Tiara: Emotions are running high for Team Healer as they workout their grief over the death of a friend and Teacher. Please come join Pamela, Amy, and myself as we give a moment of silence to pay respect to this beloved friend and Teacher.

Saying goodbye is hard

Amy: Was I the only one who cried pretty much throughout the whole episode? The pain! These poor men. Jung Hoo lost another person who was close to him and Moon Ho lost a man he looked up to and considered family. I can’t. I’m so glad Moon Ho stopped Jung Hoo, though! Killing definitely isn’t the way to go no matter how tempting or even justified it would be.

Tiara: Wow. Seeing Jung Hoo just break and snap is excruciating to watch.The guilt he must be feeling over his Teacher taking his place is eating him alive. Thank goodness Ahjumma is there to call Moon Ho. He can at least try to talk some sense to Jung Hoo. Killing Moon Shik is not the answer. The way to get back at the people who did this is to reveal all their evil deeds to the world. Sadly, the plan will take time which means the pain of the lost of Teacher will just get worst before it gets better. Moon Ho may seem like he has it together, but he’s just as upset as Jung Hoo. At this point, it the nail to the coffin for his Hyung. He no longer sees his Hyung as family, but a murder who needs to be stop. No more saying quiet.

These two boys still need a good hug and I’m still offering to give said hugs.

Pamela: *literally reaches out to computer* My poor baaabyy...and Moon Ho. Years of companionship have been tossed out the window for Jung Hoo when it comes to Teacher, and Moon Ho is trying to reclaim the friendship that fell out of another window decades ago. He is certainly upset, but this is the first time in a while that someone has died connected to Jung Hoo. This sad little boy has guilt, despair, and hopelessness to sort through all at once, and he doesn’t want to deal with anyone. Moon Ho has each of those to feel in turn, but he also has the revelation that his brother is dangerously close, if not past, the dark point of no return. It’s time for the revenge to start swinging its spiteful sword - the alliteration is optional.

The past makes us who we are today

Amy: I feel for Ahjumma. She was so dedicated to her job that she wasn’t there for her son when he passed away and then all of her hard work was for nothing. It is no wonder she is pretty much on her own now. I wouldn’t want to be in that environment anymore either.

Tiara: Finally some background information on Ahjumma. The system she worked so hard believing in justice and than being told to cover up a case is like a slap in the face. More so when she ignored her sick son wanting his mom and wasn’t there to be with her child before he died. Being put into a situation where your job of justice comes out as a joke, I understand why she chose to leave being a police officer. It also makes sense why she enjoys the money which comes with her new line of work. Poor Ahjumma. I hope there’s a HEA for her in this story.

Pamela: It is absolutely understandable now how she got into the line of work she currently in. Min Ja took for granted the time she had with her son as well as the level of clarity and righteousness within detective work, and she was scarred by it. Her husband and her boss both gave her a huge stab in the heart by making her identity as a mother and her work as a detective into lies, in a sense. She’s making up for it by following through on looking out for Jung Woo, and she’s punishing herself by holing up behind that master computer, and I hope that by involving herself with Jung Hoo and his well-being more, Ahjumma can find a happy ending to make up for what she’s lost.

Video message from the Dead

Amy: Oh this message. Teacher told Jung Hoo that he should stop what he is doing, get married, and have kids. He wants Jung Hoo to know that it is time to start leading a normal life. Unfortunately Jung Hoo just wants to give up on everything even Young Shin. I can’t imagine how hard it would be to lose so many people close to me. I might want to push away anyone who tried to get close as well, especially if I felt like they were in danger like Jung Hoo does.

Tiara: It’s like Teacher knew his life was over the moment the police came for him. I’m glad Jung Hoo was able to get the message from Teacher. Despite him being a hard ass on Jung Hoo, he really cared for the kid. He wanted the best for him and hopes he can marry and have kids with some dogs and cats and maybe a goldfish. However, he first needs to grieve over losing Teacher before he can really make any decisions.

