Tears! Goodness gracious the tears! Perhaps I was emotional, but everything about this episode had me in tears. Join Aunnie, Taleena, and I as we discuss tears of laughter, sadness, and betrayal in this week's episode of High School--Love On.

Tears of Laughter

Don't Cross This Line... What Line?

Taleena: Nice to see that people around the world incorrectly diagnose with WebMD. I just want to see the Korean version that also gives you dietary suggestions as a corrective measure. Was it just me or did that Kiwi sandwich look like it had a nice piece of ham on it too? That's a combo I have got to try. Any narcoleptic people out there in readerville who what to share if kiwi and cabbage do the trick for alleviating symptoms?

Ekun: Woo Hyun and Seul Bi are too adorable together! But I think she is adorable with Sung Yeol as well. It is getting to the point I don't want anyone to end up together so they can all be one big happy family! On the other hand, Woo Hyun cooks! If he takes out the trash and reaches in high cabinets he's a keeper!

Aunnie: Ahh good ol' WebMD, uniting all hypochondriacs since 2005. You know, eHarmony and WebMD could make a lot of money if they band-aided together . . . did you see what I did there ke ke ke *slaps knee* I crack myself up. But seriously, I like the easy camaraderie between all the main characters and I would rather see them stay like this than watch it burn to ashes which it will inevitably do at some point in the near future.

Everybody Dance Now! Wait— Who Are You Ahjussi?

Ekun: This random guy who keeps making an appearance gives me pause and laughter. He sees Sunbae and he is always around to help Seul Bi when she needs it. Is he a fallen angel? Her guardian angel? Either way I like him!

Taleena: He's crazy - like a fox! I would never have guessed tooting loudly on a hot pink recorder would be an effective bully deterrent, but now I can advise the disaffected teen that lives down the road. You know that this guy is HUGE into Powerpuff Girls. HUGE. I can feel it in my bones.

Aunnie: I had hoped that the crazy, painting guy from episode 1 would continue to make an appearance but I didn't know my kdrama wish would be granted quite this magnanimously! Thank you Kdrama Gods! Watching him play cupid is such a treat however I'm not sure I'm comfortable with how he seems to be at complete odds with Sunbae. There seems to be a story going on we're not privy to just yet and it's worrisome. However, I enjoy every seen this cupid-angel is in!

A Teacher Who Actually Cares. Go Figure!

Ekun: I love the homeroom teacher. He actually cares about his class and wants them all do to well. It is rare (in a drama) to see a teacher who wants to be invested in all his student's life. Go Teacher Go!

Taleena: Ah! Ginseng packets- the Korean equivalent of 5 hour energy. I agree Ekun he does seem like he cares about all the kids, not just the ones the drama dictates he likes. Dear Drama, thank you for the unintentional pants-ing scene, complete with giant polka dot bloomers. I love you, sincerely, Taleena.

Aunnie: I'm reserving judgment on all the teachers--except Yoon Fabien, of course. We all know I love him without question. Ms. Desperate-And-Borderline-Inappropriate-School-Nurse can't seem to see what's right in front of her which is Mr. I-Actually-Care-About-My-Oath-As-An-Educator-Of-Young-Minds, he's no Woo Bin who we'd all like to come home too but he certainly beats Mr. Let-Me-Feed-You-Soju-And-Take-Advantage-Later-Creeper by a long shot and a teacher [Yoon Fabien] who clearly shows no interest in you.

Tears of Sadness

Heartbreak Hotel With Always Vacant Rooms!

Ekun: Gosh I hate Jae Suk, but I hate even more that he is a pitiful child. This kid just can't get a break no matter how he tries. What's worse, is that he continues to wrap himself in loneliness and isolate the people who really care. I guess its like looking for love in all the wrong places, ne?

Taleena: This week on "The Lonely Lives of Bullies"... oh what's the use? I don't care! I said it. That's right. I. DON'T. Care. All I could think was: man, his "bruises" really look like rosy lipstick ran amok on his face.

Aunnie: My Bully-Sympathy Card can only get punched so many times before I start holding the bully accountable for their actions. Unless Jae Suk becomes the next Ma Joon from Baker King Kim Tak Gu, I'm not really inclined to feel bad for him just yet. Don't get me wrong, he's got what seems like a harsh home life but what I'm more interested in is what Sung Yeol saved him from in their past. Is it too soon to find out that plot line?

If You Leave... I Won't Eat, Go to School, or Live

Ekun: Woo Hyun unintentionally lays a guilt trip on gram. I cried so much it wasn't even funny. The fact of Woo Hyun being left alone by another guardian (under different circumstances) totally sucks!

