Welcome back High Schoolers! This week apologies are given, truths are revealed, everyone takes a step back to evaluate, and goodbyes are always hard. Join Aunnie, Taleena, and I as we get into this week’s episode of High School Love On.

I’m Sorry for Making Your Lives More Difficult


**Seul Bi “mans up” and apologizes even though she did nothing wrong! Was this the right course of action?**

Ekun: I am not in the mood. I do not care how tough things got, I would not apologize or make it seem like it was something it was not. I think it is teaching false guilt and how to cower instead of making changes and coming up with positive resolutions.

Taleena: Personally I would have made it my mission to tell the teacher exactly what happened, but I do kinda understand Seul Bi. She wanted to be done with the drama when she saw how it negatively impacted the boys. To give her props, she didn’t confess to taking the money, just said sorry for bringing turmoil. So there’s that. “Sorry y’all that you couldn’t handle my awesome self disrupting your lives.”

Aunnie: I agree with Taleena. I would have gone out of my way to make the teacher listen. That’s one of the things that annoy me the most about Kdramas, no one is willing to sit down cut the scheiße, and explain exactly what happened. When misunderstandings run amok, justice does not prevail.

Seul Bi Didn’t Do it… She was Setup by Ye Na and Crew


**Someone has a shred of moral fiber, and tells teacher that Seul Bi didn’t steal. Even though the teacher was clueless, he really does care.**

Aunnie: I like Mr. Forever Alone, I do, but as a teacher . . . he kind of sucks. For once I was glad he listened to Mr. Arrogant Divorcee--or rather, I was glad Mr. Arrogant Divorcee had something worth listening too. I give kudos to the girl for speaking up, you girl--are a keeper.

Taleena: Poor Always Lonely! He really didn’t seem to have a clue that everything was a set up to frame poor Seul Bi. I do think that it took guts for loner girl to fess up. She has her own crud to deal with, with her addict dad shaking down her part time wages and staying under the radar of the bullies.

Ekun: Forever Alone teacher really had the wool pulled over his eyes... And I am not entirely certain why. Anyone could tell that they were trying to setup Seul Bi... If they really paid attention to what goes on in their class. Loner girl, despite her attitude is kinda cool for taking the initiative to let teacher know he was mistaken. 

Life Isn’t Fair… The Earlier You Know, the Easier Life Will Be


**So many unjust things happen this episode. Mom not wanting to take care of her child, Jae Suk and crew existence, and Sung Yeol’s mom is getting remarried... Discuss!**

Taleena: Yup. Crud happens to everyone and life doesn’t stop to let you catch your breath. I really, really, REALLY wish Granny Gong had ‘fessed up and then gone ahead and outed Mom. I also want to know WHY Woo Hyun’s dad is hiding out in America?! WHAT was the conversation between Mom and Granny Gong when Mom left?! In my continuing defense of Mom mode, it seemed to me that Mom left with a healthy push from Granny. I liked the interactions between Mom and Sung Yeol, especially as she was trying to comfort him from her own bitter trap. Now if she would only come clean with Peach Dad I’d be happy.

Ekun: Taleena, your understanding is resilient! Perhaps I could forgive mom for rolling out on her kid if I felt she actually loved Woo Hyun and wasn't so selfish, but the fact that she still refused to "look in" on him when Halmoni asked her to is beyond me! Though I am an adult, and I believe we all can make our own choices, there are certain responsibilities one should never give up on... Raising children and caring about them is one of them! Sung Yeol asked some poignant questions that I too asked myself as I watched his little life crumble a little more. And Mom will never get cool point for raising someone else kid but her own.

Aunnie: Wait, wait, wait...The mom gave up on her child because her child only cried for grandma and only calmed down for her? Umm, from experience, babies like who they are most comfortable with--he probably wasn't comfortable with her because he knew she would skip out on him the minute she realized being a mother was hard!!! *sigh* I’m trying to not be judgmental but I’m hoping there was a better reason than that, I really do. Don’t get me wrong, Grandma was wrong for pushing her away, at what was most likely her most vulnerable moment, buuuuuut, babies are also fickle and she shouldn’t have left. Poor Sung Yeol, always being pushed to second best . . . and he’s a second lead, life just sucks for him.

