Tiara: Welcome to episode 7. On this episode today, Moon Ho starts Young Shin’s training, Healer is out on a personal mission, our OTP has a blindfolded heart thumping moment, and Teacher comes back home. Come join Amy, Pamela, and me as we discuss the highlights of episode 7…

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Vacation or Work?

Tiara: I’m not sure Teacher and Ahjumma know Jung Hoo very well. Granted, Healer has never found anything which would spark his interest before, but they both had to know it was only a matter of time before something did. What did they plan on doing to keep Jung Hoo distracted? Anything for him to find out what happen to his dad is kind of a red flag in my book. However, I’m getting a tickle out of Teacher and Ahjumma both thinking Young Shin is the biggest reason why he doesn’t leave. Sure, it’s one of the motivations for Jung Hoo to stay, but it’s the secret of why she, he and Moon Ho are connected. Yet, if I had to pick vacation or work can I take vacation? Anyone else with me?

Amy: I agree that the reason Healer is so interested is because he wants to solve the mystery of the connection between himself, his dad, and everyone else. He wants to know what is going on and he wants to clear his name of murder too. He is definitely getting attached to Young Shin as well. I think he feels comfortable around her. I could use a vacation right now but I totally get why work was chosen.

Pamela: It’s ironic because I’m on a vacation from school, but there is very little resting going on. The amount Jung Hoo has going on around himself, Young Shin, and Moon Ho are so much more than I could handle as well or as long as he has. This is an attractive job for him: it’s challenging, it involves his past, and it presents the prospect of romance to him.

Hyung’s Spies

Tiara: Hyung is totally going to find out Young Shin’s identity. I’m getting a bad feeling about this. Why did Moon Ho have to confess to his ex about his first love? I can’t say I’m shocked to see her having lunch with Moon Shik. Dude, apparently Hyung doesn’t have anything better to do with his life. He really does want to control his brother. Hiring Moon Ho’s former associate to be Hyung’s spy is just low. Do you think Moon Ho’s is going to figure out there is a spy in his net? I wonder if he expects his brother to do send him a spy. Oh, how interesting it would be, if Moon Ho gave fake information to his Hyung’s spy. What do you two think?

Amy: I don’t even know what to do with Hyung. I get so agitated with people who feel like they have to control everything. Why are you so power hungry? Why? I guess it is because he knows Moon Ho can expose him at any time and doesn’t want his secrets out there. I hope Moon Ho finds out what is going on and gives out false information! Although if Hyung knows everything and still gets his in the end that may be more entertaining.

Pamela: Moon Ho’s hyung is the type of person who found his chance to become successful in business and romance after being just the guy who drove around his then-unrequited love and his friends as the president of a dumpster. He’s gone from that point to being in a position that allows for ordering around his lackeys and for having Myung Hee as a wife. I can understand why he’s so eager to control what is going on. I hope Moon Ho does get his sneaky-sneaky on, too...unless he gets distracted by a certain someone...

How to be a reporter 101?

Tiara: I do believe Moon Ho wants to help Young Shin to achieve her dream. However, this was bittersweet to watch. His flashback of Little Peanut is endearing and heartwarming. When Moon Ho comes out of the memory, his eyes are full of emotions, but I wonder if he can let go of the past to see the true woman in front of him. Young Shin isn’t the same Little Peanut from years past. She’s had a hard life who has felt abandoned over the years. The happy girl of Moon Ho’s memories no longer exists. His sense of guilt over this memory is going to do him in. For his sake, he needs to let go of the past and focus on the now.

Amy: I agree with you Tiara. If he is going to help Young Shin he needs to let go of the past so that he can focus on her. She is a different person and thinking about the little girl of the past will not help the woman of the present.

Pamela: That is a great way to look at his feelings, Tiara-unni and Amy-unni. He is trying to at least reclaim the past — if not redeem all the pain points he and Myung Hee have earned over the decades. However, the memory of Young Shin isn’t some sort of gift card. The reunion between her, her mother, Moon Ho, and Jung Hoo is something that they each at least hint at wanting. Moon Ho is venturing into some painful emotional territory, though. I like how seriously he takes teaching her, and that he does care, but people are in for some emotional injuries.

Rooftop Rendezvous

Tiara: I will go down with this ship. These two are adorable. Jung Hoo was surprised with Young Shin’s depiction of being alone. Being abandoned and alone is something both these two has in common. Jung Hee may not understand his feelings for Young Shin, but they’re very telling. His disguise can be a blessing since Bong Soo isn’t Mister Capable. He’s able to cover up his jealousy with just being a bumbling idiot. Those are some of my favorite moments.

