Hello folks! It is High School - Love On Episode 4 and things are starting to heat up. New found secrets are being discovered, this love rhombus is becoming more defined but more importantly, Yi Seul Bi is more adorable than ever! There's a lot to talk about so let's get our hands dirty and jump right in!

Falling in love usually doesn't mean smelling like rain-stained trash, but it's different for everyone!

For Woo Hyun it means jealousy, self-denial, #selfies, speed dials and borderline blackmail.

Awww, young love, it's different for every generation . . .

Aunnie: Oh Woo Hyun, you're interested. Why do you pretend like you aren't? I love the connection these two characters have--there's obvious affection between the two of them, but it's not the tortured type of love we see in most high school-themed K-dramas. Watching these two are just entertaining. Unfortunately, Seul Bi is entertaining with any character she happens to be in a scene with so I can't stand whole-heartily in Woo Hyun's corner. *sigh*

Ekun: So I guess I was misreading the signs of our dear Woo Hyun for the last 3 weeks prior. I really thought he was protecting Seul Bi because he felt a sort of an obligation to look after her. Oops! Anyway, I agree Aunnie, they are very cute together, but Seul Bi is "eclectic" with whom ever she is with (Sunbae, Sung Yeol, Mean Girls, etc.). I love how she randomly goes up to Sung Yeol and asks for his digits (phone number for those who are not used to '90s lingo)! Heck, these days this noona wants Sung Yeol's digits! I am torn for you Seul Bi, even though we know you are more attracted to Woo Hyun.

Taleena: Woo Hyun says "fall in love" and Seul Bi sees Sunbae, coincidence? I think not! I am having such a hard time now that I know that Kim Sae Ron is only fourteen. Oi! I feel old. Really old. Now I have to get in a Woo Hyun or Sung Yeol corner, because that Sunbae is almost my age and I have a 13 year old kid β€” well now I have a creepy vibe. Ha! I love how they don't clue you in who Seul Bi's number one speed dial is. I bet it's Granny.

Men in shining . . . school uniforms?

In one hand you have self-harm martyrdom and in the other is bribery.

It's hard being chivalrous!

However, Seul Bi had it all under control the whole time . . .

Aunnie: Sometimes, not very often, ignorance is absolute bliss. Too bad ignorance this awesome is very rarely beneficial. In fact, this type of ignorance is likely to get Seul Bi in trouble in the future--and not the kind of trouble that will be very humorous down the line. I think the boys need to realize that unless Seul Bi is in danger (i.e. last week in the gym) Seul Bi is more than capable of holding her own. She was a guardian angel! Oh wait...the boys don't know that...yet.

Ekun: I love a girl who is not looking for the "knight and shining" prince when he is not needed. Seul Bi proves she "Got THIS!" whenever she encounters the bully boys. It is a shame that Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol have no idea that Seul Bi used to be a reaper, it would explain a lot and can help keep her out of trouble because of her ignorance...When she needs it that is. I do appreciate how both boys are trying to do the right thing because its simply is the right thing.

Taleena: If Seul Bi is this awesome with bully boys, how come she lost all her powers with the bully girls? She should clink her magic bracelets or twist a ring our wave a fan or whatever and be equally awesome with the bully girl clique.

Even thought they differ on how to take care of Seul Bi, these two have more in common than they think!

It's one thing to have mommy issues but it's entirely unique to have the same mommy issue!

How do you think they'll react when they find out they're step-brothers?

Aunnie: These poor boys are connected more than they realize and won't that be a fun episode! Will it be before or after they both fall heads over heels in love with Seul Bi? And Mommy dearest just continues to bury herself in my hatred. First she accidentally finds him, seeks him out and then decides she needs to runaway...again! What is wrong with her? She's entering "unforgivable" territory here!

