Welcome back Healers. Sorry for the delay, but here we go. On this episode shoes are thrown, we go out for drinks on a cold night, a flashback gives of insight on how things came to be today, email of a meeting, secrets and identities revealed. Come join the discussion with Amy and I, Tiara, as we squeal like fangirls on another episode of Healer.

Tiara: Not surprising the press conference is restricting which media can enter and not. Assemblyman Kim has a lot of skeletons in his closet and his backer wants to control the three ring circus. I do have to give Moon Ho credit for getting Young Shin and Jung Hoo to act like high society. I was really amused by this scene. Who knew Young Shin could act like a snooty heiress? My favorite was watching Jung Hoo trying to be two different people, the bubbling Bong Soo and a haughty chaebol boyfriend. Chang Wook is really knocking it out of the park with his acting. I found him endearing in Empress Ki, but this role is letting him really shine. He’s so captivating as Healer, Jung Hoo, and Bong Soo. I love every minute he’s on screen.

Amy: Moon Ho was a master manipulator getting the attention he wanted and sending the do not mess with my message to Hyung. I felt bad for Moon Ho’s lady friend but what can you do? I loved watching Young Shin act like a snooty heiress too. Poor Jung Hoo. It’s a wonder he doesn’t have an identity crisis! I agree that Chang Wook is really stepping it up with his acting skills. He is awesome as Healer.

Young Shin’s shoe throw

Tiara: She’s honestly learning how to be a reporter. It may have seen Moon Ho was a bit hard on Young Shin, but it was just tough love. Being a report is a dog eat dog world and being soft isn’t going to cut it. I love the look on her and everyone else at SomeDay News after their webcast. It’s the first time, these people have done an important news report. They had this look of awe and glee. It was a very impressive moment in the narrative and I totally felt it with them.

Amy: It was so great watching everyone learn from Moon Ho. They not only learned how to report real news but also the feeling you get when you do. You could see how good they felt through their facial expressions. It was adorable. Like watching a kid learning to ride a bike. They’re so surprised that they did it and feel awesome because they did.

The Elder

Tiara: We haven’t gotten a chance to talk about Hyung’s backer, The Elder. He’s got his hand in a bunch of cookie jars. He’s the one who’s brought Moon Shik into his fold by asking a young man to lie and betray everyone, including his friends. Apparently, this is how he will survive and keep the woman he loves too. It appears the memory is right after the “accident” of 1992. Is this the start of Hyung’s lies and his betrayal to his friends? Moon Shik isn’t a black and white villain. He’s got some gray in the mix. Does this mean Myung Hee could’ve died without the care she receive? I guess what I’m saying is I don’t see Hyung as such a bad guy. He’s not a good guy, but he’s not completely evil. I really do think he was stuck between two hard choices which sucked no matter the outcome. I do wonder what the Elder’s end game is and why he brought Moon Shik to his fold? Any ideas Amy?

Amy: I got the feeling that Hyung isn’t as bad as I initially thought too. His love for Myung Hee was used to pull him to the Elder’s side and now it looks like he feels stuck. I think that the Elder brought Moon Shik into his little game because he is easy to manipulate because of the weaknesses in his life. I’m not sure what the Elder’s end game is but it doesn’t seem like anything good. That is for sure! I’m hoping Moon Shik will eventually get away from the Elder and start working with Moon Ho to bring him down. i think that would be very interesting to watch!

The secret spot for drinks on a cold night

Tiara: First we have to talk about the elevator scene, OMG!!! Darn you elevator for being the worlds fastest elevator. He was just about to kissed her, sure it would’ve been on the forehead and she wouldn’t know it’s her second crush. *sigh* Another scene of cuteness, where our OTP gets together, but isn’t together. Bong Soo gets rejected and it breaks our hearts for a split second. It took me a minute to remember it’s his character Bong Soo being turned down. Young Shin’s heart is for Jung Hoo/Healer. I do think Jung Hoo really meant what he said to Young Shin. This wasn’t Bong So talking, this was Healer who was asking her to pick him. It’s more humorous now that I’m thinking about it, she did pick Jung Hoo by denying Bong Soo’s feelings. Ha!!!

Amy: WHY???? That would have been the most adorable kiss! I’m so disappointed. I wanted to see the cute! I don’t think Young Shin would have reacted favorably, though, so it was probably for the best. Hee hee! Jung Hoo was definitely asking Young Shin to pick him and the smile on his face was adorable when she did. Speaking of smiles, we got to see Jung Hoo’s smile a lot in this episode and it was way too much cute! I have a feeling we won’t be seeing it much for a while after episode 10. *Pouts*

Detective Yoon is still on the Hunt

Tiara: The background checks of the staff of SomeDay News are on hold, which means we can all breathe a little easier for the rest of the episode. However, President Hwang committed “ suicide”. Moon Shik was warned to give up the true killer of Go, Sung Chul by Healer. This has the Elder’s work written all over this. I’m kind of glad Detective Yoon isn’t buying the fake evidence, yet I hope he’ll let Healer off the hook for being a killer. He’s a thief, not a killer.

