Secrets..secrets..and more secrets! Everyone is hiding something and are now wondering if lying is truly the way to go. Do they spill all or keep the lies going? Join Cici, Wendy, and I (Shai) as we discuss episode 7 of Discovery of Romance.

Shai: This episode had some things answered and some more questions for me, but what I really want to discuss first was Yeo Reum’s reaction to Ah Rim. Personally I think she overreacted, well she didn’t need to act that way towards her when it was very obvious the poor girl didn’t know Ha Jin was being all secretive. I felt so bad for her during that breakfast

Cici: That was SO awkward, I cringed. Yeo Reum was shocked when Ha Jin just grabbed Ah Rim and pulled her into his apartment to feed her breakfast, but her reaction was completely over the top. I think I understand why she did it--she doesn’t want to make the same “mistake” she made with Tae Ha and let Ha Jin think she’ll take anything he does without a fight. But I can’t agree with the way she treated Ah Rim. And I think this tactic will backfire on her.

Wendilynn: I would have been pissed if I had been Yeo Reum, too. Ah Rim hid behind Ha Jin, that didn't help her case any.

Shai: Yeah I get why she’s reacting a certain way, I mean who wouldn’t be shocked at seeing that, but she took most of her anger out on Ah Rim when she should have directed all of that on Ha Jin. Yeo Reum doesn’t want to let things go without a fight, but she’s choosing the wrong time to fight and nothing actually gets resolved. She treated Ah Rim like that and Ha Jin is very protective over her so it will definitely backfire. But their entire conversation after Ah Rim left showed how much they don’t know about each other, they’re practically strangers.

Cici: I guess that’s the real problem with their relationship. Neither one has been honest about their past, or their present feelings, for that matter. Yeo Reum still doesn’t know that Ha Jin was adopted, and that he’s been looking for Ah Rim for years. And Ha Jin doesn’t have a clue about Yeo Reum’s difficult relationship with her mother, her past ties to Tae Ha, and the fact that she’s buried in debt. Yikes, these two don’t know each other at all.

Shai: I was surprised to see how that entire conversation went and it literally was them masking the problem and her thinking she’s dealt with it--obviously not because there was no real conversation happening. They don’t know each other as well as they think, Yeo Reum told Tae Ha everything in their first meeting yet she’s bent on marrying Ha Jin and he knows nothing about her. He thinks she grew up happily without any issues and she’s guessing the same about him. These two are not ready for marriage, I can only predict unhappiness if they ever do get married without properly opening up to one another. Then again Ha Jin’s mother is against him telling Yeo Reum anything about his adoption while Yeo Reum is very secretive about the way her father died.

Wendilynn: The adoption issue has to come out if Ha Jin expects to keep Yeo Reum. His behavior toward Ah Rim looks like cheating otherwise. He even talks about that. He knows this is how its going to appear. That he's not saying anything because he doesn't want to embarrass his mother isn't going to work.

Cici: I thought it was interesting to see how the two mothers responded to their children. At least Yeo Reum feels a little guilty about deceiving Ha Jin, but her mother just encourages her to get married and doesn't prod her to tell him the truth. And Ha Jin’s mother is just as bad, even telling him to hide the picture with Ah Rim so Yeo Reum doesn't find out.

Shai: While I don’t quite understand why Yeo Reum’s mother isn’t worried about Ha Jin (or anyone else for that matter) not knowing the truth about her husband’s death, I can see how Ha Jin’s mother feels...sort of. She did adopt him and I guess him looking more into his past may seem like he doesn’t appreciate her and if he reveals it to Yeo Reum then he may not get married. I am hoping this is why she’s against it because anything else will be perplexing to me. Although I am happy we finally get the reason why he’s been feeling for guilty all these years: She was originally suppose to adopted Ah Rim instead of him.

Cici: Ha Jin’s mother also mentioned that she and her husband even sold their hospital in his hometown and moved in order to hide the fact that he was not their biological child. I am still amazed at the lengths people will go to hide something like that. I know it’s just a cultural difference, but it kind of bugs me. My older brother is adopted, and my parents never tried to hide it. In fact, they wanted to make sure that he and everyone else knew that he had been chosen. It’s such a different way of looking at it.

Shai: My younger sister is adopted and while she has no idea right now since she’s young, they’re planning on telling her as soon as she’s old enough to understand. I think it’s a stigma (or something) if a woman can’t have children and she was probably ashamed because of that reason so they moved away. Once they had a kid then they could come back sometime later and pretend as if she had a child during their time away. Although I do wonder if it was for that exact reason or because she didn’t want him to have any connection to his past it’s obvious he still remembers so that didn’t work. I mean she seemed pretty shocked that he found Ah Rim, I hope she doesn’t interfere and warn her to go away, that would suck if his mother was the way she found out who he was.

