Oh what tangled webs we weave when first we practice to deceive...Welcome back to the increasingly tangled web that has been woven by our lead characters in Discovery of Romance. Join Shai, Wendilynn and myself, Cici, as we discuss the most recent developments in episode 8.

Wendilynn: I spent this episode being flabbergasted. I wanted to slap everyone upside the head and tell them to knock it off.

Shai: I pretty much disliked mostly everyone in this episode. I don’t understand what’s going on.

Cici: It was a pretty frustrating episode on multiple counts. What struck you as the most preposterous development?

Wendilynn: The most preposterous development? Ha Jin doesn’t learn his lessons. That boy… oh my gosh. Just kill him now. I’m so stunned by his actions. How in the hell could he walk away from his crying girlfriend to go help the embarrassed little sister? Who nobody knows is his little sister so it just looks like he’s choosing his second girlfriend over his fiance.

Cici: I actually felt really bad for Yeo Reum. She’s put in the unenviable position of having to defend her current boyfriend’s unfathomable behavior to her ex-boyfriend. Who, by the way, looks way more attractive. The problem I’m having with Ha Jin is that I really can’t understand why he is being so secretive about his identity and relationship with Ah Rim. It isn’t fair to anyone and doesn’t seem to serve any useful purpose. If there is a good reason for it, I wish the writers would get on with it and at least let the audience know what it is.

Wendilynn: I’m pretty sure it has everything to do with his adoptive mother. Whether he doesn’t want her to be blamed, bad-mouthed, whatever. It’s the only explanation, in a society where you don’t disagree with your elders, that makes even a sliver of sense, sort of.

Shai: Ha Jin’s behavior is ridiculous especially because he knows it looks bad. I know he’s keeping it secret for his mother, but it’s ruining his relationship because he can’t tell the woman he’s in love with about his past. I can see why they’re keeping it secret, but he’s also sabotaging it all. It’s a tough spot to be in, but I feel for Ah Rim. She’s caught in the middle.

Cici: I agree. The person who stands to be really hurt is Ah Rim. He’s definitely leading her on, and yet with the next breath he protests that he can’t live without Yeo Reum.

Wendilynn: That’s when I started wanting to hit him. I wanted Tae Ha to reach over and knock him one and say, “Then stop choosing your girlfriend over your fiance, you moron!” I do feel for Ah Rim, because she has no clue why she is even in the middle of all this.

Cici: The whole situation makes me want to throw something at my screen. Once again, the one bright spot was the interaction between Sol and Joon Ho. Another split-screen masterpiece! Thank you drama writers for hearing the wish of my heart!

Wendilynn: That was sooo funny. They are like a breath of fresh air in this twisted mess.

Shai: Ahahaha! That was hilarious. They were the bright sunshine in an otherwise gloomy episode.

Cici: Even Tae Ha had me frustrated. What’s with the way he drops everything and comes running when Yeo Reum calls? Sure, he still sasses back to her and tries to stand his ground, but he makes it painfully obvious that he has been caught, hook, line and sinker.

Shai: I realized he was out of it when he “saw” himself in that movie, oh my goodness Tae Ha, what’re you doing?

Wendilynn: He’s a total goner. When he offered that driver double his fee to not drive to her house, I was laughing and wondering how much he was going to offer to make him drive to her house. Triple the doubled fee is a good night's work. Right on! lol

Cici: Have you noticed that the only really sane people in this drama are the cabbies?

Wendilynn: LOL!! I hadn’t but you’re right.

Shai: I never noticed that either lmao

Cici: Speaking of nuts, what did you think of the director and his little relationship with Ha Jin’s mom? When she told him he had a sexy brain, I almost choked.

Wendilynn: I have no idea why their story is even part of this drama. I realize we’re almost at the halfway point and so we should start getting more about their story, but still, I don’t see why we need their story….yet.

Shai: I totally spaced out during that scene, I have no idea what the heck is going on with that sub plot. It’s just weird.

Cici: I’m pretty impressed with the writers so far, so they must have a plan for tying it all together. But I sure don’t see it right now.

Wendilynn: The writing has been pretty interesting. This drama has not gone in any sort of direction like we were led to believe from any synopsis or the early episodes. Nobody would have believed that Ha Jin would be the big screw-up in all this.

Cici: Agreed. He seemed so stable and mature at the beginning. Now Tae Ha I expected to be more of a wild card, and he’s turning out to be one of the most mature of the bunch.

