol lie about how Yeo Reum’s father died? Did she not know the true nature or what?

Cici: I was totally confused about that. Sol’s story did not jibe with what Tae Ha found out at all. So what really happened?

Wendilynn: As for the truth of Dad’s death, I think only Mom has that key. Her conversation with the Director made it clear that Dad wasn’t doing something right at the time of his death either.

Cici: That’s one side story that’s pretty intriguing. I’m curious about the young boy she had that conversation with. Especially since it was ten years ago that she had the one-night-stand with the Director. Hmmm, I think the plot thickens!

Wendilynn: It will be interesting to see what the tie in is there. We do know that she goes out to “get her vitamin D” exposure at the same time every day. So she watches this boy often.

Shai: $5 says that’s her dead husband’s secret child. I know it can’t be hers because how would she get past Yeo Reum being pregnant and it would explain why she hates her hubby so much even after his death.

Cici: I think it is her child, and she managed to hide the pregnancy and give him up for adoption before she got caught. That may be why she kicked Yeo Reum out so often.

Shai: Makes sense. The kid is like ten then Tae Ha and Yeo Reum got together ten years ago. It is very possible that’s her child and she didn’t want anyone knowing. Do you think Director is the father? Random drunken fling ten years ago anyone?

Cici: Exactly.

Wendilynn: Both ideas have merit. But there are cons to both ideas. I’m more inclined to think Dad’s love child, but that wouldn’t explain why she is staying attached. She’s cold-hearted enough to diss a child not of her own body considering how she treats the one that did come from her body. But, the fact that she watches this child almost every day says that she is connected to said child in a way that’s loving. If one can use that term with this lady.

Shai: What if Yeo Reum isn’t hers at all? Maybe mystery child is her only bio kid and her dead husband didn’t want any more children and she felt she was forced to give him up for adoption. This can explain why she treats Yeo Reum like a stepchild and is always mentioning her husband, but she’s looking at that boy so lovingly. Is my theory reaching too far?

Wendilynn: I don’t think so, it's as valid as the others. She does treat Yeo Reum as a “red-headed step child,” to use an old phrase.

Cici: Well I just hope this isn’t one of those side-tracks that never gets explained. I really want to know, lol!

Shai: They’re introducing it early so it may be explained later on.

Cici: Guess we’ll just have to keep on watching!

Our characters have found themselves in sinking sands. Assumptions made are appearing both true and unfounded. Our characters are going to need to figure out which way is up as they deal with the hurt they experienced this episode. And it doesn't look like its about to get any better. Will Ha Jin finally explain his relationship with Ah Rim? Was Tae Ha serious about having Yeo Reum return to him? And what will Yeo Ruem do about the secrets between her and Ha Jin? Let us know your predictions for next week in the comments below.

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