Ekun: I am really going to hate the episode when the truth comes out. Woo Hyun might blow something up and Sung Yeol will break more glasses, windows, and plates--and I won't be mad at either one of them. This mom/stepmom is the worst. I noticed that too Aunnie, her trying to get out of dodge again when she discovered it really was her Woo Hyun. It gives the impression that whatever reason she had for dipping out on him the first time, was a piss poor excuse, if she is willing to attempt to do it again. Since she was never under the impression he died at birth, I feel there are no excuses β€” I don't think I will be extending a redemption card to her.

Taleena: Am I the only one that has any sympathy for Mom? I don't know. I am not excusing her behavior, but sometimes it is super hard to own up to bad, awful, no good, life wrecking mistakes. I will reserve judgement until we find out the whole story. Sung Yeol's dad? A peach! I think those two were wounded by bad spouses and found each other. I think that Granny may not know the whole truth about her son. We shall see!

In other news, what's going on with Grandma and Sunbae?

Continuing last week's story "Supporting Characters Are People Too" I bring you this week's update:

Sunbae, rhombus, triangle? Where are you in the 1 to 10 scale of "I love Yi Seul Bi"? And Grandma, are your intentions to irreparably break Woo Hyun's heart?

Aunnie: What the hell Sunbae? What is the purpose of your actions? I fully expect to find out the powers-that-be threatened you with Seul Bi-harm if you didn't cease all interaction with her because the way I see it, you're abandoning her to a cruel and vicious world with no more than the help of two Cupid-struck adolescents and a sick and/or dying grandmother. I want answers! Speaking of a sick and/or dying grandmother, I think Woo Hyun deserves to know, Grandma, because finding out you're about to unintentionally abandon him via [possible] death without so much as a warning...you're doing more harm than good.

Ekun: Truer words have never been spoken Aunnie, Halmonni needs to tell Woo Hyun or someone so they are not blindsided. I completely understand you not wanting to ruin his adolescence even more, but not telling will assuredly ruin him. Speaking of ruining, Sunbae, what is going on? I knew you helped her get the necklace because you were there but why all the incognito behavior? I think it is because you know something that you are not telling Seul Bi, like she can never go back to being a Reaper--like in City of Angels!

Taleena: I am thinking Seul Bi can never go back to reaping until Woo Hyun dies. As for Granny, she is obviously not thinking about the ramifications of dying on a poor high school boy who already has abandonment issues. Lean into truth! Hashing out the truth and dealing with the attendant fears or hurt feelings is best!

Revelation of the Week: We must now add the bully to our list of "Worrisome" characters.

He has a secret history with one of our main characters of interest and he's bullied at home . . . ?

Why can't bullies just stay background-less?

Aunnie: This is the complete opposite of what I wanted to find out. It's just like School 2013 when they gave the bully a background story that not only explained his terrible personality but maked the audience feel bad for the bully . . . However, I am interested in how Sung Yeol saved Mr. Bully! Is there a potential for all three of these boys to befriend once another?

Ekun: A three way bromance is a far cry, but one can only hope! I hate when we find out things about the people you hate in a show that make you pity them. How can a person even demean a child by saying, "You are not my kid." Truth is truth--but this man? Bully #1's Appa? He is just outright malicious. It is no excuse for Mr. Bully to be up to what he is up to, but we all deal with pressure and rejection in different ways, right.

Taleena: Oh bullies! You just can't be a two dimensional character can you? What awful parents all these people have. Except for Peach Dad. Peach Dad is awesome and I will not be convinced otherwise. Abandonment, cruel words, shaking down their own kid for lunch money, it's just a short hop and a skip to plotting intra-family corporate takeovers, disinheritances, and removal from the family registry!

Cliffhanger Question:

Who will get hurt next episode:

(A) Woo Hyun (attempting to save Seul Bi);

(B) Seul Bi (attempting to save Woo Hyun); or

(C) Sung Yeol (attempting to save one or the other?)

Eenie, Meenie, Minnee, Mwo? What new and startling reveal will be released next week? Why did did Mrs. Mommy abandon her only child and why is she so eager to leave again? What happened between The Bully and The SLS? Where has Sunbae been? Let's tune back in next week to find out what happens to our crew at High School - Love On!

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