Did anyone else feel their heart burst with all of the cuteness this week? I don’t know how I survived...nor do I know how difficult it will be for our main couple here to make it through the secrets and ploys of Team Healer and Team Destroyer (featuring brotherly bond-breaking between Moon Ho and his Creepyung, respectively). Come join Amy-unni, Tiara-unni, and I as we type from the edges of our seats clawing for answers...and for Ji Chang Wook. Oops, did I say that out loud? Heehee...


More snuggling time ….

Amy: Just look at them! The beginning of this episode was so adorable but it made me wary because all of this cuteness has to mean something bad is going to happen soon. I will enjoy the cute while it lasts, though! I think it is adorable that Jung Hoo kept touching Young Shin just to make sure he wasn’t dreaming. So sweet!

Tiara: Well, that finally escalated to a safe and happy place quickly. Thank you Drama Gods for delivering the best fan service so far in 2015. I love how lovey dovey these two happen to be during the beginning portion of this episode. Jung Hoo not letting Young Shin cook was just adorably charming. I couldn’t help, but grin the whole time catching these two be the mushy affectionate couple. It makes me happy to see these two finally get to have a moment of happiness. I’m not betting this happiness will endure for long.

Pamela: Beautiful fanservice tends to be bittersweet that way... Still, I enjoyed every second of it. The momentary cuddling between these two, as well as Jung Hoo following Young Shin around like a puppy dog when she was cooking for him was just adorable...It was all beautiful, really. Instead of Jung Hoo trying so hard to both push Young Shin away and pull her close - both for the sake of her safety, and partially for the sake of his emotions - Young Shin took the opportunity to force her way into his secret life. This, at least for now, brought them a moment of lovey-dovey contentment. For now, this was just what these two needed.


My name is Seo Jung Hoo

Tiara: I just loved the interaction of the scene in Moon Ho’s apartment. Moon Ho proclaiming Jung Hoo likes Ji Ahn was like a brother teasing his younger brother. If only tragedy didn’t happen for these three to be a happy family. I wonder if Jung Hoo would disclose to Young Shin about her mother being alive. He wants to confess, but he’s conflicted about when the right time would be. He realizes her feelings towards her real parents. It isn’t going to be an easy thing to tell her.

Bong Soo is on personal leave, huh. Moving along, I guess it’s time to say Welcome Young Shin to Team Healer. I hope she learns the special handshake. This was so exciting and entertaining to watch Jung Hoo, Ahjumma, and Young Shin working together. It’s old hat for Jung Hoo and Ahjumma, but I love how thrilling the experience was for Young Shin. Ultimately, she gets to employ all her skills the Ahjussi’s taught her. I can’t wait to see more adventures with the new Team Healer.

Amy: Moon Ho was too cute teasing Jung Hoo like that. I don’t think Moon Ho has any feelings toward Young Shin aside from wanting to take care of her like an older brother. I was hoping he wouldn’t be in a love triangle with Jung Hoo and Young Shin so I’m relieved. I’m also happy that Jung Hoo is listening to Moon Ho for now. I think that it would be a mistake to reveal who Young Shin is before Myung Hee is ready. I’m not sure about revealing who Jung Hoo’s dad is. I think I would want her to know as soon as possible so that she can make her own decision about their relationship after she finds out.

It was awesome watching Young Shin work with Team Healer. I cracked up when she led everyone on a chase outside and then said she saw her crush. Too funny! Also, how stinkin’ cute was Jung Hoo’s reaction when she called him her boyfriend?

Pamela: Moon Ho is trying so hard to make up for all the rough patches that have been sewn into Jung Hoo’s and Young Shin’s quilts of life. I have been hoping that he would be sincere (and honestly, I was thinking within my own mind that he would be, but caution is good when you have a show this painful) in his efforts, and I’m glad he is. What is unfortunate is the dilemma that Moon Ho and Jung Hoo have to deal with in deciding whether or not Young Shin should know her past. She was smart enough to figure out Jung Hoo’s true identity, so she is intelligent enough to realize something is up - especially when Moon Ho did mistakenly call her, “Ji An,” back during that elevator incident. She has become a member of Jung Hoo’s little squad, so she should be trusted with this information, but it’s the aftereffects that matter most. Will she be thrilled? Will she break down? Or will she break up? (I certainly hope not, since that boyfriend-status gives Jung Hoo so much adorable happiness.)


Tapping your wife’s phone could lead him to the dog house

Tiara: I can’t say I’m surprised Moon Shik is tapping his wife’s phone. I find Moon Shik more scary over how controlling he is over his married woman than his work related job. His obsession with Myung Hee is unsettling. I appreciate the man for taking care of Myung Hee with all her medical issues, but it doesn’t excuse him from being a creep. Nevertheless, Moon Shik doesn’t know how much information his wife has about his evil works. I do ponder what Myung Hee will do. Will she leave him or will she bring him down?

