Tiara: Welcome Back, Healers!!! Four episodes into the series, and I don’t know if I could love a drama more than I do right now. We’re slowly beginning to lay out the puzzle pieces together while getting out some goodhearted comedy with our two stars. Let’s get the discussion started.

Watch episode 3:

The ahjussi client died of poisoning, but Investigator Yoon is out to nab Healer as a murder or something else.

Tiara: Am I the only one who thinks Investigator Yoon is being played? The receipt and email on the dead ahjussi clearly is someone *cough* Hyung *couch* planting evidence away from the real killer. Healer is a criminal, but not a killer. Jaeil Newspaper is the company the ahjussi was afraid of. Nonetheless, the Investigator won’t look elsewhere since he is thus focused on bait given to him, he can’t find out the truth. I bet Ahjumma was totally on the cybercrime team. It would make sense why she is annoyed with him.

Amy: Oh Investigator Yoon is definitely being played! There is no question in my mind. All of this was set up so that Healer would be framed and the police would go after him. Hyung is after Healer and he won’t stop until Healer is caught and in jail. I think Ahjumma was on the cybercrime team too. I really love Ahjumma. She’s my new role model.

Mr. Double S no longer owns his soul

Tiara: Hyung is a busy man buying people’s souls. Apparently Mr. Double S should’ve been on Liar Game since money means he’s willing to sell his soul. Considering Double S is in the same business as our team Healer, I get the feeling Hyung is going to put more pressure on our Healer. First, he’s being set up for murder. What’s next on Hyung’s to do list?

Amy: Hyung is just going to take over everything that he can get his hands on! He strikes me as a greedy man who will stop at nothing to get what he wants. He doesn’t want anyone even threatening to be against him and will stop anyone who is. A true villain.

Batman becomes Clark Kent

Tiara: Park Bong Soo is adorable. Best undercover ever. At times, I started forgetting our Healer wasn’t this clumsy bumbling boy. Young Shin getting a lackey is humorous. Why would her boss do this to some poor person? Nonetheless, Young Shin and Jung Hoo do have great chemistry together. I don’t know about you Amy, but I’m shipping them. I not sure the drama plans to really put any focus on the romance of any of these characters. I suppose we shall have to wait and see.

Amy: I loved Park Bong Soo is way too stinkin’ cute! I love seeing Healer being all bumbling and cowardly. I agree that Young Shin and Jung Hoo have good chemistry. Even if romance isn’t the MAIN focus couldn’t we have a little? Just a taste of it to satisfy ourselves?

Hyung has a job for Moon Ho

Tiara: Poor Moon Ho for being cast between a hard spot and a stone. Hyung wants him to help represent their agenda. Does Hyung suspect his brother might not be on his side? Is this Hyung’s way of trying to keep little bro in line? At this point, we don’t know Hyung’s end game, but I think we can just call him the villain. Moon Ho is really trying to make good on whatever happen in the past. Since he doesn’t have the means to take his Hyung down, he should just join team Healer and work together. At this point might as well make sure the Investigator gets an invitation to join too.

Amy: Oh Hyung definitely has an inkling of what side Moon Ho is on. That is why he is trying to control Moon Ho. He’s definitely the villain because he wants his hand in everything so that he can control everyone and nobody will be against him.

The frame picture is what connects everyone

Tiara: Young Shin, Moon Ho, and Jung Hoo are connected. This is a drama troupe I’m okay with. There’s a mystery behind the connection which for me makes it at least acceptable. Lost loves would’ve made me thrown a pillow at my screen. However, the drama isn’t going down this road. Something must’ve happened to the group of friends to Young Shin to be lost and Jung Hoo’s father dead. Moon Ho has been looking for Myung Hee’s daughter. He was part of the secret past as we can see his guilt slowly eating at him. He’s seen his Hyung’s true colors and is trying to make up for those evil deeds.

Amy: Hyung again. I’m telling you, he’s been behind all of these accidents because he is trying to control everything. Bad, bad man!

Large scale trouble by reporting Yeon Hee’s story

Tiara: Dinosaurs aside our plucky girl does the right thing by posting Yeon Hee’s story. She knows it will cause trouble for everyone involved, but does what a reporter is supposed to do. This isn’t going to end well since Hyung is backing said Assemblyman as we see him send out Double S to bring her in. Good thing Young Shin has a guardian angel with her.

Amy: Oh my goodness. The dinosaurs cracked me up, but her theory does make sense despite the craziness. Hee hee! Young Shin is going to have to get over her anxiety issues somehow because I have a feeling she is going to be seeing a whole lot more violence in the future. Hyung is after her and he won’t stop. So glad Healer is with her. Our fugitive Superman! Ha ha!

Tiara: I feel like I’ve won the lottery right now. Not just one drama being aired, but two dramas with a fantastic cast, directing, and writing. The storytelling is quick and well crafted. The best part of the drama is how it’s able to weave a dramatic storyline with comedy. The humor feels natural and not forced. Young Shin and Jung Hoo are a pairing I hope to see come to fruition. I’m rooting for these two kids to get a happy ending since they’ve a crappy childhood. I want to see these two be able to make their dreams come true, but also find peace and love.

Amy: I really love this show too. The balance between the seriousness and funny is perfect and the acting is awesome. I’d be happy with a little romance but I’d also be okay with just a friendship developing because Young Shin and Jung Hoo need a good friend after all the crap they’ve been through. Also, Hyung better get his. Hee hee!

Tiara: Alright Healers, you all caught up? How do you like the show? Is it living up to what you thought? What’s your favorite Young Shin moment? Are you shipping, our young kids? Is Healer going to be arrested for murder? Will Moon Ho finally tell Young Shin about her mom? Get the discussion started by commenting below. Until next time, watch more dramas.

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