Amy: I too will go down with this ship. There is no other ship in my eyes. I seriously love these two together and get giddy when there are sweet scenes with them. I’m glad they have someone who understand them and will be there for them. I’m excited to see their relationship progress.

Pamela: Not only will I go down with this ship, I will suffocate from feels overload before I do so. I was sitting during this particular scene repeating pleas for him to kiss her. She might care for him because she thinks of him as her stumbling hoobae, but he cares for her as not only a job requirement, but as an instinct. Once the walls between them have fallen and she discovers his identity, I look forward to the fangirling going up a few notches (primarily because*fans self whilst flailing over Ji Chang Wook*

Teacher and Ahjumma reflect on the past

Tiara: Did anyone else find it interesting Teacher kept talking about destiny/fate? An interesting connection of how Young Shin feels about destiny and fate. I was a tab worry Teacher was going to sweep the accident under the rug because he was concerned with Jung Hoo ending up like his friends. I understand he can bring back his dead friends and at the time didn’t have the power to fight those who killed his friends. However, I’d hope he would’ve been slightly curious about the accident in 1992. It seems like Teacher will have to make a choice or fate/destiny is making his choice for him. It’s a matter of time before Teacher and Student are working together to put the puzzle pieces together.

Amy: I’m surprised Teacher doesn’t want to know about the accident too. I think that with time, though, he’ll get interested and start working with Healer. I like Teacher a lot. It was hilarious when he was saying he would take Healer’s place by Young Shin’s side. I want to hear more of Teacher’s story and get to know him better.

Pamela: He won’t really have a choice; the accident will reveal itself in time, and both Teacher’s and Ahjumma’s reactions to Jung Hoo’s role in the story will hopefully be priceless. Jung Hoo’s true identity should make things a bit more interesting once it’s uncovered. That moment when he said he would take Healer’s place was beautiful in that it was entirely laughable. The humor in this drama is great because it takes advantage of opportunities to make the actors look awkward for just a few seconds. The role of fate in this drama should also be great, since it obviously is to Jung Hoo’s teacher.

Healer’s missions of the day: 1.) Visit President Hwang 2.) Visit Moon Shik

Tiara: Thank goodness someone taught President Hwang a lesson about not hitting women. Of course, the dude isn’t going to stop, but it was nice to see some karma giving back to him. I figured Healer was going to get the video not because it’s the right thing, but Young Shin needed it. I think someone is smitten over someone.

Healer may have been caught red handed. Who knew Jung Hoo look just like his dad? I guess we kind of knew since mommy dearest couldn’t look at her son since he looked to much like her dead husband. I don’t think Moon Shik is going to let this encounter go. With Myung Hee seeing an old friend, she better start being suspicious of Moon Shik. I put money on him saying some pretty words to his wife to distract her. My fingers are crossed she puts in a call to Moon Ho about the late night visit. I don’t see Moon Shik giving the real killer to police after this slip. What do you think Amy or Pamela?

Amy: I loved the violence against President Hwang even though I know it is so wrong. I’m so conflicted. I just want to see that bad guy hurt and want him to learn his lesson. I know that violence isn’t the answer but it is nice to see him get hit. Oh Healer is definitely smitten with Young Shin whether he is ready to admit it or not. It is adorable too. I really wish Jung Hoo hadn’t been discovered at that moment but it will definitely make things interesting. I agree that the real killer won’t be handed over now that Moon Shik knows who Healer is. He’s got Healer’s identity and will use it against him. It will be awesome if Myung Hee starts putting two and two together now. I want her to know what is going on and find her daughter again!

Pamela: Haha…”or”...I agree with Amy-unni in terms of feeling conflicted. At this point, I’m used to the idea that Jung Hoo has to beat people up in order to get his jobs done, but what I’m not used to is this idea of bringing redemption. Jung Hoo is getting more involved in his job than any other in the past - we can assume, based on his client policies - and this will accelerate the process of everyone recognizing him just as Myung Hee did. Speaking of Myung Hee, I’m not sure how much that encounter will make her suspicious of Moon Shik, Tiara-unni...It might in the long run, but I don’t know if I can say the same for the immediate future. Moon Shik still has plenty of chances to sway her slight suspicions. We’ll find out next episode how hard our leads’ enemies attempt to hinder their efforts.

Tiara: That’s a wrap for episode 7 for us, but what about you, Healer fans? Would you go on vacation or head to work? Are you shipping our OTP? Is Teacher and Ahjumma going to join Healer’s new mission? Will Young Shin become a great reporter? Tell us your thoughts on episode 7 in the comments below. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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