Shai: Yeah I expected more of Ha Jin since he was more stable, but I guess the saying about “never trust the quiet ones” is true lol. He’s been so silent that we didn’t see this coming.

Wendilynn: What did you think of their week long silence? I couldn’t quite believe Ha Jin had the gall to act like her wrong (disappearing with Tae Ha that night) was on any type of par with what he pulled.

Cici: Totally immature. It was simply a battle of wills. I was surprised that Yeo Reum was the first to cave, especially after all her big talk. But I suppose she realized that she actually had the most to lose if Ha Jin didn’t come back to her.

Shai: Their week long of silence was super immature to me and it was just their pride getting in the way. While I am glad she caved first, she needed to do that because he was always the one to crawl back to her, but I just screamed at their stupidity.

Wendilynn: That she did which sort of pissed me off. HOWEVER, I also was glad she bent first in that she has always made Ha Jin come to heel first and this gave it a little more balance. As imbalanced as their relationship is to begin with.

Cici: It does seem to be shifting, though. Not only did Ha Jin make her come to him, he was the one to continue to lie to her about what he was doing with Ah Rim. Yeo Reum has lied about Tae Ha the whole time, so that isn’t anything new. But the level of Ha Jin’s deception is actually increasing.

Wendilynn: Exactly. He had just spent a week missing his girlfriend and threatening Tae Ha and what does he do? Lie about a seminar. He could have just said, “I have to go see a client in (town name) that I’m doing pro bono work on. Simple. End of story. No suspicion. But NO! He LIES! *facepalm*

Shai: Ha Jin’s lying is just ridiculous though because he does it when it isn’t warranted. Yeo Reum wasn’t suspicious at all and told the truth, but he just lied about a seminar?

Cici: So I figure that Ha Jin is starting to realize that he isn’t willing to give up seeing Ah Rim, but he doesn’t want to have to listen to Yeo Reum’s yammering about it, either. Hence the lies. Basically, he wants to have his cake and eat it, too.

I kind of appreciated that ending shot with the two overlapping vehicles. Do you think they’re going to run into each other, so to speak?

Wendilynn: You think? This is going to blow up, badly.

Shai: I actually had that thought, I feel like they’re going to somehow run into each other. It’s K-Drama Rule #205 lol

Wendilynn: LOL Shai. This drama has had quite a few classic tropes.

Cici: I predict the ensuing storm will just make Yeo Reum look like more of a witch, which will make Ha Jin question why he puts up with her when Ah Rim is so cute and adoring.

Wendilynn: I also expect Tae Ha’s past relationship with Yeo Reum will also come out in all of this. Which will again drive Ha Jin even more out of kilter then he already is. He’s not really functioning on all cylinders right now.

Shai: Ha Jin really isn’t functioning right due his loyalty to Ah Rim, which would be okay if it didn’t turn him into a semi-pathological liar. I also feel like Tae Ha and Yeo Reum’s past will finally come out, then Ha Jin will try to kill him. (Btw I still didn’t understand why he even went to Tae Ha in the first place, but whatevs)

Wendilynn: Ha Jin had a point. Yeo Reum would have never involved a stranger in their dispute that night. This means Tae Ha is someone Yeo Reum not only knows, but knows very well. He knows there is more to the story now. What, he doesn’t know, but he knows that at least.

Shai: Yeah he did kinda have a point, but that’s something to ask her. He knows Tae Ha wouldn't have said anything anyways, hell even motormouth Joon Ho kept shut about their true past. Honestly he should guilt Yeo Reum into saying something since she’s always doing that to him. Revenge isn’t always the answer, nvm lol

Cici: I keep thinking about Sol and Yeo Reum’s imagined talk with Ha Jin about her five-year relationship with Tae Ha. They may have been more accurate than anyone knew, lol. But as long as Tae Ha ends up with Yeo Reum and Ah Rim doesn’t get hurt, I’m OK with that! Oh, and Sol and Joon Ho finally realize they’re a match made in heaven. See how easy I am to please?

Wendilynn: With the way this is all going, I have no idea what to expect in the next 12 episodes.

Shai: Tbh I’m scared to see what comes next because I have the urge to throw my laptop sometimes lol

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Well, dear fans, what did you think of this most recent episode? Is there one particular character you're cheering for? One that's driving you crazy? What do you predict will happen next? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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