Welcome to episode 8, Healers!!! On this episode, a trip down Healer’s memory, a spy enters the game, warnings are given, Hyung sees ghosts, Young Shin is tricked, and Healer is there for the rescue. Come join Amy, Pamela, and I as we talk about the ins and outs of episode 8.

Healer’s identity: Caught or Save?

Tiara: I’m not completely sure his identity is caught. Granted, Moon Shik is frightenly smart to put two and two together. The question now is if he investigates if Joon Seok’s son became the new Healer. Moon Shik could believe Myung Hee was just confused. I wonder how much of the accident affected her memory. I don’t think this is the first time she’s gotten people confused before. What do you, Amy or Pamela, think about the scene?

Amy: I’m not sure what to think. I’m actually wondering if Myung Hee is on to Moon Shik. I think she knows that he is up to something, but she doesn’t know if she can trust him. Maybe that is the way I want her to be but I at least think she is suspicious of Moon Shik.

Pamela: It really is difficult to say...Moon Shik could choose to accept the explanation that Myung Hee is confused and over-thinking her memory. However, Myung Hee has put the idea out there that no one else has since Jung Hoo found that picture in her room: that Jung Hoo is connected to her, her friends, and the 1992 accident. As for her being suspicious, she may be, taking into consideration her Merlin references from a few episodes ago. At the same time, she still relies on him to keep her calm and to be with her, so any of her suspicions - about Moon Shik or Jung Hoo - may be quelled so she doesn’t have another seizure.

To trust or not to trust Sunbae?

Tiara: As I’ve said before, I trust Moon Ho to want to help Young Shin become a great reporter. He believes he has a debt to pay back to her and helping her achieve her dream might help relieve him of this debt.. However, I don’t believe this is his only intentions. He knows the evil deeds his brother has done and never once done anything towards his brother. I do wonder how Moon Ho will plan to use the video. Any ideas on how he plans on using the video? On a side note, I’m surprised she hasn’t told her Dad about the video. This is the evidence which could get rid of the lawsuits.

Amy: I seriously have no clue what Moon Ho will do with that video. I think he wants to put the whole story together before he reveals anything on it though. I trust Moon Ho but I also think he is conflicted because of his brother.

Pamela: Moon Ho has a reputation as a reporter who reveals the story, no matter how deep in trouble it gets him. I believe that he will, as long as he believes Young Shin will stay safe when the evidence is publicized. His brother could be a part of the mix, too, but currently, I think Young Shin’s safety is a priority for him.

Young Shin’s embarrassment to her one-sided crush and Moon Ho’s warning to Healer

Tiara: Poor Young Shin for feeling like she’s been rejected twice. Her relationship with Moon Ho is awkward. She wanted to be just like him. Sadly for Moon Ho, he kind of broke the illusion of her crush when he asked to take over her story. She thinks he sees her as just a junior to his Sunbae. How heart broken Young Shin felt finding out Healer was only protecting her because he was paid money. Of course, we know Healer’s intentions are more complex than just money.

There’s so much emotion in just that one look he gives to Young Shin. It’s very telling.

As for Moon Ho’s warning, hahahaha!!!! It’s not surprising how much of a child Jung Hoo turns into. Healer is really just a man child, but telling him not to do something is only going to make him rebel. Is it wrong I can’t wait to see Moon Ho’s face when he finds out Clark is really Batman. Hehehe!!!

Amy: I loved this scene! Healer is just like me. When someone tells me not to do something I really want to do I will rebel and do it anyway. Poor Moon Ho. He won’t get his way. Hee hee!

Pamela: That “personal contact” moment*sobs* I really wanted to be Young Shin. Anyway, I think Jung Hoo rebelling is adorable, including right after the forehead touch, when he thinks his Teacher is getting food to celebrate his birthday. Jung Hoo rebelling is partially showing how much he can’t stop caring for Young Shin, so while I feel bad for Young Shin thinking this crush is unrequited, I hope that she will find out the truth soon so she can feel...requited.

Moon Shik’s Kryptonite

Tiara: Wow, what a bastard. Sure, he’s villainous and evil, but man to abandon a child is just low. He was very stupid to not have taken the girl. She impressionable being so young that she probably would’ve believed Moon Shik as her real father. Yet, it would’ve just reminded Myung Hee about her first husband and we can’t have this. *eye roll* Moon Shik really made some bad choices in his life. His hands are covered in blood with being responsible for the destruction of his friends. The fact he has delusions of seeing his dead friends seems he’s more than just a flat footed villain. Do you two think we’ll be seeing more of his imaginary dead friends?

