Tiara: Finally a week has past which mean a new episode of Healer. I hope all you Healer Fans survived the long wait for episode 13. We’ve got much to discuss from hospital visits, a song about bears, East or West, and saying goodbye. Come join Amy, Pamela, and myself as we continue to talk about the ins and outs and fangirl over all the juices moments.

Tiara: Thank goodness Young Shin was suspicious over Bong Soo being hurt. However, it’s Bong Soo’s warmth of his hand, which makes her wonder who is Bong Soo? Our clever report goes straight to investigating his car and comes to the conclusion Bong Soo is Healer. YAY!!! I’m happy the drama chose to have Young Shin figure it out. The tables are turned at this point. She knows his secret, but he doesn’t know she knows. I get her sadder. She feels like a fool for not being told his secret, but also for not figuring it out. I mean Bong Soo confessed his feelings for her. The way he crafted his confession speaks volumes to his double life.

Amy: I was squealing and clapping when she finally figured it out but it stinks that she has to be sad now. I get it though. Healer can’t reveal his identity yet because he has thing to accomplish.

Pamela: He may think he can’t reveal who he is, but the fact that Young Shin has found out through her own means demonstrates that Jung Hoo can’t avoid the discovery, either. I love that she found out, and especially that she found out by being persistent and observant - ironically, the two things her dad said she never was. Young Shin put all the pieces together by simply having enough time and opportunities to be within the same vicinity as Jung Hoo. The fact that she is down in the dumps because of the secret she now has to keep is a shame, but I hope that she continues to be triumphant, as she has been so far.

By George, I think she’s got it

Three bears went hunting, and only one came back alive

Tiara: Is it a little wrong of me to feel a tab bad for Moon Shik? He isn’t a good guy, don’t get me wrong. I do think he feels terrible about the death of his friends. He’s trying to make the best of a horrible situation. He has been forced to do things I don’t think he would’ve on his own merit. He’s stuck between a hard place and rock due to the pressure of the Elder. Psycho Secretary was ordered to kill Young Shin and threaten Jung Hoo’s mom again. I do wonder if Moon Shik will switch sides to destroy the Elder? No one knows who he is, but a few in the inner circle. Maybe this will be his redeeming quality.

Amy: I do think that he is a man who has made some poor choices but I’m not sure if I feel sorry for him YET. I feel like he did everything because he loves his wife but he went about everything so wrong. He had to know what he was doing wasn’t right. I don’t know. I guess I’ll see what happens and take it from there. Right now I’m thinking it would be awesome if everyone just teamed up to bring Elder down.

Pamela: Those are some good points. Creepyung is Creepyung, but he also was a friend. He wants to succeed, something that any of us can relate to. Really, the guy used to own a dumpster and was being friend-zoned by Myung Hee - for him, there could be many things he could be willing to do to get away from that past. It’s possible for him to be aware that the people he’s working with are shady, and that the actions he takes are ones that others (such as his brother and his former friends) look down upon. It’s also possible for him to have a developmental breakthrough and to join the heroes’ side. While that would be great, we’ll have to wait and see.

The past and present to another goodbye?

Amy: Poor guy had to grow up so fast. I really feel for him. He had to let his mom go and accept that she got married to someone else and had another son. It couldn’t have been easy on him. I think that he is all the more awesome for it though. I just wish he had more people who are a constant presence in his life.

Tiara: Jung Hoo’s past continues to make me heartsick. Jung Hoo is still angry over his mom for leaving him. I can’t say I blame him. He was so young when his father die and was still impressionable. It must’ve hurt him more to find his mom with a new family. On the outside, it looked like he was forgotten again. However, we come to learn his mother continues to cry for her son. I just don’t understand why the heartache is needed. Mom’s second husband seems like a okay guy. Why wouldn’t he want to bring mom and son together? Or is the reason mom distance herself from Jung Hoo because of the threat from long ago?

Pamela: Jung Hoo’s mother cares about him, and maybe it was that threat, if only at the beginning. Keep in mind that although she is glad to see Jung Hoo now, she waits for him to want to meet up with her. After leaving him behind, she knows that their relationship is a touchy subject. Jung Hoo can trust her to be there for him - or at least, he can trust her to trust him, as she did during their mini-get-together this week. She cried then because of the guilt, and that guilt kept her from finding him then, and that guilt keeps her from forcing him to be a part of the family she created after their separation.