Taleena: Oh dear what does K Drama WebMD proscribe as a diet for abandonment issues? Dukbokki? This is a sweet high school drama so I doubt we are going to get brooding in a soju tent or endless bottles of Makgeolli.

Aunnie: And that, Gram-Gram, was a sign that your little secret shouldn't be so secret any longer. Maybe it's from the many deaths I've had personally in my family, maybe they've made me jaded, but this kdrama cliche has always bothered me. TELL HIM ALREADY! I assure you he'd rather be prepared than be shocked to the core, Grandma. She's not going to listen is she Taleena? Ekun!! Tell this Grandma to listen!!

Woo Hyun is the Only Thing That Makes it all Better

Taleena: Ye Na really needs to find some balance, she is bordering on creepy obsession in a "wall full of snapshots" kind of way, and we all know where that leads. It leads out of happy little school romances and into gritty crime melodramas. I am glad she laid her cards on the table for Seul Bi, who is kind of clueless though.

Ekun: Though I did not agree with Ye Na trying to emotionally bully Seul Bi, I still felt a twinge for her. Crushes are hard, especially when its the only thing you think about 24/7. I hate that Woo Hyun won't even look her direction— just because I want all these kids to have what they want!

Aunnie: I really connected with Ye Na in this episode. At that age you feel like love is an all or nothing type of emotion. It isn't until we're adults that we understand that love isn't quite so black and white, so this episode really only made me want to take Ye Na into my arms, give her a big sisterly hug, pat her head and say "He isn't forever. He's 'right now'."

Tears of Betrayal

Take the Money and Run, Please!

Ekun: Stick a fork in me because stepmom and I are officially done! Taleena, I hope you keep having hope in her; but the kid (Ekun) is over it. From the given flashback and her conversation with gram, she left because she was selfish and tired. Forgiveness denied!

Taleena: I will continue to cling to hope here. I think something has driven her away and I want to know what. It's all going to come out in the open when Granny dies and Woo Hyun has to move in with his mom and Cop Dad. You know it's going to happen. I estimate episode 8. Anyone want to bet? My stars! How did I ever miss the giant spoon on the wall until now? It draws the eye. I can't look away. How can I concentrate on dramaland heartbreak with that giant spoon staring at me?

Aunnie: I'm usually the person who holds onto hope until the very last moment but when it comes to moms who abandon their children--I usually am the first one to throw in the towel and if I hadn't already thrown in the towel with this Step-Mom, I would have after this episode. To deny your real son in lieu of your stepson--who, quite frankly, couldn't care less if you got hit by a bus on your way out of this restaurant--is despicable.

Sunbae? You BS'n Me Right?

Ekun: Though I was happy to see Sunbae, his talk was a little cryptic. He sounds like he is trying to brainwash Seul Bi to stay by him... What did you guys think?

Taleena: See, the problem with mysterious boyfriends/bosses that poof in and out of your life is that they feel obligated to speak in riddles and epigrams. I think it comes with the poof-ing power. Also life is like an ice cream cone? Is that like the K drama version of Forrest Gump's aphorism? Are Seul Bi and Woo Hyun like peas and carrots now? Gosh, I just want to unbutton Sunbae's top button. Who's with me?

Aunnie: I don't think Sunbae has ever had to worry about Seul Bi not being by his side until now . . . you know, now that she's very much human but there is something major going on behind the scenes with cupid-angel and Sunbae isn't liking it. I'm thinking the powers-that-be have Subae on a tight leash but he's about to cross a line . . . call it Kdrama intuition. *wiggles eyebrows for effect*

Oh That Cheating Thing? Here's a Rug. *Sweep Sweep*

Ekun: So Jae Suk's dad paid to make the cheating incident go away... I seriously threw popcorn at the screen I was so pissed!

Taleena: Oh the problems that loom large in a high school romance! I think that we had this entire scene to set up Momma Ethics soon to be exposed ethical dilemmas with her two sons. Also, as a way to illustrate the teacher dynamic more.

Aunnie: Yes, because liars, cheaters and lazy children will ultimately grow into the very adults we want running the world in about twenty to thirty years from now. When the world is crumbling to . . . oh, that's right, we're discussing a kdrama not politics. *clears throat* Um, at least when Seul Bi gets beat up in gym class again, the floor won't have as many germs on it. Silver-lining.

Woo Hyun and Seul Bi left question marks in our eyes as a cliffhanger for next week's episode. Will she A. Cross the line to his side B. Tell him to kick rocks and ride off with Sung Yeol C. Run away for the sake of Ye Na D. Find Sunbae and live forever after as grim reaping lovers.

Until next week! School is out! Peace!

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