Amy: I do not feel sympathy for Moon Shik at this point. Seriously a bastard. What kind of man abandons a child just to get close to a woman? It’s sick. I hope he does keep seeing his dead friends. Someone needs to beat some sense into him!

Pamela: So I wasn’t the only one who wanted to punch him through my computer screen? Coolness...Especially when Ji An (Young Shin) was overflowing with tears, his abandonment just makes him deserve that scene of apparitional turmoil all the more. It’s scary, yes, and no one likes scary, but I agree that him hallucinating a dead friend makes it seem as if he’s done enough to deserve his role as a villain.

Order of Death of the Daughter

Tiara: One of the reasons I enjoy the drama is being able to add some action into the mix. Keeps the drama on its toes and interesting. I have to admit, I knew Young Shin was going to be saved, but I was biting my nails the whole time. Who knew being a night courier was such a tough job?

Amy: I do love the action that they throw in and I was biting my nails despite knowing she’d be rescued too. The action and suspense keep things interesting and hold my attention. I’m impressed Healer knew how to rescue someone from an elevator. Apparently that is part of his training?

Pamela: Personally, I wasn’t sure who would actually get there first between Jung Hoo and Moon Ho. I was afraid of the Second Male Lead Rescue Points being awarded, as they tend to be in dramas. I’m impressed Jung Hoo finished the rescue so quickly...As he was reeling Young Shin and him away from the crashing elevator, I just sat there saying, “Slick.” The action is fast-paced, but there are intricacies to the action sequences that make them energetic, but not empty, if that makes any sense.

A birthday Kiss

Tiara: Ahhhhhhhhhhhh and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!! What a great moment for out OTP. Oh Young Shin *sigh* At the beginning of the moment, she still thinks he’s only saving her because he’s been brought to do so. I love how she yells at him to think about his life and how thankful and sorry she is. He hasn’t wanted or asked for anything from another person until now. These two share much from an unknown past to the feeling of abandonment. Their hands are connected together by a red string of fate.

Amy: Eeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! I was shaking my daughter’s leg, clapping, and smiling like an idiot during this scene. My kids should know better than to sit next to me when I watch dramas. I get way too excited, especially when my OTP kiss! I love how Healer didn’t want her misunderstanding his intentions. Could he be any cooler? It’s too bad their relationship is so complicated.

Pamela: My little sister was playing one of my video games beside me, and I turned to her just before he went in for the kiss and said, “Prepare to hear me scream.” And scream I did. I also lamented, both on MyDramaList and on KaKaoTalk how I hate Ji Chang Wook for having the ability to make me so intensely happy so suddenly. The build up to the kiss - the emotions, the misunderstandings - made the kiss all the more satisfying. I have been waiting for this moment, and I will bang my head on the desk forevermore when I reminisce about it. The complexities to the relationship should shake things up, but Young Shin is confused enough as it is.

End thoughts:

Tiara: The writing is just magnificent. The drama is weaving the mystery of the older generation in bit by bit in a compelling way. It’s normally hard to be able to maintain the tension and obscurity. However, this drama has been able to keep things cryptic and interesting.The cast is just marvelous. The characters from our heroes to villains are fascinating and magnetic. The drama seems to just get better with each episode.

Amy: The drama really is getting better with episode and I do not appreciate the fact that I have to wait for new episodes. This is a drama I would gladly marathon with no sleep because everything about it is so awesome from the writing to the acting to the suspense. I can’t get enough.

Pamela: I agree with both of you. The pacing of the drama, the clever hints at the past, and the characters’ characters that have yet to be revealed - the writers have set up the drama well this first month. The cast is something I adore, and the OTP is something I didn’t know I needed. (I knew I needed more Ji Chang Wook, but this is just too much for my teenage heart to handle.) We are coming up on the dreaded middle episodes of the drama, but I have faith that the staff of Healer can keep us on the edges of our seats. 

Tiara: Well Healer Fans, what are your thoughts? Did Hyung figure out who Healer might be? What is Moon Ho’s plan for his Hyung’s plan? Is Moon Shik going to go crazy being visited by his dead friends? Will Moon Ho tell Young Shin the truth about why he took her DNA? What is the Elder’s end game? Do you think Healer will tell Young Shin is true identity? Tell us in the comments. Unit next time, watch more dramas.

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