Cici: I don’t think that will happen--Ha Jin is pretty well able to get her to do whatever he wants, and he’s told her that he’ll hide the picture. I don’t think she’ll transition into the mean mom, but I could be wrong, lol.

By the way, I really appreciated the increased screen time that Sol and Joon Ho got this episode. They are the highlight of this show for me. I loved the way he rescued her at the police station!

Shai: Oh yes I was very surprised with the amount of screen time Joon Ho and Sol got in this episode. I really did love seeing him punch that jerky ex-boyfriend in the police station, that’s the least he deserved for how he’s been acting. It was very sweet to see him making the same promises the last time she was dumped. Oh these two need to date.

Wendilynn: Don't they, though?

Cici: Right? They practically are, and have been for years, they just don’t realize it. When Sol flashed back to the time Joon Ho was teaching her to ride a bike, my heart melted a little when she said she fluttered a little at his attention. She keeps giving him opportunities to tell her that he really cares for her, and he never takes them. It’s a little frustrating, lol.

Shai: To be fair, Joon Ho is also a bit clueless about how he feels and you can tell. They both really care deeply for each other, but are kinda unaware of just how deep the other one cares. Now he did hear her say something when she was drunk, but I guess he didn’t want to bring it up. With their increased amount of screen time I’m sure they’ll find their way to each other soon--I hope. Btw I am still not fully understanding this whole group therapy situation with that director and Ha Jin’s mother. That entire thing confuses me.

Cici: Me too! So is Ha Jin’s father dead? His mother finds notes on the refrigerator with requests for meals--is a ghost supposed to be putting them there? Or is he alive and lurking around in the background somewhere? And if he is, why is she coming on to the director?

Shai: This is the plot that confuses me, I’m not understanding why she’s there if her husband is still alive--or is he? Like what’s going on with her? The writer needs to explain this because I’m writing this off as a filler and pointless side plot in this drama.

Cici: I agree that it feels that way, and it’s annoying. The one point I can see developing is that Ha Jin’s mother’s attentions may serve to make Yeo Reum’s mother jealous, pushing her to get together with the director herself. And if that little boy we saw her with last episode really is her and his child, they need to get back together. Maybe. At least I don’t feel so antagonistic towards Yeo Reum’s mother after seeing her drinking beer with Yeo Reum. She actually looked fairly pleasant in that scene.

Shai: I don’t think her mother is mean, but she’s very cold. Tbh I think they’re more alike than I originally wanted to believe. Yeo Reum’s mother is more than likely that way after dealing with her husband which probably made her colder than she would have liked. She had to have been nice enough for him to marry right? Then we see how Yeo Reum’s relationship has changed her in a not so nice way as well, but she’s not as cold as her mother.

Wendilynn: Both women have experienced some pretty big hurt.

Cici: She’s getting there. And she’s really pretty calculating. I feel sorry for both Ha Jin and Tae Ha, but I really don’t see what Tae Ha likes about her. Maybe it’s the fact that he can’t have her that makes her so appealing? I was surprised at the way he drove like crazy just to see her at the construction site. He practically set a new record for bad driving in a kdrama, lol.

Wendilynn: I kept waiting for a cop to pull him over. lol Just to prove he can't be lucky all the time.

Shai: I can’t see what Ha Jin sees in her tbh When she first got with Tae Ha she was different, but I can’t see why he’s still interested he sees what she’s become. But maybe you’re right, he can’t have her so she’s more appealing unless he likes getting on her nerves. Oh my goodness his driving has set a new record in a kdrama lol

Cici: Please tell me they don’t really drive like that in Korea. I want to go there some day, but I don’t want to die there!

Speaking of dying, I thought I might die laughing at the way Tae Ha referred to the growling stomach that usually appears in kdramas.

Shai: From what I hear, the driving in Korea can be pretty dangerous. But that’s a whole other subject I’d rather not get too into right now.

I just love how this drama has the cliches, but then make fun of them in the next scene lol

Cici: I also love how the characters contradict themselves, in a funny way. I’m thinking about how Tae Ha makes a big deal about not being a tattle-tale in episode five, but then totally rats out Ha Jin and Ah Rim at the end of this episode. His gestures and expressions had me rolling on the floor.

Wendilynn: I don't think he would have done anything if Ha Jin hadn't hid behind the car. At that point, he was asking for it.

Shai: Haha yes! He didn’t tell on Ha Jin the first time, but totally did so this time. He did say he didn't care if she was unhappy so I’m guessing he’s done keeping that secret. I’d like to think that Yeo Reum was going to catch him anyways so this made it easier.

Cici: I think it was a way for him to show her whose side he’s on--hers! It was pretty cute. And I love the way he sneaks in these little smiles when no one’s able to see him. Yep, I am definitely team Tae Ha.

So you tell us, are you Team Ha Jin or Team Tae Ha? Sound off in the comments!

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