So...some things happened. Some suspicions were fostered against Jung Hoo. Some cats were let out of the bag of Young Shin’s past. Oh, and there was this lady prancing around a computer lab lair to “I Am The Best.” Where will this lead? (To my mental demise, I’d wager.) Come join Amy-unni, Tiara-unni, and I as we share our thoughts on this episode’s additions to this emotional rollercoaster of a drama week!


The Seed of Doubt

Amy: Sigh. Could you just go away Moon Shik? You’re messing everything up and I don’t appreciate it! Well, kind of messing everything up. Young Shin needs to know what is going on but she is not getting correct information from Moon Shik. It didn’t seem like she was believing him but it looked like little doubt seeds were being planted.

Tiara: Is this the story Moon Shik tells himself to feel better about leading his friends to be murder? He must be mental if he thinks by sending Jung Hoo to jail and making Young Shin a famous reporter is helping the kids. He justifies his actions towards the kids by being friends with their fathers. What a bunch of BS. I really do hope it’s Myung Hee who brings down the house of cards on him. I noticed my feelings towards him continues to be mixed. One episode, I sympathize with Moon Shik, but the next episode I want to punch him in the face. I have to give it to the writing for making this villain be complex.

Pamela: I’m split in my opinions in that I'm not sure if Moon Shik is a pathological liar or if he really is also self-delusional. One thing is for sure: he has finally made Young Shin ask the big questions about her past once and for all. This time, she gets her answers, even if she was pushed by the circumstantial evidence that made Jung Hoo out to be a murderer. On one hand, Moon Shik is advancing the plot, and he has some believable reasons that made him go down this antagonistic path. On the other hand, this is a man in need of a downfall. I'm interested in seeing how the next two weeks will set up his demise.


Your real name is Ji Ahn

Amy: I’m glad Young Shin finally knows about her mom. I just wish her mom could know about her too! Isn’t there a way to break it to her without a seizure? It’s just too sad. I know Young Shin can meet Myung Hee without Myung Hee knowing who she is but that would be so painful to watch. I really hope they can start a relationship!

Tiara: Oh, I agree Amy. I want my family reunion now. I’m glad the seed of doubt is rooted into Young Shin. She’s hurt, sad, and confused which we get to be apart of her coming to terms with the news. Young Shin needs to go through this painful time to put her thoughts together. Watching her push away Jung Hoo and Moon Ho is heartbreaking, but unstandable after being giving reasons to mistrust them after her talk with Moon Shik. It would’ve been odd for her not to rattled over the information.

Pamela: Young Shin is finally in on the secrets of the team, and while not the information or the context she may have wanted, the revelation could not be avoided. The aftershocks sting for her. Her world has been rocked. She has proven her ability to recover from life's earthquakes, especially when she has people like Moon Ho and Jung Hoo now to pull her back. Young Shin’s acceptance is under her own jurisdiction, but she won't have to go through it all alone.


Looking for ex-cops ...

Amy: Jung Hoo is readily going into traps to find out what really happened with his dad but I can’t blame him. I would want my dad’s name to get cleared too even with someone like Moon Shik and Elder on the opposing end. He needs that closure. Wait. What if his dad has been alive all this time and everything was a set up? Why? I don’t know. This is dramaland after all. Logic isn’t exactly plentiful here.

Tiara: Very true Amy. The title for this episode must be “It’s all a trap”. The lengths in which Moon Shik is going too. At least, Healer knows it’s a trap. I can’t say it makes me feel reassured. But it is noteworthy to know the officers in charge of his father’s were all fired. Why? What did Jung Hoo’s father tell them? Was the stakeout back in 92 have something to do with the Elder? Oh darn you drama with more questions instead of answers.

Pamela: We haven’t gotten all the answers we want, and neither has Jung Hoo. He’s in a similar position as us, finding a new lead as he goes along, and discovering all of the questions - Jung Hoo and we all have the same information right now. What I like about this setup is that we still are kept guessing, as you two just demonstrated with your theories. All we can do is sit on the edges of our seats and hope that Jung Hoo goes into his risky stunts and comes out with some intel we can devour. He’s been involved in quite a few of these traps in this episode, and how much riskier he will have to behave to maneuver in and out of said traps is something to look forward to, development-wise.


Come back to me with or without evidence…

Amy: Oooooooh! Bold move, you two! The look on Dad’s face was priceless too. I’m glad Young Shin finally came to her senses though. I was really feeling bad for Jung Hoo when she wouldn’t even look at him.

Tiara: Hahaha!!!! Thank goodness Young Shin. She may still have doubts, but is able to put her faith in Jung Hoo to find the evidence of what happen in 92. At this point, she just wants him to promise to come back to her with the truth or without. This spoke volumes of their relationship and I hope this faith in each other stands strong with the other shoe drops.

Pamela: *fans self* *flails self* *falls self* That whole scene was just beautiful, in terms of both hilarity and sentiments. All Young Shin’s dad can do is sit back and watch as his daughter pulls Jung Hoo closer (emotionally, I mean). Young Shin is just catching up with her feelings and with recognizing her involvement in this whole plot. What she is learning is that while she can try to be there for Jung Hoo as much as she wants (and more than he’ll admit), he’ll reciprocate. He will come back to her, and what he does or does not know won’t prevent that. Although something else just might...


Another one becomes a murderer…and another one bites the dust

Amy: Oh boy. We’re in for a ride now! I really hope Young Shin doesn’t believe Jung Hoo did it though. I hope she is just in shock at seeing a dead person because I would hope that she would know better. Then again Moon Shik planted doubt seeds so you never know.

Tiara: Well, crap. This framed job makes me speculate if this was how Moon Shik made the world believe his friend is a murder. This was planned and organized too well for it to be the first time to set up someone for a fall they didn’t commit. I don’t think Moon Ho and Young Shin will believe what they see. Myung Hee called to warn Moon Ho about the setup. Also, Moon Ho was told by his Hyung his plans for Healer by sending his to jail. This is a setback for Team Healer. It isn’t the end. I hope for this to make them want to fight and bring down Moon Shik more. I kind of hope to see Young Shin bring revenge by being at the house of her mom and Moon Shik walk in worried. Ha!!!

Pamela: My heart is sinking, and I fear for what the next week will hold for Jung Hoo. Moon Shik has it in for Team Healer, and it will take a lot of trust and willpower to avoid Jung Hoo being wrongfully framed. We’ve been talking a lot about trust these past few weeks, and this is the opportunity to put all those kisses and angry punches to the test. It would be great for Young Shin to be the one to confront Moon Shik and Myung Hee, because Moon Ho’s confrontational skills haven’t done much. Both of them need to tag-team this effort (with Min Ja, the honorary Kpop Ahjumma, of course) to solidify Team Healer’s Healed bond. Jung Hoo can’t shove the weight of suspicion off his shoulders alone. *hides behind Goofy Pillow Pet* And I don’t know if I can handle watching him try...


And thus, the chorus of anxious screams begins. Will we survive the wait until the next episode? Will Jung Hoo? Will our main couple? How severely will this influx of conflicting information affect Young Shin’s devotion to the Healing cause? Just how long will Moon Shik play the dishonest brutality card, and how much further will he go to protect him and his past? Most importantly...where is that food Young Shin tried to cook last episode? Please comment below with your thoughts, and join us as we gnaw our fingernails to bits waiting for next time!

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