Tiara: Salutations Healer Club members. We’re off with some fast pasting storytelling with Healer. Lots of secrets are being kept in this conspiracy action thriller. Let’s jump right into the thick of things. What did you all think about episode 1 and 2 as an introduction?

Pamela: Considering the fact that my excitement before starting Healer was due to Ji Chang Wook’s existence, I’d say the introduction was satisfying. Honestly, the first two episodes were more than satisfying, with the humor, light banter, and heartfelt moments, making me even more hopeful for the rest of the drama.

Amy: I was excited for this drama but I didn’t anticipate how much I would actually enjoy it. Usually the first episodes are slow going for me, but Healer moved at a decent pace and we still got to know the characters. I even laughed out loud at a couple of parts. I think hacker ahjumma is the best.

Tiara: Oh, I agree ahjumma is awesome. I’ve got a soft spot for Young Shin’s crazy dad. For me, I wasn’t expecting anything going into the first episode. I really enjoyed the first episode and quickly went on to the second. The drama has a vibe and feel very much like City Hunter. However, this year dramas has come to disappoint me. After these first two episodes, I have so much high hopes for the series. I better not be jinxing the drama by loving it already.

Pamela: *pleads to fate that the drama stays great* The City Hunter vibe aspect is there, but I expect Healer will be deeper, as we still can explore the characters and motivations more than we could in Park Min Young’s last action-esque drama. Ahjumma and Young Shin’s adopted dad are both entertaining supporting characters...They add some quirkiness, especially with his...um...dancing?

Amy: Oh I love Young Shin’s dad too! I loved it when they were singing and dancing around the cafe. I do that with my kids all the time. He’s a big sweet teddy bear!

Tiara: The father daughter relationship is endearing and hilarious at the same time. My favorite scene is definitely that scene. I also loved how Dad wants to see his daughter marry. Young Shin introducing Dad to a cabbage head as her intended and Dad playing along was downright adorable. The kinship between these two feel real. I can’t await to see more between father and daughter.

Amy: I also liked the relationship between Young Shin and her ex-convict friends. I think it is awesome how her dad took them in and how they take care of each other. Everybody could use a strong network like that growing up!

Pamela: Especially when her character grew up the way she did, Young Shin needed some acceptance. She’s not perfect, but she’s human, and that’s what I’m enjoying about her.

Tiara: Young Shin is really a delightful character. She’s not the next door girl nor is she the poor candy girl. She is tough as nails and sometimes not the brightest, but she’s very charming and down to earth. She may have come from a brutal past, but her surrogate family (Dad and the ex-convicts) really helped give her a safe and dependable place. Makes me want to find out how I can be adopted into the household.

Amy: That would be awesome. May I just say, I love the dynamic between Healer and hacker ahjumma too. She drives him crazy but she really does look out for him in her own way. I mean, she installed a camera into his home to do it but, you know, it’s sweet in a way.

Pamela: Maybe she’s trying to condition him into finding something to eat besides chicken and beer?

Tiara: Ha, I think she enjoys interrupting him from eating. She’s an interesting character I hope we get to learn more about. How long she’s been doing this? Why she’s decided to do this job?

Amy: Yeah. I’d like to learn more about her too. I want to know how they met too. Like, how did the two come together and decide to start this?

Tiara: Something must’ve happened to Healer to embrace this life. Come on, he wants to buy an island off of Panama. Why that particular island? Also, what’s his connection to the group picture? Is being the Healer have anything to do with the past we’ve been seeing?

Pamela: Is this all just a dream, Jung Hoo is having to distract himself with another mundane job? (I say as I type to avoid high school work and packing for vacation…)

Amy: So many questions! Do you know what we have to do to get them answered? Wait. I hate waiting. Sigh. What do you think about Moon Ho?

Pamela: He seems to be the idea of a great guy: he has morals, he’s confident, he’s handsome, and he wants to help people. Mostly, he wants to help his sister-in-law find her daughter, who evidence is pointing to as Young Shin. The relationships between him and most of the characters seem to be informal yet distant, but with his brother’s wife, there’s a closeness that makes him care that much more about finding her daughter.

Tiara: I get the feeling he has done something to Young Shin long ago. Maybe the reason she was abandoned when she was younger. She’s connected to the university, friends in the picture. She’s got to be the daughter Moon Ho’s noona was remembering. Also, he doesn’t trust his brother since he’s spying on him. I bet Hyung has something to do with the past too.

Amy: Yeah. I agree that she is Moon Ho’s noona’s daughter. Moon Ho’s brother has definitely been up to something for Moon Ho to spy on him like that. I’m wondering if Moon Ho’s brother had something to do with Young Shin’s disappearance. There has to be something going on there.

Tiara: I bet money on him being a part of the reason she was abandoned when she was 5 years old. She’s related to the university, friends in the picture being the daughter of Myung Hee. I wager she’s the daughter of Moon Ho’s Noona in the wheelchair. Moon Ho clearly doesn’t trust his brother with all those secret cameras. I bet Hyung has something to do with the tragic past the drama hasn’t unfolded yet.

Amy: Yep. That is exactly what I was thinking! Even though I’m pretty sure I know where the story is going I’m already attached to the characters and I think it will be interesting to watch them on their journeys.

Pamela: This drama has set up a few interesting stories and characters, and there is plenty of time for the writer and directors to flesh them out.

Tiara: I think the drama might surprise us. But I concur, I’m invested with these characters. I too can’t wait to see where the story unfolds and explains these mysteries. I’m just hoping no one opens Pandora’s box and have it explore in their faces.

(Pamela: As a side note, this is the second drama which has included Myung Hee’s actress and Jung Hoo’s actor, Do Ji Won and Ji Chang Wook. The first one, Smile Dong Hae, is available on DramaFever...all 159 episodes…)

Amy: Do you think Healer is being framed for the murder of the guy he got the package from? I think Moon Ho’s brother is behind it because he wants to frame Healer.

Pamela: It could be Moon Ho’s brother...At first glance, I thought Moon Ho himself would be involved because of the happenings of the news cover-ups, but if his brother is as sketchy as his portrayal suggests him to be, then Creepyung Hyung (Creepyung? I’ll work on it…) could have something to do with my poor Life Ruiner being framed.

Tiara: Hyung is definitely behind the murder. He’s going to use Healer as an escape goat for his evil deeds, you mark my words. WIth Healer now listed as a murder, how long will it take Young Shin and her family to adopt him? I mean he is being wrongfully listed as a murder and Dad likes to help strays.

Amy: That’s true and Healer said at the end of episode 2 that he is going to stick close to Young Shin because he needs to do that to find out what her ultimate goals are. I’m sure Young Shin will take him under her wing in no time and Dad will be happy because he’s a man and wants Young Shin to get married. Hee hee!

Tiara: HAHA!!! I guess she can finally get that money from dear old Dad if she introduces him. At some point, he’s going to get caught. Maybe she can be his Batgirl or Robin to his Batman.

Amy: “Dad! This is the man I like! May I have my money now?” That would be entertaining just because she would be getting money to meet the man she’s already with.

Tiara: Haha, Until next time Healer Clubbers, watch more dramas.

Pamela: Hm...and until I see you all in two weeks, I’ll come up with a nickname for you readers...

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