Welcome to another edition of High School Love On drama club! Some important things take place this episode, and I personally found songs to tie into each section… Can you figure out the songs? Aunnie, Taleena, and I will still talk about the interesting things this week—Start!

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Number 1 is the Loneliest Number... Until There is 3—Sung Yeol continues to struggle with the loneliness at home, school, and unfortunately with his friends.

Ekun: My heart is sincerely grieved when it comes to Sung Yeol, because he just can’t catch a break or find solace in friends or family. Sometimes you have to get away to find your own self—I am pro transfer.

Taleena: Sung Yeol does not give up. Stay strong Sung Yeol! Fighting!

Aunnie: I’m kind of hoping he does give up, just allowing my heart to ease and not watch him week after week struggle for something I know he won’t get in the end.

Taleena: Eventually Woo Hyun is going to do or say something again and you will get your chance. Do not go quietly to your SLS fate, I believe in you.

Ekun: Does he really have a choice? With that thing Seul Bi said towards then end about being friends… It would be intrusive to continue.

Aunnie: On a different note: Woo Hyun and Seul Bi are terrible friends. They just took off without even checking to see if Sung Yeol was following them! I’ve never just “assumed” someone was following me. I make sure. *sigh* Bad friends, bad!

Now You Want to Blame the World... For Being a Pariah —Ye Na is experiencing all the heartache and abandonment of her actions.

Aunnie: Ye Na... Ye Na... I have not one nice thing to say about this girl. Not...  A... One. That being said, I’m glad her friends abandoned her because we got to see her “true” nature and that is she’s willing to purposefully hurt, maim, and possibly kill someone just for the sake of, what? Friendship?

Taleena: This is how you learn, but reaping the consequences of your actions.

Ekun: Apparently she has learned nothing! Her pushing Seul Bi down the stairs? I was not sure what she was trying to accomplish. I really do not like this girl, but I still want to give her a hug and let her know she doesn’t have to be this way.

Taleena: Ye Na, instead of quiet introspection and remorse will leap right to overwrought drama, but that is par for the course of teen girlhood.

Aunnie: She’s irredeemable at this point. If I’m going to push someone and possibly kill them, you better believe it’s because Hyun Bin is standing outside my workplace with a sign that says “Marry Me, Aunnie”.

Ekun: Wait, what were we talking about? If you mention Hyun Bin things get blurry for me…

For the Kids—Does one of the bullies have a crush? What was Jae Suk like back in the day?

Taleena: Aha! The continuing saga of Thug #1… Having not quite broken away from Jae Suk’s bad influence, his mind blown by the possibility of having seen Seul Bi teleport, he is now developing independent thought and wondering along with the rest of us, “Just what is Jae Suk’s malfunction?”

Ekun: That is how I feel Taleena. Thug #1 (the cutie) is starting to show more of a “ugh” face to the daily chore of doing what Jae Suk says. I thought him talking to the girl (the one with the deadbeat dad) was also a cute touch.

Aunnie: What it must be like to see through your eyes because I just saw him being the same old bully we’ve come to hate for the last 11 episodes.

Ekun: Really? He seems a bit different to me… I was just thinking when are they going to leave Jae Suk alone?

Aunnie: I don’t know but I”ll say one thing . . . they need to give the bullies their story arcs because I’m starting to lose interest in the bullies and more interest in this SLS action.

This is war! Even from different ends of the spectrum, a struggle is a struggle—Woo Hyun tells Sung Yeol he is lucky to have parents. But the person he wants doesn't see him. Discuss!

Ekun: I like the show because you have these two boys in what seems to be different surroundings, but very much in the same situation. They are both lonely. That is why I just want them all to be friends forever.

Taleena: The age old question what is better: having a girlfriend or being accepted by - or having a - family? The fact that these are high school boys makes me say family is more important.

Aunnie: I think that conversation between Sung Yeol and Woo Hyun came at the perfect time (at first) for Sung Yeol; it allowed him to accept the motherly love that was being given to him.

Papa Don’t Preach! But Momma You Can’t Either!—Woo Hyun's mom abandoning him even now is something that can't be denied. Thoughts?

Aunnie: The writer’s have come a long way into making me much more comfortable with this mother. I remember hating her with such a passion that it spoiled every scene she was in buuuuuut these past few weeks have given many glimpses into her personality and I gotta say . . . I honestly waiting for her redemption—cause she’ll get one.

Taleena: She will for sure get redemption. I have been thinking about her story, and I wonder how antagonistic things were between her and Granny Gong.

Ekun: Well I will be on the “Forever I can’t with Mom” boat. I cannot give a gold star to a person who continually ignores her own kid.

Taleena: I can’t figure out what makes me more aggravated: Peach Dad unable to detect what is under his nose or Mom for squandering opportunities to tell Peach Dad!

Ekun: Like I said, perhaps she had her reasons in the past (and maybe I can get over that) but now? There really are no excuses.

Who Knew Taeyang's Look Only at Me Concept Could be so Popular!— Ye Na and Sung Yeol make their last cries for Woo Hyun and Seul Bi to look their way.

Taleena: Ye Na went from pushing a kid down stairs, to looking on pathetically while her class danced on desks, to trying to blackmail a fellow student, and we had the obligatory “I’ll kill myself!” I think this girl needs some therapy STAT.

Aunnie: As far as Ye Na… I refer to you to my earlier response—nothing good will come from me talking any more about her. Haha.

Ekun: Ye Na and her cries for attention are getting old. She saying she is going to kill herself really pisses me off!

Taleena: Seriously Sung Yeol, don’t give up!

Ekun: I was so sad when Sung Yeol asked Seul Bi to look at him…We all knew that was just not going to happen.

It's This 1 Thing That’s got me Trippin!—Sung Yeol has found the necklace! How will this play out?!

Ekun: *Censored* is about to get real. Sung Yeol is not going to take this well based on him trying to get close with his stepmother and now she is Woo Hyun’s real mother!

Taleena: Now the question becomes who is he going to tell first: Woo Hyun, Mom, or Peach Dad? Woo Hyun seems to be the frontrunner because he caught Sung Yeol riffling through his desk, but my money is on Mom…

Aunnie: What will Sung Yeol do next? Will he A) Not say anything about it, and start a fight with Woo Hyun about nothing before stomping out of the house, leaving a confused Woo Hyun behind…

Ekun: It can easily been seen how the show is trying to give Sung Yeol a complex against Woo Hyun… I personally think it does not have to go down this way! Protest!

Aunnie: B) Sarcastically throw the truth into Woo Hyun’s face before remaining in “Poor Me” mode for the rest of the episode and doing something utterly stupid to purposefully mess up his life?

So, were you able to figure out some of the songs? I gave Taeyang’s to you! Stay tuned for next week, where will discuss Sung Yeol’s reaction to the shocking bombshell. Just for those who are curious, here is a link to all the songs mentioned in today’s post. Peace!