Amy: I wasn’t surprised about Moon Shik tapping Myung Hee’s phone either. Disappointed, sure, but not surprised. It’s interesting to me that his secretary does all of the bad things so that Moon Shik feels disconnected and may not even remember what happened. I wonder if that is true. He may put it out of his mind but I don’t understand how he could truly forget. I hope Myung Hee will join Team Healer. I want her to bring Moon Shik down.

Pamela: Maybe he does remember that he has allowed for many bad things to occur over the past two decades. Maybe it's the denial of guilt that puts the memories out of his mind, and in some cases, it may be him rationalizing his way out because it is the secretary doing the dirty work. No matter what Moon Shik has in his head, Myung Hee is discovering this Creepyung side of Creepyung, and I'm honestly not sure what she will do. I can hope that she will reach into her past motivations to unveil the truth as a former underground reporter. But it's her health that may decide just how much she will contribute to Team Healer.


Don’t look behind the curtain while Healer does your job

Tiara: I’m pleased with the episode, giving Team Healer a win. They were able to hunt down the real murder behind Teacher’s death. Will detective Yoon ever figure out which side is good and bad? He’s still caught up in the wrong piece of evidence. He’s not looking outside the box for the resolutions. Evening Ahjumma was a bit disappointed in him. Despite not being the brightest, he did manage to score a win too, by catching a fellow policeman. I was worried he was going to let it go. Our Detective Yoon is a horrible man. Wouldn’t it be fun for him to join Team Healer too?

Amy: I want all of the characters I like on Team Healer! Ha ha! I just want them to have one big team so that I can watch them catch bad people. Second season? I think Detective Yoon will catch on eventually. He’s just a little slow because like you said, Tiara, he doesn’t think outside of the box. Maybe Ahjumma will reach out to him and get him to wake up.

Pamela: Let’s just convince the writers to implement a brainwashing device that will put everyone in support of Jung Hoo, shall we? Or let's just force Detective Yoon into a box and not let him out until he thinks outside of it. What am I saying...? *mind goes blank* In any case, pun not intended, the man needs to see the Healer side of the story, because there is more than one path of goodness. Hopefully, he can learn to straddle between his and Jung Hoo’s paths before it’s too late (for him). He would be a fairly valuable ally.


Declaration of war has been accepted

Tiara: Well, this is going to come back and bit team Healer in the butt. It’s great Team Healer is stepping it up and pulling out punches. I do worry there is something they’re missing. Moon Shik is not going to take this lying down. He may have been coerced to be his evil self, but he’s still a scoundrel in his bones. As I said above, the happiness will not live long. The tiger hasn’t been let out just yet, but it’s just a matter of time before the crap hits the fan. War is a cold and messy business.

Amy: It’s all going to turn now. Moon Shik definitely won’t take this lying down. He is going to do whatever it takes to bring his enemies down because he is selfish and doesn’t want anyone in his path. Thangs are going to get ugly!

Pamela: More so than they already are? The brotherly relationship here is all but ravaged, so neither man has anything holding him back. What it is down to after this point is who can muster enough damage to make the other fall. Moon Ho has the humanity and the willpower on his side, but Moon Shik has the shadiness and the Elder on his.


An interview which may or may not happen ….

Tiara: Don’t get in the car… it’s another trap. Another interview not happening. I hope she dials Moon Ho to come and get her. If she calls Jung Hoo, he won’t think smart. Moon Shik may think he holds the upper hand, but Young Shin got a punch in by telling him about her fear of automobiles. He doesn’t realize the trauma Young Shin went through. I’m not certain if it would make a divergence, but I would love the guilt on his face none the less.

Amy: Why would she get in the car? Just why? How was that a wise decision? I really thought Young Shin knew better! Sigh. I agree Tiara. I hope Young Shin calls Moon Ho because Jung Hoo will just lose it and will not think things through. He sees red when someone is messing with someone he cares about. I really hate waiting for new episodes...

Pamela: When she made the decision to enter the car, I started bouncing in my chair and pleading in whiny protest. This is where the dilemma of letting Young Shin in on the secrets has to come to a head. Her safety is risked if she knows and wants to get involved. Her safety is risked as well if she doesn't know and can't discern the enemy at face value. I just hope Moon Shik doesn’t pull too much in terms of harming her, but Moon Ho and/or Jung Hoo will hopefully be there to push back at him, I’m sure.


These battles won’t be too painful for us to watch, will they? *shudders* *gnaws fingernails* How severe do you think our characters’ pains will be next episode? Is Creepyung reaching the boiling point of evil? Are you sick of that nickname yet? Has our main couple warmed or frozen your hearts? Let us know in the comments below, and join us next time as our cliffhanger-induced anxieties are momentarily...Healed.