Amy: Oh yeah. The Elder is definitely up to no good. I’m not sure if this will get Healer off the hook or make him more suspicious in Detective Yoon’s eyes. I’m hoping it isn’t the latter but this is dramaland so you never know!

Teacher and Student

Tiara: What a bastard Teacher is to leave his student on his birthday. Dude, not cool. He could’ve waited until the next day. I like the flakiness of Teacher but the dude is just downright cold. Yet, it kind of explains some of Jung Hoo’s silliness too. Please tell me I’m not the only one who wanted to give Jung Hoo a hug when his Teacher just walked away. Man, talk about being abandoned. The first person to not leave him is Ahjumma, yet.

Jung Hoo’s father was a report. Things are starting to click a little. Did his father find something on the Elder? Is this the reason the Elder set him up as a murder and then off him yet making it look like a suicide? What happens so long ago to get us to where we are today? Darn you questions!!!!

Amy: I don’t get why Teacher had to leave a guy with obvious abandonment issues on his birthday. Not cool at all. How do you get ladies pulling stuff like that Teacher? I know I wouldn’t be interested! Psh. Jung Hoo needed a good hug and some birthday cake after Teacher walked out. Poor guy! I’m so glad Ahjumma has stuck by his side. She’s great at annoying him but you can tell she cares.

I think that Jung Hoo’s father’s death has something to do with the Elder too. I’m not sure what yet but I don’t think Jung Hoo’s dad killed anyone or himself for that matter. So many questions and we have to do my least favorite thing to get the answers...WAIT!

Dear Healer

Tiara: What a way to end the episode. Young Shin wants a meeting with Healer. Healer is searching for clues at Moon Ho’s apartment and finds the old briefcase. Moon Ho knocks over a bag while leaving the office and finds Young Shin’s broken cell phone. I’m not sure Ahjumma will inform Healer about Young Shin’s email. She could replay back with a thanks but no thanks. What’s on the cassette tapes? What does the stuff in the briefcase mean? I get the feeling we’re going to be trolled. The drama is going to make it seem Moon Ho’s is putting two and two together but it’s all a fake. My fingers are crossed, the drama is smarter than trolling us. I’m hoping he confronts Jung Hoo about the phone. I kind want to see these two actually go toe to toe. What about you, Amy and Pamela?

Amy: I agree with you Tiara. We’re thinking Moon Ho will put everything together, but really he’ll just be suspicious of Jung Hoo. Moon Ho may think that Jung Hoo has feelings for Young Shin or that he is behind her murder attempt somehow. I hope the drama doesn’t troll us too but hey, it’s a drama so I won’t get my hopes too high. Hee hee! I defiinitely want to see Jung Hoo and Moon Ho go toe to toe. You can tell Jung Hoo has all kinds of things he wants to say to Moon Ho and now that he found all of that stuff he’ll have even more questions! Oh and I’m pretty sure Ahjumma will block Young Shin’s email. Ahjumma is looking out for Jung Hoo and does not want him to get hurt by involving himself with Young Shin.

End Thoughts:

Tiara: This weeks episode has gotten a little more serious in the narration. However, the writing has been able to balance the darker elements with the blend of flirty and silly. Mad props to the writing dishing out a solid episode again this week. The characters aren’t just one dimensional. These are complex characters with may layers we're just beginning to peel the layers back. The villains don’t come across as the comical mustache twirling characters. It’s refreshing to not roll my eyes whenever the villain is on the screen. If anyone is reading this and haven’t watched these episodes of Healer, what are you doing? Go watch the episodes. We’ll wait until you do, and then come back to our recaps and fangirl with us. If the drama continues to be this awesome, I got a new drama to start converting people to KDramas. *maniacal laugh*

Amy: Agreed. This drama is all kinds of awesome and if it keeps up this momentum to the end I will be telling everyone to watch it. I think everyone can find an element that they like in this drama. It is a perfect mix of action, comedy, thrills, and romance.

Tiara: We have arrived at the halfway point of the series yet the emotions are deepen and the mystery is still going strong. Who knew 10 episodes would go this quick? Will Healer get his email for a meet? Will Moon Ho figure out Bong Soo’s true identity? Have your thoughts changed toward Hyung? What were your thoughts on episode 10? How is the series doing so far? Will it keep telling this awesome story for the next 10 episodes? Alright fans, you tell us. Until next time, watch more dramas!!!

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