It’s So Hard… To Say Goodbye… To Yesterday…


**Halmoni finally dies, Seul Bi hugs Sung Yeol in a heartfelt goodbye, and returns to being an angel (reaper).**

Ekun: I am not mad at you Seul Bi. Your timing couldn't be worse, but pulling off band-aid's quickly is much better than waiting. Granny dying really did something to me because it did something to Woo Hyun. Instead of remembering all the good times, all he could dwell on was the disappointing time. I hate to be a mess, but this kid is the poster child for a case of abandonment issues. Sung Yeol is no stranger to that as well, even though he has all these adults around him claiming they love and want what is best for him. I hate that he is going to miss out on Seul Bi, but I excited this gives an opportunity for him and Woo Hyun to be really good friends. 

Aunnie: Even though I knew her death was coming, watching Grandma die was still very sad. But I’d like to discuss that little moment Sunbae had after Seul Bi asked him to wait a little longer before taking her to the beyond. I can’t tell if that was a frustrated sigh or a “I love you so much I can’t deny you even though it goes against everything I am as a reaper” sigh because...that’s a hell of a sigh for 2 seconds of acting and it was impressive. And I reiterate: “Poor Sung Yeol” because after that phone call with his mom and realizing Seul Bi is mysteriously leaving with little to no preamble, that’s heartbreaking for him.


Taleena: Well, Seul Bi is making decisions on what she thinks is best for everyone involved. I am glad she seems to be following through, even if the timing is epically bad for Sung Yeol. That’s the problem with goodbyes and such; there is never a good time and if you excuse it the first time it becomes easier and easier to find another reason to not do the hard thing.

Side Characters are People Too!


**Sunbae gets Seul Bi back, teacher and divorcee coach discuss teaching, peach dad wants to help find Woo Hyun’s mom (who is lying next to him in bed).**

Aunnie: Raise your hand if you are 100% done with Ms. Stuck-Up-Nurse? Yeah, me too. Don’t get me wrong, I totally get that she’s kinda into Mr. Forever Alone because Mr. Forever Alone is an absolute sweetheart however she’s wearing on my nerves. Peach Dad, for the first time, irked me a little and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t because I feel bad for Sung Yeol. Peach Dad is amazing but yet so . . . "parentally human" . . . because he can’t tell that his son is hurting. The fact that the Jae Suk’s sidekicks even came to the funeral definitely went a long way towards redeeming themselves in my eyes so I’ll be looking forward to their character arcs.

Taleena: Peach Dad! You are a detective: DETECT who Woo Hyun’s mom really is! I appreciate the fact that he comes to Woo Hyun’s aid at the funeral as soon as Sung Yeol let him know there was not an adult there... Side tangent: I loved Nameless School Thug #1 paying respects when his father clued him in that funerals are for putting pettiness to one side and "manning up". Side side tangent: Why did Woo Hyun come out of the LADIES room at the funeral? Was the men’s room out of TP? Inquiring minds want to know. [Aunnie's Note: I totally noticed that and chalked it up to postmortem grief.]

Ekun: Look, I need Peach dad to find out who his wife is so he can blow her up about it. This is ridiculous! Nurse... I get it.. it is nice to have someone like you... It boosts your ego... But get it together! Forever Alone can be BOMB for you if you got over yourself for 3 seconds. Jae Suk's thug buddies showing their faces that the funeral was one of the best things in this show. I agree, grief is a time to put away differences, and comfort your peers. They both get a cookie from Noona! 

Thanks for attending class with us this week! Next week will be a whole new lesson now that air has shifted into territory that is melancholy and unfamiliar! Don’t let that stop you from coming to class! Until next week-- class is dismissed!


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