Hello everyone and welcome back to the It's OK, That's Love Drama Club! This week we've had the main couple go through some huge steps in their relationship and then we have some other relationships that are starting to fizzle. Come in and discuss episode 9.

Ari: I can't help but feel like Niel Armstrong after this episode. "One Small step for Drama Clubber's, One Giant leap for Hae Soo."

Firnlambe: I am so ready for this story to get to the real meat of the series. I have totally gotten to that point now, where I'm done watching all the small stuff. I don't care about Dong Min and his ex-wife's relationship, I could care less about Choi Ho crying over lost love. I demand answers!! Why did the judge give Jae Bum such a long sentence? Will this leap in their relationship help Hae Soo to finally tackle her own demons? How long has Jae Yul been hallucinating Kang Woo and why did his subconscious choose that image?

June: Exactly! Also, I'm still awaiting the arrival of that other woman. I'm sure her presence will definitely stir up some trouble.

♫ Cry me a river, girl . . .

Ari: So . . . The deed was finally done. This is a big step for Hae Soo. We all know she's not going to be any less annoying, but she's making an effort with her "disability" which is good. I mean . . . that is what they meant by "we slept together", right?

June: I'm seriously surprised at Hae Soo and pretty proud of her. I mean it shows that she's trying right?

Firnlambe: It really does. She wouldn't let Choi Ho do anything more than kiss her in their 300 days . . . and here she is, sleeping with a man she's been dating for, what?, a month? If that doesn't speak volumes to Jae Yul about her true feelings for him, I don't know what will.


June: Oh my god, I feel like once Kang Woo is gone, Jae Yul will probably go off the deep end.

Ari: Did he, or didn't he? That is the question. I wonder if this is a premonition on Jae Yul's part or just a projection of his fears.

Firnlambe: Since I'm totally on board the "Jae Yul's crazy" boat, I feel that this was more of his subconscious trying to tell him something. What I'm not quite sure . . . but something.

Are the nightmares coming to life?

Firnlambe: I was sooooo glad everything was just a nightmare for Jae Yul, but then the realization that his hallucinations are getting worse struck me. This poor man is going to get so much worse before he gets better.

June: I know right! I feel like he might just breakdown in the next few episodes.

Ari: This was intense. The whole time I couldn't help wonder how Jae Bum got to the island. Jae Yul may seem cool as a cucumber on the outside but on the inside he's handling a lot. Him sleeping out side of his comfort zone really affected him. This is the first time I saw Hae Soo actually get concerned about Jae Yul. She won't be able to brush this incident off like she's done the others.

What in the world? Why would you tell him to do that?!

June: Seriously, this part annoyed me so much. She doesn't deserve anything from Soo Kwang. I wish Soo Kwang would just really forget about her and see that's she's only using him for his money.

Firnlambe: This girl has done nothing to deserve all the free handouts she's been getting from Soo Kwang. I was absolutely livid with Dong Min for yelling at Soo Kwang. If you want to shut the brat up, how about YOU go out and buy her all the stuff she wants. There were so many other ways to help Soo Kwang get over his feelings for So Nyeo. *sigh* Where's that taxi I hailed last episode?!? Did it get lost?


Are you my Mommy?

Ari: I want to say that I feel for her, I do. But I just can't help feeling like So-Nyeo is feeling sorry for herself. She has the power to change her circumstances. It's very clear that she is a resourceful girl, she just needs to choose who she really wants to be. Once she does, she will be able to accept true love.

Firnlambe: I just hope that true love isn't Soo Kwang . . . our lovable Giraffe deserves someone much better than selfish So Nyeo.

June: Ok, but you still shouldn't treat the people around you the way you've been treating them!

What is going on?

Firnlambe: Oh thank God. He's fighting air . . . not some random person who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. THAT would have been so much more devastating for him and everyone he knows.

Ari: I knew it was coming, I knew he was in that field alone. I am giddy inside with excitement.This whole time I couldn't help feeling like the best friend who's keeping secrets. I will hold this burden no longer. I want the WORLD to know!

June: I knew it and I could't wait until the truth came out! I just can't wait until someone tells him about Kang Woo . . . . .

But mother dearest, I really didn't do it.

Firnlambe: Well then. Pulling the knife out of the body certainly makes things look bad for Jae Bum, but this mom really does have some serious favoritism issues. She rushes over and coddles Jae Yul, completely ignoring the fact that he is the one with blood on his hands. And yet she has the nerve to look at Jae Bum like he's some sort of monster. And she calls herself a mother?

June: I have such torn feelings over this whole situation and to be honest, everything about it is just so sad.

Ari: I can't help but wonder why she thinks Jae Bum would want to see her. She constantly ignores him, never taking him seriously and because of this, she puts Jae Yul in life threatening danger. She couldn't even come to her sons rescue all those years ago. If we dig deep enough into the situation you'll see that the reason Jae Bum was on trial was because she kept her sons in constant danger instead of getting them away from their abuser. This forced them to get violent. The fact that she played favorites is another story. Ya, she wins the award for worst mother . . . ever.

You are my destinyyyyyyyyyyy!

June: Who knows. Well, this is k-drama land he might just be your destiny Hae Soo and well, it will probably end up that way. But really who knows. I just don't want to see too much trouble in paradise.

Ari: How sweet . . . But if this is how she treats her destiny, someone should have taught her better. She has made great progress with Jae Yul, but she's still playing mind games. She won't tell Jae Yul that she loves him, but she wants to hear it from him on repeat. These are the type of things that damage relationships. Leaving things unsaid has never led to anything good.

Firnlambe: Yeah, her mind games have gotten extremely annoying. Why she feels entitled to act this way, and then get pissed off if Jae Yul tried to act the same, is beyond me. Sorry to burst your bubble Hae Soo, but you are NOT that special.

That escalated quickly.


June: . . . . . . . . WAIT WHAT?

Firnlambe: We did know this was coming . . . well at least I did. He was only going to stay in the group home until his home renovations were completed. Plus--given his personality, we couldn't have asked him to stay in that house longer than he already had. He was having a hard enough time dealing with Hae Soo's overbearing moments. Throw in Dong MIn and Soo Kwang's and I'm sure his OCD tendencies were starting to drive him crazy.

Well there you have it, episode 9 of It's OK, That's Love! What did you all think of this week's episode? More importantly what did you all think of Jae Yul announcing that he is moving! What does this mean for our main couple? Stay tuned and look out for part two of the It's OK, That's Love Drama Club.

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