Welcome back Drama Clubbers! This week on High School - Love On, we're weathering the "calm" before the storm that is sure to hit our lovable characters next week. Thing are starting to get a little crazier as bullies get out of control, teachers lose their weak hold on their students and Seul Bi makes a decision that is sure to change a lot of lives--whether it is for better or worse is yet to be decided. Join Ekun, Taleena and I as we recap the tumultuous world that has become High School - Love On!

Seul Bi Against The World

Seul Bi is learning a tough lesson in being human--not everyone is nice and sometimes people just want to see you fall.

Aunnie: Woo Hyun’s way of talking to Seul Bi was beyond stupid. The audience knew he was speaking from the right place but the words were all wrong. Stupid boys. At the same time, I think this was a lesson she needed to learn--not everyone is on your side and you need to know the difference between friends and foes. Naivety is great in theory but in practice, it’s a lot of heartache.

Taleena: Yup, life is full of hard knocks and while it’s best to remain optimistic, sometimes you just have to conclude that some people are just mean and move on. I like how this whole arc played out, even to the responses of the teachers and how Seul Bi took responsibility for her role in Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol’s scuffle.

Ekun: Seul Bi refusing to apologize was bomb! Her taking responsibility for the matter was even better. I can deal with her naivete because 1. She is not really a human 2. She is still pretty young. Now that she knows what is up, I will not be surprised from the moves she makes here on out. Though I was glad the gym teacher caught Jae Suk and minions talking in the bathroom, I need someone to bust Ye Na and one woman mafia!

The Mystery of the Stolen Phones

The Bullies are at it again . . . and this time they're playing for keeps.

Aunnie: Isn’t it great just how nicely that all fell right into place. You know, Teach, there is such a thing as “too convenient”--and this is just too convenient. I am super disappointed in Chun Shik this episode. I hope he learns to stand up for himself sooner rather than later because to go as far as blaming another student to avoid personal punishment is a cowards way. I understand being bullied, but if you don't stand up eventually, your life will never change.

Taleena: Oh bullies! They are going to have a hard row to hoe on Redemption Road. I can’t ever understand the death threats and name calling as people pile on. While Woo Hyun flounders trying to get to the bottom of it and communicate a response of caring, Sung Yeol nails the exact right tone of sympathy and action on Seul Bi’s behalf. As a second banana in the love stakes, he seems to be closing the gap to the leader quickly. Go Sung Yeol!

Ekun: Lord have mercy . . . Because Ekun’s has come to an end! Jae Suk and Ye Na are truly tap dancing on my nerves. Are they really so insecure and spiteful, that they are totally okay with framing an innocent person and allowing the class to send death threats? And why are these kids sending death threats of suggesting she kill herself?! They are at an age where suicide and murder isn’t funny.

Angels Give Bad Advice Too!

It's not just the Bullies who are playing for keeps this episode -- Even though Sunbae makes a good point, why do his words feel so wrong?

Aunnie: I know Taleena speculated this last week but I’m beginning to think there is some truth to the theory that Sunbae has been scorned . . . or suffered some love lost. I’m wondering if he didn’t decide to go back to being an angel only to witness his “love” eventually falling in love with another man. Either way, Sunbae upped his pushiness in this episode and I’m not okay with that. She's vulnerable right now and anything you say will weigh heavier on her mind compared to the rest of what she knows 'Being Human' means. I love you Sunbae but I really need you to “poof” yourself away and leave Seul Bi to make this decision on her own. Isn’t there dying people to reap somewhere?

Taleena: I have got to push back here, Aunnie. Sunbae is leaning into to truth. Seul Bi needs to make up her mind and Sunbae is convinced his path is the right one. Sunbae is working an intervention here, even if we are supposed to be cheering Seul Bi’s transition to personhood. Seul Bi has to know what she is getting into if she stays. To quote the immortal Darby O’Gill: “Human beings need bitter with the sweet . . . me grandfather Podge – God be good to him – he told me there was only one man in the town who was happy altogether. The village idiot.”

Ekun: Well I guess I will be the middleman and agree with you both. I think Sunbae makes some very valid and serious allegations on the “angel’s never being happy” front; but I look at Cray-Cray Cupid Angel and he does not seem unhappy with his choices at all. While I do not appreciate the tone of Sunbae’s claims, I am not mad at him for telling her what he knows to be true. For whatever he is up to, it will always be Seul Bi’s choice to make and live with in the end.

Love Triangles, Got Your Love Triangles Here!

Our geometry lesson continues this week although this is starting to get a little sad.

