Tiara: Team Healer, we’re down to the final two. Our team is put into corners, but just like Baby, nobody puts Team Healer in a corner. Get ready, get set, and suit up Healers as Pamela and I start our investigation against bringing down the Elder and Farmers. (Side note – Amy will not be with us for these next two episodes. We hope for the best for her family)

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Following orders or ... maybe

Tiara: As much as I dislike the Elder, he’s either a genius or he’s good at hiring the right people. The Elder isn’t the normal Kdrama troupe villain. Sure, it’s blackmail, but he knows the right button to push and does it with flair. I can’t help be appreciated the evilness of the villain. It doesn’t come across as cheap. The situation Jung Hoo is stuck with feels real. I admit I was on the edge of my seat trying to figure out how he was going to get out of these circumstances.

Pamela: The Elder is skilled at what he does, which is why he has the reputation he does. If he was given more of a backstory, his evil nature might come across as more or less humane, depending on what happened to him, but we have what we have. I agree that Jung Hoo is in a sort of chaos that hasn’t been as over-the-top as it could have been. The creators of the drama have balanced the comedy and the intensity, and as such, I can’t gosh-freaking wait for this whole thing to pan out.

Brothers finally have the talk

Tiara: I’d wonder if Moon Ho knew about Myung Hee’s bug. I guess in the end it didn’t matter if he knew or not. There were no secrets between brothers and he was going to say his peace. I still can’t believe how naïve Moon Shik thinks about his brother. Forcing him to take over as President of his company isn’t going to make him stop. Heck, he believes he doesn’t have a hand in the death and betrayal of his friends. He’s been saying the same statement for years, he actually believes the words. His memory of what happen has changed. How sad …

Pamela: Moon Shik’s perception of his brother is that of a condescending senior. He seems to think that, with the Elder and his secretary backing him, Moon Ho and the rest of the Healer group can’t even get close to his level. He sees himself as above all the action, but that sense of guilt may still gnaw at him in the end, for whether he admits it or not, Moon Shik was involved in the happenings that ended his friends. I’d say that, especially after Myung Hee’s little separation stunt, Moon Shik might just crack under her suspicions.

Brother and sister moment about zombies …

Tiara: I love this scene between Young Shin and Moon Ho. In Healer fashion, the stakes are high, but there are these soft and gentle moments to give some breather. I love this interaction between the two. They are totally like brother and sister. It’s kind of a shame these two didn’t get the years to be like siblings. Love the zombie movements. The analogy about being a zombie is a great comparison of the people who work for the Elder. Those people have accepted their fate of being a brain eating zombie. They don’t ask questions and do as their nature tells them. Remember to shoot for the brains.

Pamela: Tiara-unni, that little snarky comment about the brains actually fits their situation pretty well. Each of the sides being pitted against each other in this drama must be able to “shoot for the brains” and outsmart the brains of the other team. What the Healer side has that the others don’t is trust and bonding, which this scene demonstrates. Young Shin and Moon Ho missed out on all of those years of him looking out for her after his time babysitting her and Jung Hoo, but her admiration for him and his devotion to finding her carried them all back together. We were saying earlier in the drama that the guy is fairly obsessed with his past, but the fact that he is able to make up for the negative feelings he has felt by working and joking with Young Shin and Jung Hoo is pretty heartwarming.

Saying Goodbye is actually easy

Tiara: Myung Hee has some class. If I was her, there would be some choice words and some things being thrown at him. How she was able to keep her cool is really classy. I understand she is grateful towards Moon Shik for caring for her. It was no secret to him how she felt about the situation. She told him from the beginning, he wouldn’t get her love only her gratitude. How could she continue to stay with him knowing he lied about her daughter? As well as made more excuses for his reasons or at least tried to. It’s great to see her character become stronger with each episode. She was able to handle the news about her daughter being alive. I wonder what else she’s able to do …

Pamela: This character made my heart skip a beat - in sheer joy. Myung Hee’s final rejection of Moon Shik was so satisfying and unwavering, especially after over two decades of marriage. She never could entirely let go of the past either, as most of the characters couldn’t, and Moon Shik violated her trust by trying to box her in and masking the truth. I love how her growth allowed her to find her way out of that box and out of that house. All that is left for her is to finish the arc of her and her daughter.

Detective Yoon has been called up from the minors

Tiara: I’m still hoping Detective Yoon joins Team Healer. I mean Ahjumma is the one in charge and he apparently considers her his boss still. He better come through in the final hour. He’s going to be the one on the white horse and army, okay the police to the final fight to arrest the Farmers and the Elder. Okay, I really hope this happens. Moon Ho stayed alive so far, can’t I hope for a miracle right?

Pamela: *crosses fingers* *crosses toes* *crosses arms* *crosses everything* Team Healer is coming together quite nicely - quite livingly, too. No one’s died yet (well...no one we have seen for longer than two or three scenes, anyway), so I’m going to continue praying to the gods of Kdrama and of the Internet. As for Detective Yoon, he can’t refuse the allure of Ahjumma’s...melifluous voice...for all that long.

Healer to the Rescue

Tiara: Yay, Jung Hee and Ahjumma get to meet at last. She may say he isn’t Healer’s mom, but she has practically been his mother. She may not clean his clothes, but she handles his bank account. Heck, she also has an opinion on the girl he dates. Back on topic, I was almost worried the Double SS was going to get to Ahjumma before Jung Hee. That boy must’ve broken every speeding law to get there in time. Yes, in Healer I trust. So what happens to be the plan to end the Farmers and bring down the Elder?

Pamela: Well, since the plan to bring down Ahjumma failed, the Farmers will have to continue tilling the fields, as will our United Healers. (*gasps* Did I finally just come up with our fan club name? Great timing…?) Min Ja is in the position to be a mother figure, a friend, and a cohort all in the same breath - or rather, in the same stride. *points to meme* *hopes people understand pun* Ah, well...When all else fails, you can expect that Jung Hoo and Min Ja will not.

Tiara: How do you feel with one episode to go? Anyone with me about hoping for a good miracle? Do we need a miracle or will you trust in Healer? Alright, Team Healer the end is near as we head into the finale episode. Until next time, watch more Dramas.

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