When last we left Woo Hyun, he had boldly confessed his feelings for Seul Bi and turned down Ye Na in no uncertain terms. Will it make a difference? Join Ekun, Aunnie and I as we discuss High School, Love On episode six, right after we finish swooning from a horror movie.

Grandma Gong and the MRI of Doom

Yes, what is that rhythmic pounding?

Ekun: You knew it was only a matter of time before things got worse for Halmoni. I am really hoping she will make it through this, because I don’t want Woo Hyun to have to depend on his birth mother for ANYTHING! But most importantly, because it would hurt Woo Hyun and Seul Bi if she was no longer around.

Aunnie: I’ve come to terms with the fact that Grandma is going to die. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to tearing up in this episode at the injustice that is being served to Grandma and Woo Hyun on the Kdrama Silver Platter because this just seems so unfair! I have this really bad feeling that it’ll be Seul Bi that reaps her though...I can’t shake it but I guess we won’t know until it happens.

Taleena: I kind of feel like Grandma is inhabiting a different drama than Woo Hyun, Seul Bi and the rest. The secrecy, deception, the languishing in the hospital just seem so thematically different than the show that's using a strategic pants-ing as a plot line. This kind of thing usually happens off screen or in the back story. It makes me wonder: what if Grandma Gong takes Seul Bi's spot as an angel/reaper?

In Which Woo Hyun Gets Dating Advice from the Internet

First WebMD, now this? Oh Woo Hyun!

Ekun: If Woo Hyun isn’t the most adorable thing (though personally, I like a Sung Yeol more and more)! “Googling” how to get closer to a crush is precious; but they live together, go to school together, hang out together… If they got any closer, they would be sharing a liver! On another note, I love how he confronted Seul Bi about the confession that scared her and this Noona. If adults had a conversation that mature, then there would be no more Rom-Com’s!

Taleena: Hooray for plain speaking! I always like it when characters are open about their feelings and the confusion that arises from said feelings. Better that a character says, "I'm not sure how I feel" than writhing around in awkward silence for ten episodes. Ekun, while it looks like Sunbae and Sung Yeol are going to lose out to Woo Hyun, I hope Sung Yeol gives him a good run for his money. Woo Hyun here's a pro tip for you: it is very hard to snuggle-comfort a woman who is not afraid of horror movies if you are flinching and hiding your own eyes. Also, who else laughed at the line: "in dramas this is where they kiss" - beat...beat...beat - "and then it cuts to the couple in the morning!", intoned in equal parts scandal and intrigue?

Aunnie: Honestly...he could have found worse advice. The popcorn, drink, scary-movie-on-the-mobile was a pretty neat idea. It would have worked if 1) he hadn’t been afraid of scary movies himself and 2) he hadn’t fainted at the first sign of real trouble. I’d make a joke about losing manly points but...ah...let’s be realistic:

Sunbae vs. Cupid Angel vs. Book of the Dead

This is me imagining plot lines for my Big Book of Theories...

Taleena: Who thinks Seul Bi's new Book of Black Notes belonged to Cupid-Angel? *raises hand* Who thinks that Sunbae once was in the same place as Seul Bi and chose to stay a reaper? *raises hand* Who thinks that Sunbae and Cupid-Angel were crushing on the same woman a la Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol? *raises hand* I loved all the poofing in and out as Sunbae got in Cupid-Angel's face. I thought it was interesting that he had to engage Cool Teacher and Peach Dad to shake Sunbae.

Ekun: I find it interesting Seul Bi made a point to say how Angels don’t have human emotions, but Grim Reaper Sunbae most definitely has something going on. It is more than logic of her needing to come back to where she belongs-- He is irritated with Cupid-Angel, he has something for Seul Bi-- it is strange. Now that Seul Bi knows how to return, I am curious how this is going to play out. She has a million reasons for leaving, but a million and one reason to stay. Coin toss anyone?

Aunnie: First off, Cupid Angel is hysterical. I love how he got caught red-handed messing with Seul Bi and Woo Hyun’s love life but rather than admitting to it, he just broke into a crazy song and dance. But it looks like Sunbae is two steps away from busting butt all over Cupid Angel. As much as I like Sunbae, I hope he wants what Seul Bi wants--meaning, if she decides to stay human, I hope Sunbae doesn’t push her to make a decision she might regret. As far as having emotions, I’m not sure if what Sunbae has for her is the same as human emotions. Obviously he favors her, but he’s not begging her to come back to being an angel...yet...he’s just saying “Don’t give your heart away to a human”.

Bullies be Like - or the Continuing Saga of Jae Suk and Ye Ah

Now if Ye Na would only crush on Jae Suk...

Ekun: Jae Suk, Jae Suk, Jae Suk! Annoying as ever, but mild on the grand scheme of things this episode. Ye Na sucks. Period. I felt bad for her last week, but this week I am over it. I always hate when girls (and adult women) go after the girl that the object of their affection likes. What good is that going to do? If anything, he is going to like her more and like and like you (Ye Na) less! And honestly Ye Na, you would probably discover how great a friendship you can have with Seul Bi and Woo Hyun if you gave it a chance-- listen to Unni, mmk?

Aunnie: Jae Suk...I wanna feel bad for him but until I find out more about his backstory, he’s just a spiteful bully to me and I have no patience for bullies. And I mean, none. Ye Na, I feel active sympathy for her but after the “suicidal” stunt she pulled, I’m feeling less and less compassionate towards her however, I think she’ll redeem herself later on down the line and I’m looking forward to that.

Taleena: I really am hoping this bullying story line is going somewhere, otherwise it is tiresome in the extreme. I think it will though. The Patroling Duo of Peach Dad and Cool Teacher (stylin' in their fluorescent, reflective vests!) catching Jae Suk bullying a hapless victim, and subsequently recognizing him, bodes well. Adult intervention might improve Jae Suk's story line immensely. Ye Na, well, even her mean girl muscle is getting tired of her antics.

Teachers are People Too

He really hates that nick name.

Ekun: I hate that the school nurse isn’t trying to give Mr. Kim a chance. He would be really good to her and he is adorable! I hope they are able to work something out in the end, but if she honestly isn’t attracted to him; there is nothing that can be done. Coach is hilarious! He is shady for the whole cheating fiasco, but hilarious all the same.

Taleena: I can't figure out why Mr. Kim is listening to the Divorcee who also can't seem to get the nurse's attention, which is firmly and embarrassingly fixed on Fabien. Also Boo! no Fabien this week! I can't blame him though. I f I were as persistently hunted as he is I'd hide out too.

Aunnie: I was also disappointed that there was no Fabien this week either! I reached the point that Ms. Nurse is annoying. Mr. Kim is a bumbling idiot, yes, but bumbling idiots are charming--waaayy more charming than Mr. Divorcee who I can’t even give the time to remember his name. I mean, Bumbling Idiot brought her coffee. I can’t even get my husband to bring me coffee and we have a Keurig! Stay Strong Mr. Kim and for heaven’s sake, don’t let Mr. Gym Floor punch you ever again. She’s not worth it.

Well Drama Fans? Is Grandma Gong going to die? Will Seul Bi lose yet another Book? Will eating ice cream and soda pop at the same time really make you throw up? Tell us in the comments!

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