Aunnie: I’m kind of getting a Just You Dean-vibe from Sung Yeol. He likes Seul Bi but not enough to really push wanting to be romantically involved with her. He kind of takes on the role of protective secret admirer without the actual intention of being an actual admirer and I love it. He protects her in his own way, as much as he can without making it harder for her--unlike some boys we know- *cough*WooSunbae*cough*-and it makes it easier on my heart to love his character. I hope the writers, down the line, don’t start making him more than that. *crosses fingers*

Taleena: Oh dear. I really started out with cheering for 1) Sunbae, 2) Woo Hyun, 3) Sung Yeol, but darn it if Sung Yeol hasn’t crept up there with his awesomeness. I am getting a much more “Oppa brother’ vibe rather than an “Oppa sweetheart” vibe off of Sunbae now; and Woo Hyun’s floundering has just been painful. Really though, I need to take this space to talk about two questions which loom large in my mind. First, have we conclusively determined that her weird amorphous stuffed things are angels? Or are they albino ice cream blobs? Second, has the giant spoon in Granny Gong’s restaurant always had the round light on it? Part B) Is it just me or does it look like a paddle ball game? This is obsessing me.

Ekun: I am caught up with Sung Yeol, and I can appreciate him as just an admirer who is only interested in liking Seul Bi. It definitely has a Moon Jae Shin from Sungkyunkwan Scandal vibe to me. Woo Hyun is really trying to make Seul Bi happy, when all he has to do it be himself-- don’t ever consult a drama on how to treat a girl… Unless you lookup Yoon Chan Young from Heirs.I really am hoping that this will not turn into a messy triangle. Taleena, I noticed the light in the spoon this week too! I don’t think it has always been there . . . But I could be wrong.

Grandma Feels

Let's all just take a moment of silence for the Grandma that won't be with us next week . . .

Aunnie: Yes, I know it’s sad--heartbreaking, actually--but I can’t help but be angry with this Grandma! I know it’s hard to say but you’re going to die (you’ve obviously had time to prepare) and as hard as it is for you, it’s going to be 10x harder for those who are still alive--particularly your grandson--so Grandma, it’s time you had a heart-to-heart with him.

Taleena: Grandma has done a lot of preparing for Woo Hyun: College, Marriage, Shop and living expenses until his majority? She really has it all figured out on the organizational end. But she needs to suck it up and TELL HIM.

Ekun: But gram needs to come off it and let him know. I am not looking forward to truths being shared here and there about this and that . . . But I do believe the truth shall set you free (and not in that selfish way people like to pollute that statement with). Gosh I do not want grams to die ya’ll.

Supportive Characters are People Too . . . Continues

Bad Mothers, Bad Fathers, and Bad 'ol Teachers!

Taleena: So Divorcee’s wife ran away on him and he’s handing out relationship advice...yeah, no. Always Lonely Teacher has a superb collection of bow ties which he wears with dapper flair. Peach Dad remains awesome and will handle the inevitable acquisition of a second son in a manner which will enhance his Peachy qualities. I am still in Mama Ethic’s corner. She obviously has been sending money to support Woo Hyun all this time and has thought that Granny Gong has been in touch with Woo Hyun’s dad this whole time. Woo Hyun’s dad is just as culpable for skipping out and he seems to not even done anything for his son - including leaving a forwarding number. It’s going to all come out in the open soon. Lastly in defense of Ethics Mom, she swept into that parent meeting and reminded everyone of Jae Suk’s less than stellar record of school conduct and routed Mr. Choi before he could browbeat anyone else. Go Mom!

Ekun: I can’t give mom cool points or cookies for doing her job. She is suppose to be fair and bring up what needs to be brought up to prevent serious ramifications. The only reason she did something this time is because she know who Woo Hyun and Sung Yeol are . . . HER KIDS! I believe in personal responsibility--even if she didn’t know that Woo Hyun’s father wasn’t TCB, she has no leg to stand on as she now refuses to take care of her son . . . AGAIN! I was really shocked lonely teacher refused to give Seul Bi the benefit of the doubt with the cellphone fiasco . . . It just didn’t seem within his character. And divorcee coach?! Go and get a life!

Aunnie: Jae Suk’s dad is a piece of work . . . and you wanna talk about “Axis of Evil”? That’s a bit extreme. Mommy Dearest...needs to just disappear. I'm not implying that Woo Hyun's father is off the hook--but for the sake of the drama--we don't see him. However, I guarantee if he were in the picture, I'd be giving him just as much grief as Mommy Dearest. However, as a teacher, she's amazing. Peach Dad needs to just stay awesome...do nothing different, I love how he cooly plays the referee as both cop and father. And Mr. Pushover needs to 1) not take advice from Mr. Divorcee, and 2) buck up. These are your students! Yours. Not anyone elses. And . . . Umm . . . where’s Fabien?

This is it folks--the point of no return! Seul Bi has one week to say her goodbyes before she disappears and next week looks to be like a game changer. We're hoping that next week things will start sliding into place, more back stories will be revealed and Grandma will get a quiet and peaceful send off into the afterlife but one thing is certain about the world of High School - Love on . . . we can't be certain of anything. Please leave your comments in the section below and tell us how you felt about this episode! Next week, remember to bring a box of tissues because it's sure to be a tear-jerker!

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