The Elder vs Moon Ho, Jung Hoo, and Young Shin

Amy: Poor Jung Hoo. Hee hee! He’s like a little kid getting jealous over every little touch and smile. These three really need to get on the same page, though, so that they can start working together and protecting each other. Trust is tricky.

Tiara: I’m ready for this battle. I want team Healer to let secrets out and regroup as a united front. Their big fish is the Elder. Moon Shik is just one of his many ponds in this game of chess. Yet, a smart move to attack one of the ponds to get him off the board. On a side note, I greatly enjoyed watching Jung Hoo being green with jealousy. He’s such a little kid at times which is just endearing. I love getting to see him be carefree since he’s carrying a lot of weight on his shoulders.

Pamela: Oh, hey, it’s Green Chang Wook! The boy is adorable when he’s jealous or mad, let me tell you. Once he can unite with everyone against Elder and his lackeys, the weight won’t just be on his shoulders, either. But he doesn’t trust Moon Ho enough, and he is too concerned for Young Shin’s safety to accept all of the assistance that he is being offered.

East or West: either way I’m be waiting ….

Amy: Oh you two. Poor babies! They want to be together but they can’t because there is too much going on and things that need to be done first. Patience! Must have patience...

Tiara: She totally just told Jung Hoo she knows his secret and kind of mad at him. Hahahaha!!! This is the reason I like Young Shin. She doesn’t hold back on her feelings. She may not be telling Jung Hoo “I know you’re Healer”, but she explaining enough of her feelings towards him. Man, who knew hand holding or trying to hold hands would be so emotional. The wanting to hold hands but missing the contact is just stimulated. They want to be with each other, but they’re not emotionally ready for that stage. Fantastic scene.

Pamela: Can I just please crash to the floor in emotional overload? Jung Hoo was just so close to pulling Young Shin past the quietly sad point she is at, and to pulling himself away from the stubborn, lone-wolf self he is. Jung Hoo missed Young Shin as she walked away, not only to make us want to claw our faces in emotional, loving frustration, but also to show just how much more growing he has left. Tiara-unni is right in that Young Shin is less hesitant to suppress what she feels. Jung Hoo needs to himself become more expressive, which will take more than simply telling Ahjumma about his romantic feelings.

Time is running out until another one is silent ….

Amy: Nooooo! I’m still in denial! He isn’t really gone is he? Is he? I think I need to find somewhere to cry now.

Tiara: I can’t say I’m surprised Teacher was killed. He was getting too close to the truth, not to mention he is a weakness towards Moon Shik. I don’t think Moon Shik order for his kill. At this point, I’m betting on the Elder clearing the path for his pond to do he true bidding. This is going to hurt Jung Hoo. Another person leaving him yet this time Teacher didn’t have a choice. Poor puppy is going to need a hug. I volunteer as tribute for said hug. Moon Ho is going to be pointing fingers at his brother. This might break any brotherly love between them once and for all. He too might need a hug. I volunteer as tribute for this one as well. *wink*

Pamela: See, I thought that I would innocently watch the last five minutes of this episode before my first class started...What better way to begin a school day than the death of a Teacher? While the reasons for his death are not known at this moment, he may have seen it coming when he went to protect Jung Hoo. Even so, Tiara-unni, I will be vehemently fighting for the right to hug the little life-ruining puppy first. *narrows eyes* Honestly, it’s debatable whether or not Moon Ho will find out about this in the near future - although he might - so it’s difficult to say if the rift between the brothers will widen. Jung Hoo might feel the cracks in his heart grow farther and deeper, though. You know what we should do? We should hope Jung Hoo and Moon Ho give each other an emotional, brotherly hug of healing.

Tiara: Another episode is in the can. How are you’ll feeling about Young Shin finding out Bong Soo is Healer? Do you agree or disagree with her feelings? Do you think she should’ve told Jung Hoo she knows he’s “Batman”? Teacher has been killed, who is next? Will our clever detective figure out the true mystery? Get in on the discussions. Until next time, watch more Dramas.

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