Welcome back to the next part of our It's OK, That's Love Drama Club! Wow, episode 4 has really done a lot on the drama club members this week! If you're watching this drama, you definitely would not want to miss out on this episode! Join us as we discuss our favorite scenes from episode 4.

Ari: Episode 4 has been nothing less than a mind scrambler. This drama has tugged at every emotional string in my body, and it just about made me cry. After this episode, I can only say one thing. BRING IT ON!

Firnlambe: My drama feels were not prepared for this episode . . . not by a LONG shot. I have so many theories rushing through my head it's not even funny.

June: I was not ready for this episode but at the same time I was! So many feels in one hour, I couldn't handle it!

Kiss and the slapped! How Fun!

Ari: I feel like Jae Yul is exactly the type of person Hae Soo needs to help heal her relationship anxiety. He’s forward, can take her insults and never gives up.

June: I seriously can't wait for their relationship to take off! I feel like it's going to be pretty hilarious.

Firnlambe: I wholeheartedly agree with both of you. Both of them fill in the missing pieces to their broken personalities--so when this relationship does takes off, its gonna be extremely fun to watch.

Choi Ho, Jae Yul and now this guy - busy girl . . .

Ari: Seriously! Who is this guy? I’m really curious. I’ve definitely learned that with this drama everything is not what it seems.

Firnlambe: Maybe he’s a friend they met during one of the therapy sessions Dong Min seems to host?

June: Can't wait to see who this mystery person is! I'm sure it's going to make this a lot more fun.

No . . . I love YOU more.

Ari: You hang up! No, You hang up! This made sooo giddy. Seeing Choi Ho bitter . . . There are no words. Now I just hope Hae Soo plays along . . .

Firnlambe: Oh come on Choi Ho--you can’t play this card . . . you made the relationship what it is--ok, teeechnically Jae Yul did . . but that's besides the point. The point is, who Hae Soo talks to or who Hae Soo may or may not like does not concern you anymore.

June: Yes continue to be bitter Choi Ho! You deserve to be really bitter!

That sounds like one scary drug

Ari: That awkward moment when you say more than you should have. I could feel Dong Min’s regret by the end of this scene. Psychology rule number 1: never discuss truth serum with a convicted felon. Or was that rule number 10, I can’t remember.

June: Seriously, I feel like he never should have brought it up and that it's going to cause wayyyy more trouble in the future.

Firnlambe: Agreed . . I can see this coming back to bite Dong Min in the butt later on in the series as well. Jae Bum is going to get waaaay worse before he gets better.

You're one to talk . . . . . .

Firnlambe: Well guess who started this whole problem in the first place. That's right--you *sigh* well at least this answers my question from the last episode . . . Obviously mom thinks she’s successfully pulled the wool over her family’s eyes in regards to her cheating ways.

Ari: This whole situation with Hae Soo and her mom always just leaves me confused. I feel that she means well, but there are a lot of things that need to be said.

June: This scene did leave me a little peeved, but I think it's because we've seen how much this situation did to Hae Soo and her views on relationships.

The wheels on the bus go, shimmy, shimmy.

Ari: Was it me or was Hae Soo a little disappointed that Jae Yul didn’t do more? I personally think he was the perfect gentleman, though I still don’t understand the baseball cap.

Firnlambe: Maybe it's part of his nightly OCD ritual? I don't know . . but lets make sure to point out that adorable little dance he does before locking himself away in the bathroom. Seriously, this man needs to play more characters like this one in the future.

June: True. His little dancing was adorable but I couldn't help but wonder when he actually got some sleep!

Late night visits . . . . You know something is about to go down!

Ari: Jae Bum really believes he didn’t do it. I don’t know whether to be convinced of concerned. There’s always two sides to every story and judging by that flash back, there is still a lot we don’t know.

June: Most likely! I'm really curious on if Dong Min is really going to give the drug to Jae Yul and his mother.

Firnlambe: Or how he's gonna handle it when he finally learns that Jae Yul is in fact Jae Bum's brother. THAT is gonna be one hell of a bomb shell when it finally does drop.

So it's all in your head? What is real and what is fake?!

Ari: I was NOT prepared for this. It’s safe to say that I stayed up all night thinking about this scene. I mean, all night. This really hurt man, I’m sick to my stomach just thinking about it. It looks like I was the only one without a theory about Kang Woo. I just hope he is only a figment of Jae Yul’s imagination and not the projection of a real person. That would just take me out.

Firnlambe: Man I wish you guys could hear my initial voice message reaction and read the conversation I had with Aunnie from the High School Love-On Drama Club in our LINE chat. We were tossing theories back and forth like we were playing a game of Hot Potato. This seriously changes everything we had established in our minds about Jae Yul’s character . . . everything. I went back and re-watched all the scenes that Kang Woo showed up in, and it's scary how flawlessly they made us believe he was really there.

June: I KNEW IT! I had a hunch about Kang Woo and I can't believe I was right, well so far. I'm fairly surprised they revealed this pretty early on in the drama and I wonder how it's going to play out for the rest of the episodes.

Ok, like this ending seriously was so unexpected! Who all was also super surprised with this ending? What do you all think will happen with this new revelation? Will someone finally noticed that Kang Woo really isn't there? Also, who is going to be the one to break it to Jae Yul, that only he can see Kang Woo? We should expect some awesome things next week!

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