Pamela: This was a beautiful moment. I agree that Teacher saw his end coming, and while it is awful that he’s had to leave, the death allowed him to be raw for Jung Hoo’s sake. As I’m watching the episode on Friday, this message worked in what one of my school’s music teachers calls, “Friday Philosophy.” What matters is that Jung Hoo doesn’t give up on the future he can still grasp - a future of simplicity, love, and most importantly, the journey for happiness. This is a lesson any of us can learn from (especially the almost-adult typing these words), and Jung Hoo will need a push to truly take his teacher’s final words to heart.

Mother and Daughter talking for the first time in years

Amy: This was so sweet. They have a connection and you can feel it. I’m excited for them to see each other in person. Also, it is awesome that Myung Hee is on to Moon Shik.

Tiara: We’re slowly getting closer to these two finally meeting. The phone call is business right now, but I’m hoping mother and daughter finally get to reunite. There’s a good chance Myung Hee could get tons better knowing her daughter is alive. She will have a reason to live. I worry the shock could put her into a coma and there goes any chance of these two getting to be mother and daughter.

Pamela: With Myung Hee and her powerful wheeling finally getting to encounter Young Shin and her own attitude, both will be able to experience the emotional fulfillment both need to make the extra steps towards taking on their past (and Moon Shik). It would be great for the mother and daughter to face each other after so many years of Ji Ahn growing into Young Shin and of Myung Hee regressing to the point she is at now. The reaction could either be detrimental for Myung Hee’s health, or seeing Young Shin will empower her to go up against Moon Shik once and for all.

A good dream which is reality, don’t make me leave

Amy: Just how sweet was this? Jung Hoo needs Young Shin and she wants to be there for him. I’m so proud of Young Shin for not letting Jung Hoo reject her. She held on to him and stayed to take care of him. He needs that in his life. He needs to know he can have a close relationship with someone who cares about him.

Tiara: I agree Amy. The scene was so sweet, I think I got a cavity. I told you Jung Hoo really needed a hug. He needed someone to lean on to comfort him. I too am super happy she stuck to her guns and not letting Jung Hoo make her leave. Tough love and I think he’s happy she stayed too. I’m looking forward to where this relationship plans on going now as most of the secrets are out.

Pamela: This little child needs to accept Young Shin’s help. He has gone through so much that has left him with a lessened ability to trust, but for the sake of the tears that I was afraid would come when she held him close, I hope Jung Hoo can let her in. Most of what has to be revealed has been revealed to Young Shin, so all that is left is for that level of acceptance to bring them close. Jung Hoo needs someone to care for him through the pain that is overflowing from him right now. I just need these two beautiful people to protect and embrace each other.

Overall thoughts:

Amy: I cried. A lot. I could feel the pain of the characters which speaks to their awesome acting. I love the way the plot is developing and I can’t wait for more.

Tiara: Another great week with these two episodes. Blood has been spilled which is to tell our characters no one is safe and not everyone can be saved. So far, the drama hasn’t let me down. I’m invested in the characters, but the story has me on pins and needles trying to figure out what the end will be. I have faith the drama will not fall under the second half slump.

Pamela: This is the pinnacle of emotional flooding with this drama. The blood, love, heart, humor, and pain have far exceeded the expectations I had back in December. So much has happened to pull us in, and so much is yet to happen. Honestly, this is the most anxiety- and pain-inducing drama I have watched (and simulcasted) in such a pleasant way. *enthusiastically thanks Ji Chang Wook for existing* Healer has not fallen victim to the dreaded drag of the middle episodes, so I have confidence in the drama makers to end the drama well, too.

Well Healer Fans, are you going to be able to wait a week? How did you guys feel about learning about Ahjumma’s past? Will Moon Ho be able to go after his Hyung? Are you fangirling over our OTP? What lays ahead for Team Healer? Talk to us about your thoughts. Until next time, watch more Dramas.

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